Saturday, 31 December 2016

The New Year's Conundrum

Well, I didn’t entirely plan to, but New Year’s came along and offered the perfect excuse for a sequel to The Christmas Conundrum.


She risked another glance down at her pale-blue play dress, unable to ignore the genuine cuteness of the white diaper poking out beneath, and the frilly little socks and buckled mary-jane shoes spread in front of her.
So it was all still there.
A most babyish view.
Had she physically changed? Or was it just a matter of looking extra cute and dainty in these, especially after seeing the giants so easily manhandle her body for the past few days?
She had to look away from the sandpit, back to the open afternoon sky, and try to pretend that she wasn’t there for a moment. But there was no ignoring the Triple Thick Snuggie-Huggies beneath her, which fully encased her to her stomach. ‘Mommy’ liked them, because they didn’t need to be changed as often. While the former caption author couldn’t even begin to describe her range of feelings, her opinion didn’t count, she was just a baby.
She glanced sideways at the pitter-patter of feet in little buckled shoes like her own.
Their enormous teenaged babysitter was bringing back her neighbouring playmate, who was wearing white tights under a cute yellow onesie with ruffles around the hips. Her hair was held in pigtails by two yellow butterfly clips, while a yellow pacifier bobbed in her mouth.
She was helped back into the sandpit with a blush. The two babies briefly made eye contact as her fresh diaper crinkled beneath her onesie, then both quickly glanced away.
The caption author tried not to think about diaper changes. So far she’d managed to mostly blank them out.
She suddenly found the sandcastle which they’d been working on the most interesting thing in the world. Her playmate seemed to have a similar thought, and moved to pick up her own plastic bucket and little shovel where she’d left off.
“There we go,” their babysitter sang, “All back to playtimes for the babies.”
The girls blushed as Nanny suddenly grabbed each of their jaws to deliver a big kiss on their cheeks.
Squirming, crinkling, getting a new strange range of sensations on the shifting sand, they saw the babysitter give a sudden delighted smile, then the enormous busty teenager returned to her reading chair a few paces away.
The constant ‘reasonable’ supervision was back. If she’d wanted to try and run away, that would have been the time. But she hadn’t. She’d sat patiently on her reddened bottom, knowing that good children weren’t naughty.
“Wanth to buildth a tower?” the ex caption author suggested, garbled through her own blue pacifier, pointing at the undecorated right side of their castle.
“Ytheah,” her neighbour replied, and got onto her knees to reach.
Another crinkle which reminded them both of what they were. Dammit.
After baths and her playmate being picked up, she lay in her new crib, watching the silly cat-clock on the wall swing its tail and eyes in opposing directions with each second. It wasn’t fair, six PM was far too early for bed. Especially since anything which happened relating to her diaper now had to wait until tomorrow morning to be solved.
Of course, Mommy would get her up a bit later for her night feed - surprisingly warm creaminess from a source which she also tried not to think about, just like the diaper changes.
She suddenly found her mobile and night toys the most interesting thing in the world. She bounced a plush around in boredom for a bit, then wrapped her legs around her big purple dinosaur. She tried not to consider that her comfort was perhaps helped by the immature padding which spread her thighs.
Sucking on her pacifier, the former caption author found her eyelids growing heavy. The nursery-rhyme music from the mobile drilled into her consciousness, and she yawned, drifting towards sleep. It’d only been a few days, she thought in despair, yet look at her, dozing off like a genuine baby in her pampered crib.
When she was awoken for her feeding an hour later, she twitched at the heavy warmth in the back of her diaper. Every damn time when she fell asleep, it was almost like there was something hypnotic in the nursery music, and maybe she wasn’t quite the baby she thought. Or maybe that was just excuses…
She’d made the wish, after all.
“Come on angel, don’t you want to practice your ballet so you can show off for your Mommy and her friends?”
She considered it, then nodded, lying.
“Good girl!” her Nanny cheered, clapping her hands. The teen loomed as she strode past the former caption author, who wriggled in a ridiculous pink tutu, leotard, and white tights over her obvious bulging diaper. They’d somehow even found a perfect pink butterfly pacifier, with sat over her puffed cheeks.
The TV instructions were rewound, and her enormous teen Nanny stepped aside, smiling. The grown-up woman on the screen began through her instructions again, encouraging all the little angels who wanted to become ballerinas to practice along.
She sighed, curving her arms above her head for the starting stance, and raised one pointed foot behind. It was a bit difficult in her thick diaper, and she nearly stopped in disgust at the wet squelch.
But she had being spanked every morning this week. She would be a good girl. She had promised.
But that didn’t mean being enthusiastic about putting on ballet shows for her new ‘Mommy’ and anybody else. Especially since the leotard and tutu showed off her diaper more clearly than most of her embarrassing outfits, at least the obvious bulging shape.
Still, her stern, smiling, slightly sadistic, huge busty teen babysitter was watching. She’d learned that she didn’t want two spankings in a day.
She began dancing
The attempt at making another caption out of alphabet soup had been a mistake, but she’d been so desperate to try again for that first 36 hours. Now she knew, after a night of alphabet soup in her diapers, and two more bowls in her mouth which also eventually ended up in her diapers, that she wasn’t getting back with caption writing. That ship had sailed, and this was who she was now.
There was a knock at the door as she practiced her routine, and a moment later, the girl from next door and her ‘Daddy’ walked in, hand-in-hand.  They appeared at the worst time, right as she stumbled through an attempted turning kick in her thick diaper.
Her playmate was dressed in a similar outfit, though her white tights were leggings sewn into rhumba panties with three rows of ruffles across the back, and her leotard was open at the bottom with just latex hoops around her thighs to hold it in place, leaving her rhumba ruffles on full display.
The caption author had to admit that it was cute, then suddenly realized she was wetting herself in a panicked embarrassment at having being walked in on by her playmate and her giant ‘Daddy’, and that she looked no more mature herself.
Her playmate joined in, and thankfully, her distractingly-huge Daddy left.
The girls practiced their dances together, swaying at each other in sync, then trying to twirl past each other in awkward thudding steps around in their thick diapers.
Nanny watched, nodding, occasionally making comments, and a few times whisked her cane at their thighs with sharp rebukes. But even by their second lesson, they were showing remarkable improvement.
“Nothing which a stern grownup presence can’t help,” the annoying teenager said with an annoyingly smug smile.
Eventually they finally sat exhausted on the floor, their legs spread by their stupid diapers, their emptied baby bottles of water rolling away while waiting for the cartoons to start. Nanny collected the bottles, then cocked her head at the two diapered ballerinas.
“Funny,” she said. “I almost got you two little angels mixed up for a moment. It was Ashie who got here last Christmas, wasn’t it? Funny, you’re nearly both as adorably well-behaved as each other.”
The pair glanced at each other, then quickly looked to the carpet instead.
“I suppose it makes sense. You get to see what obedience looks like, and can already guess that you’ll fail your second New Year’s test like Ashie did.”
With that the babysitter gave a pleased little shrug, and turned to take their bottles to the kitchen.
On the floor, the former caption author’s eyes were wide. She suddenly turned to the other pink-clad girl, and grabbed her shoulders.
“What did she mean New Year’s test? Ashley what do you know!”
The other girl looked a bit stunned, then quickly blinked, as if struggling to remember. But it suddenly became clear that it was something she never really forgot, and never stopped thinking about.
Just like the failed test on Christmas day, knowing that there was a chance for adulthood and it was failed due to acting childish was a strange burden to ponder.
“Er,” she said, pulling her pacifier out to the distance she deemed allowed without being naughty. “I heard about Santa’s wish conditions in a cartoon. Luckily I wasn’t a baby brought here by an Easter wish, they only have three days to try before being stuck here.”
She tried to ignore how accurate it had felt when Ashley referred to them as babies.
“What was it?” she asked desperately, getting on her knees with an embarrassing wet crinkle, realizing that she should relax her grip on her shoulders a bit.
“Well... You know that there’s a test, and maybe subclauses?”
She nodded, hoping that everybody’s subclause was different, and Ashley didn’t know that she’d messed herself before even a full 24 hours of babyhood. Regardless of that, the girl must have guessed the obvious implication of full-time diapers now, and heck, she had the same to deal with, that that first failure seemed an extra embarrassing secret. Hell, even Ashley might see her as more babyish if she new.
“Well the subclause tests last until the New Year, you only have to pass it on one day if you passed the main test. It’s something about how the clause trails at the end, like in Santa Claus.”
She released her grip and sat back stunned, forgetting until too late that her thick diaper was soaked and causing a loud tell-tale squelch. The silence over the muted TV was deafening. The other ‘kids’ at least learned to manage their shameful diaper secrets.
Maybe it wouldn’t even matter soon.
“Before New Years,” she whispered, and began counting the days on her fingers. Only two nights, then the big one.
It was a few hours since discovering the opportunity, and she lay giddy in her crib, watching the stupid cat-clock on the wall.
It was quarter past six. She could do this! Now that she was ready for it this time.
Just one night without an embarrassing mess. She’d done that all the time before, right? Her life before wasn’t really just a silly game, like the ‘true’ towering grownups here seemed to imply with a tap on the nose and a kiss on the cheek after taping up her diaper, right?
Rolling over in her full-bodied sleeper, she tried to get comfortable, thinking that the easier she made it, the easier it would be to wait the remaining hours without any risk of messing herself.
Nothing seemed to be comfortable in the damn sleeper, until she pulled over one of her big fluffy toys, and wrapped her legs around it.
There. She felt good, and could wait this out. She might really get back to being an adult soon, just writing stories about such situations in captions if she even wanted. She almost chuckled.
The tick-tocking of the cat seemed to take forever, and she yawned, nuzzling and trying to get even more comfortable. She unfortunately couldn’t turn off the damn mobile’s endless nursery music. But if she just waited, patiently, and tried not to move about too much-
She awoke with a start, and then felt a wave of grogginess pass over her.
“Er, Mommy?” she asked in a slight panic, rubbing her eye.
The big giantess was beaming down at her from outside the crib, then leaned in.
The former caption author realized with a blush that her giantess was wearing nothing on her top half except her beige nursing bra. Oh no.
Then she felt the hand settle under her, and recalled in a startled panic what she’d been trying to do.
“Oh dear. It looks like Angel has made Mommy a present.”
The next night played out the same, and when she was put back into her crib with a warm taste in her mouth and an awful squish of her diaper, she was frantic.
What could she do? The damn nursery music sent her right off. The crib was too comfortable. Once the lights were out, and she was in her super-thick night diapers, it was almost impossible not to fall asleep. Her body just knew, and there was nowhere else to go in all those hours, nothing else to do except lay in her crib waiting. She supposed that was the point...
Worse, whenever she fell asleep now, she did the ‘deed’, for whatever reason… Would that continue even if she got back to her old reality? She shook her head crossly. There was only one night left, it wasn’t time to think about failure or adulthood being a pointless experience of diapers anyway. She had to form a plan.
Oddly, it was the milky fullness and unspeakable state of her diaper which kept her up now, too uncomfortable to drift off again. She wondered if she could use the first, begging for it early as a way of staying up in bloated discomfort with a slightly overworked jaw, then made a face, and hoped not. Only as a last resort.
She sat in her highchair, and decided that New Year’s Eve was the only way to go. She shuffled about, wearing only a white disposable diaper and a bib today, looking for her Mommy as she shivered slightly against the cool air.
Finally the giantess returned, beaming as she placed another stack of crayons and paper down on the highchair tray for Baby’s after-lunch playtime. Except she didn’t want to try captions again today, she wanted something very different.
“Mommy?” she asked, as the colouring tools were arranged out in front of her.
“Yes Sweetie?”
She took a deep breath. “Can I stay up for New Year’s Eve?”
The giantess set her skeptical face which usually preceded the word No.
“Pleeaassee?” she quickly cut in, trying to act up the cuteness. Well, it was hardly an act, right now she was desperate enough, and dependant enough on this woman.
The giantess’s face began to soften.
“Pleaseee. It seems like such a special time for the grown…” she paused, realizing what she’d been about to imply, then decided it had to be said regardless, “For the grownups. I want to stay up too, to see.”
Her mother’s expression was neutral now, thinking.
“It’s just a night like any other, do you understand sweetheart? Grownups like to have a bit of fun, but there’s nothing for babies who stay up late. You’ll just be tired.”
“I’ll be good! I promise! And if I’m tired, I’ll go to bed!”
“Hrm,” her mother hummed, as she reached into the highchair and released the buckles, deciding to carry her baby on her hip. She began pacing through the house, bouncing the girl, as if to confirm that it was somewhere that a child could stay up late, just once.
“Can’t I be like a big girl for just one night?”
It was a lie - she wanted to be a ‘big girl’ every night. But it came out earnestly, and she believed her own fib.
“Hrm. You have been good lately, haven’t you?”
The former caption author nodded enthusiastically. “I learned five new ballet twirls, and Ashie’s mother said I was ‘the perfect little guest’ yesterday, remember?”
She gave big doleful eyes up from beside her Mother’s enormous familiar boob. At this point it wasn’t even an act, another side of her had been dragged out after a week spent back in childhood.
“I pwomise Mommy!”
The giantess suddenly laughed, entranced, and swung her baby out in front of her.
“Ok schmookings. Angelcakes. My little princess.”
She dared start to hope.
“My little girl can stay up late one night, but only one night, understood?”
She nodded sheepishly.
“Oh I have just the cutest child in the world, don’t I?”
She nodded again slowly, partly intending just to give the woman whatever she wanted, but also partly feeling it was true.
“Can I just wear a thin diaper tonight? I want to try being a big girl.”
Her mother chuckled.
“You’re so cute.”
But she picked up a thin diaper.
She couldn’t believe how well playing cute was paying off. She had a fairly neutral looking Christmas sweater, a thin diaper, and would get to stay up late.
Her giantess Mommy was entranced right now, but she suspected that it wouldn’t last beyond the special date of New Years. It would be back to poofy pink dresses which tied around her chest and flared up at the top of her hips, leaving her usual thick diapers available for quick access, with all the insult that such a supposed necessity implied.
The giantess picked up a plastic tiara then, decked with blue stars, apparently her new year’s celebration piece.
“Oh Mommy, do I have to?”
The giantess chuckled, and kissed her on the nose.
“So my Baby is in there still after all,” she teased, then worked the tiara onto the pouting girl’s head.
“My little Princess should wear a tiara, don’t you think?”
She glanced up from her spot on the changing table, then blushed and nodded.
“Sorry Mommy.”
“It’s okay honey. You’re only a child.”
She nodded sheepishly. The giantess pulled her into a hug against those giant boobs, and she made a face as she pressed into the opening of the low-cut top. The vanilla scent was all too familiar there, and she could only wonder if she’d be able to stand the smell again once she left.
If she left, she reminded herself, it wasn’t in the bag yet. All the concessions she’d won from Mommy had made her overconfident. But she wasn’t going to fail this time.
Some of the larger brats were teasing her in the living room, and she walked off sniffling, then realized at the last moment that she couldn’t go to her giantess mother, or else it would look like she was a little girl who needed her bedtime. Why had she even thought to go straight there as a source of comfort? Gross. She’d been in this reality for too long. Just a week ago, she’d wanted to run the opposite way from the busty giantess woman.
But they’d gotten on so well today. She almost felt like she could stand this baby thing, well, minus how it was the rest of the year when it wasn’t a special day. She glanced down at her thin diaper, and supposed even that was too much. She really shouldn’t be thinking about settling for all this, the fact that she was running away from kids bullying her was enough evidence of-
Dammit, one of them was coming back. She quickly waddled into the living room, realizing that without thinking, she’d gone straight for Mommy again.
Another giantess nodded at her approach, and Mommy stopped talking, and glanced down with raised eyebrows.
Close enough, she was safe from the kid here. She turned around to see if she was still being followed, when Mommy’s giant hands suddenly swept her up.
She almost lost her battle with her diaper. She wasn’t sure if wetting counted, but she figured she’d have a subclause for both.
“Hello babycakes,” Mommy laughed, bouncing her slightly. The giantess frowned then, and glanced at the clock.
She realized how close she was to losing the situation. Mommy might be far less impressed by previous negotiations made with a baby now that she’d been talking to real adults for the past few hours.
“Look Mommy! We have so many guests!”
The giantess glanced away from the clock, then down at the energetic bundle of happiness sitting in her arms.
“Many indeed!” Mommy beamed, giving a few bounces.
“She’s just a little baby who needed her Mommy huh?”
She froze at the high voice, realizing one of the brats had followed her over.
Mommy glanced down, and nodded.
“She’s not usually up this late. But she’s been very good.”
The kid was nodding sagely, as if this was some special exclusive conversation between adults.
“She was being a bit naughty before.”
“What?” she blurted from her mother’s arms.
“Was she?”
The kid nodded with an air of responsibility.
“She wouldn’t let others play with her crayons. She was being a cranky little thing. I think she might be up past her bedtime.”
She opened her mouth, speechless with rage. That wasn’t… Well... It wasn’t exactly what had happened. She’d told the kids to play somewhere else, that the crayons were hers in the hope they’d leave her alone and let her try one more caption. Then they’d teased her about her fully exposed diaper, and pointed out the clear reality that she was just a baby. It wasn’t fair! Mommy had insisted that the diaper be visible for more regular checks, saying that the thin design wouldn’t last as long as ‘good’ diapers. A double-edged victory, it seemed.
Mommy turned to look crossly down at her.
“Is this true babykins?”
“N-No Mommy! She’s-”
Her words trailed off. Her own tone revealed that it was true enough.
The giantess narrowed her eyes, then glanced down.
“Kid, you seem responsible enough. Can you take the others outside to the playground?”
The giantess turned her glare back.
“My daughter needs a timeout in the play corner, and maybe a little nap.”
It got a low moan, which only got a smile from the kid who quickly departed.
“Mommy, I don’t need a nap! You promised. You said-”
“Would you rather go back to your crib?”
She immediately shook her head, and kept silent as she was carried through a worrying number of people who might overhear her complaints. She closed her eyes, as if that might prevent anybody from seeing her - clearly an upset child who was in trouble with her mother.
The sound of the TV told her that they’d crossed back into the rumpus room, where she practiced her ballet on weekdays. She felt herself getting gently laid down at her play space at one wall.
“You promised to be good, didn’t you babykins?”
She nodded, feeling her stupid new year’s tiara catch on the pillow.
“And do you think trying to tell the older kids what to do is very good behaviour?”
“No Mommy,” she admitted, feeling a sniffle coming on. She really didn’t want a nap! Last night had been extra late as she’d fretted about not beating the test, putting her head down for a nap right now might be problematic. If she fell asleep here, would she have the same diaper problem as in the crib? Or was that just some by-product of the drowsiness-inducing lullabies of her mobile? Perhaps the tune wasn’t even hypnotic, and just reminded her that she was just a baby now, which caused her body to do the rest - and the fact that she’d just gotten in trouble from a real kid might well prove to have the same effect.
“Half an hour,” her mother instructed, with a sternness which told her if she was caught opening her eyes once, moving about and playing instead of staying completely still for the next half hour, it would be a spanking and immediate bedtime.
The woman stood and walked away.
It wasn’t fair, she’d been older than that kid once! Well, she maybe still was, but she didn’t look it.
She didn’t dare open her eyes.
She thankfully wasn’t as comfortable as she would have been in her crib. She could hear the people coming and going, which seemed like it might help, though after awhile, the sound settled into a kind of background lullaby of its own kind.
She was genuinely tired, she realized with a shock. Well, her sleeping had been starting earlier this week… And last night did turn into a planning session.
She felt a yawn coming on, and refused to let it out. She knew how this went.
It dawned on her that people were walking right past her flashed diaper, but there was nothing that she could do. Being a bad baby would only make it worse.
Thinking about her diaper was a mistake though. She’d had a movement every night by now, and it had been over 24 hours since the last one. Mommy hadn’t held back on the usual heavy fiber meals today either, and she’d been so enthusiastically playing the role of good girl, that she’d let it be spooned into her mouth along with a suggested second helping - without complaint. Not that her objections ever had any weight anyway.
Fighting the urge to wet had been bad enough, but now she had to fight two fronts, all the while laying among her toys and obvious playthings, flashing her stupid diaper as the giants moved about, clearly visible as an exiled little girl who had stayed up past her bedtime. Her play-tiara began to slide down a the sloppy costume of an exhausted little girl, as the final demeaning insult of her miniaturized exile.
No matter how she scrunched her face, and tried to fight dozing off, she felt sleep setting in, crawling from every direction as the noises of the grownups began to sound muted and distant.

After a moment she gasped, then shot up, realizing that she’d actually fallen asleep for a moment. But it was okay! Her diaper was perfectly clean and dry! Oh, she was actually going to do it!
She glanced around, and sure enough, Mommy was approaching, beaming. She’d stayed in place for just long enough, and would get to stay awake! And Mommy’s smile told her that she’d get to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with all the energy that would bring.
“Do you want some more cake sweetie?”
She squirmed in her highchair, and glanced at the messy plate covered in cream, and then the novelty-sized plastic wineglass which had been filled with soda.
“N-No Mommy, I’m very full.”
It was true. Staying up late was beginning to present its own set of problems. She almost felt like she’d be better off in the crib.
She hiccuped - which got a laugh from Mommy - and then scrunched her face as a big cloth was used to clean it.
She tried twisting her lower half from side to side, feeling the growing pressure down below which wanted to do far worse than hiccup. This was easily the longest night ever.
Her vision became clear as the big cloth was pulled away, and Mommy smiled at her, before carrying the plate away.
“Oh!” a visiting lady exclaimed, leaning into the fridge, “Perhaps she’d like some of these blueberries? I know it’s a bit late, but it’s New Year’s Eve, she deserves a treat tonight!”
“Oh that sounds wonderful!” Mommy agreed.
She felt her stomach gurgle in the highchair, and leaned forward to grip the tray.
“Mommy!” she suddenly whined.
“Yes Baby?”
The giantess glanced at her pose then, and tapped her lip thoughtfully.
“Perhaps you’d like to go to your crib now sweetie, and stay up for the rest of New Year’s there?”
She nodded, desperately, uncaring if she came off as a pathetic baby who couldn’t stay up all night now. At least there, nobody would keep trying to feed her!
She’d discover how wrong she was when they arrived at the room, and Mommy took her top off all the same. She’d normally devoted all of her energy to blocking out the experience, but tonight she couldn’t take her mind off of keeping her diaper spotlessly clean.
Mommy’s breasts were enormous, smelling of salt and vanilla perfume. The nipple had gone easily into her mouth, not quite the size of her huge pacifier teats, but enough for her to get a reluctant grip on. She’d sucked until her jaw was sore, trying to ignore the filling sensation of her stomach.
“I’m so fully Mommy,” she whined, daring to open her eyes tonight and look at what she’d been sucking on. Goodness, this woman was just huge.
“Other side,” Mommy cooed, and switched her over.
She’d been in a daze when Mommy had changed her into a nighttime diaper - double layered tonight, in consideration of all that she’d eaten.
She could only moan as she was lowered into her crib, laying flat with her face buried in the pillow for a moment, before glancing over to see Mommy checking the cat-clock.
“You’ll be able to still see New Year’s morning from here sweetie,” Mommy cooed, coming back to flip her onto her back and stroke her face free of hair. “Can you tell me where the hands will be when it’s midnight?”
She tried to sit up, to glance over. Her stomach wasn’t the only problem - the diaper was by the far the thickest she’d ever experienced. It seemed to be taunting her to just give up all her dreams of adult life, to accept that she’d failed the other tests and would fail this one, to just admit that she was destined to be a baby. She’d wished for all this, after all, hadn’t she? Even if it was an offhand wish, why would she make it unless she wanted it?
She held up her two index fingers to indicate where the hands would be, once the cat-clock’s black ‘whiskers’ had turned on the white dial.
“Oh clever girl!” Mommy praised, rubbing her head, then fixing her hair and leaning in to deliver a series of kisses.
“Oh you’ve been so good tonight, I don’t mind you staying up until the clock says midnight, okay? But then it’s sleep, a moment later.”
She nodded sheepishly, almost feeling bad for misleading this woman like this. If all went well, she’d be back in her world in just over an hour, when the clock struck midnight. She began to wonder again whether her diaper messing troubles would continue there, but then decided that was the last thing she needed to think about right now, feeling another gurgle come from her stomach.
“Yes sweetie?”
“Can you leave the night light on full, just so I can see the clock?”
The woman beamed.
“I’ll be back after the adults celebrate to turn it off. You better be asleep by then, okay?”
She nodded, and got a smile and another loving brush of fingers along her forehead, then the huge woman marched through the nursery and left.
She arched her back, and tried to make the pain stop. God, being a beloved baby was hard.
Well, she had to admit, if she would just be a baby and stop fighting certain things, it might get a bit easier, though probably no less uncomfortable.
Sweat beaded her brow. It felt like time had stopped. She stared at the clock, and saw that five minutes still remained. She lifted her crotch from the mattress, held her diapered rear in the air for a moment, then lowered it back down. Anything to stop her from making a baby of herself.
She realized that she hadn’t messed while awake except on that first, fateful day. She wasn’t even quite sure what to expect, and what it might feel like.
She gave a small girlish whine which brought a blush to her face, and glanced over at the clock. Dammit. How much longer?
Her head was getting dizzy, and she clamped her thighs over her diaper several times. She considered trying to rub the bulging front as an unplanned way of taking her mind off of her current problems, but it seemed wrong to start five minutes before midnight and the escape. Besides, so far she’d been unable to bring herself to really do that in this reality. Getting to the verge was fine - she was there half the day already - but going over required forgetting about how real everything was, and every attempt instead brought her snapping back to reality with a disgusted realization that she was just a baby, and babies didn’t masturbate.
Her head buzzed. One minute left.
She dared stand, which took most of the remaining time, and held onto the rails, staring at the cat-clock. It’s eyes went side-to-side, taunting her, while its swishing tail was almost hypnotic. Fifteen seconds left.
She closed her eyes, not daring let loose now. The grossest danger had at least become less of a problem, but she could soak her diaper with a torrential flood at a second’s notice.
She took a deep breath, still gripping tightly to the edge of the rail.
Well, it had taken a few moments last time, but she’d at least passed midnight now.
She stumbled back, and collapsed onto her backside.
It dawned on her that it wasn’t even such a struggle now, a part of it had just been the stress.
She spread her legs and sat watching the clock, resting back on her hands, feeling the first notion of a trickle between her legs, then realized it was just sweat. Well, it shouldn’t matter now, but she’d hold back.
Still, the clock reached half a minute after a midnight, and still, nothing had happened.
She began to stress, kneading her diaper with her knuckles, feeling the fight build up again. What if there were timezones or something?
No, this place had been on the same schedule as when she’d left her usual life, she was fairly sure.
She lay on her back, and began slowly kicking her legs. Oh god. This was taking too long!
It had reached five minutes past, somehow. She stood back up, and held onto the rail’s edge, staring at the clock. What on Earth?
The nursery door suddenly opened, revealing the silhouette of Mommy.
“Baby! You know you were supposed to be asleep after midnight!”
She gasped, not even capable of imaging any reality except this one right now. She threw herself back down, bouncing her padded backside around in the process. Good behaviour lessons came flooding back, and she felt a wave of guilt over how she’d been planning a rebellion all day. With it having not happened, it suddenly all seemed incredibly bad and childish. Was it still going to happen?
Mommy turned down the nightlight to half, then walked over and glared down. The good mood was lost with her bit of bad behaviour.
“You sleep now, alright naughty girl? It’s right past your bedtime.”
She gulped, and saw the woman glance towards the hairbrush on the nearby dresser. Oh god no, please.
The woman seemed to decide that, overall, she’d been good enough today, and looked away.
“Sleep now my Princess, okay?”
She nodded, feeling tears stinging her eyes. It was past midnight, and she still didn’t have any relief.
The giantess checked everything was correct, then turned and left, closing the door behind her.
The former caption author couldn’t do it, she couldn’t sleep. She turned to stare at the clock.
First, half an hour passed. Then an hour. It was one in the morning, a ludicrous time by her new childish identity’s standards.
At one-thirty, she gave up. Her diaper let out a low hiss, then a growing roar, and began to slightly change in shape, taking a mottled effect on the surface.
It just kept coming and coming. Soon the immediate absorbency of even a diaper so huge couldn’t keep up, and she felt a warm pool building around her nethers. She threw her hands over her eyes, and gave a few shaking sobs.
Once she was done, she rolled around in it for a bit, confirming that she’d never get comfortable.
Suddenly, she thrust her hips into the air and closed her eyes, and began grunting while the back of her diaper expanded and sagged.
It was beyond awful, but she had no energy to block this out this time either. She lay with her hands over her eyes, moaning slightly. This was far darker than anything she’d wished for, wasn’t it?
It kept going too, and soon she pulled knees to her chest, and rested her heels on the front of her puffy soaking diaper.
When she was done, she couldn’t move. If she lowered her legs, most of the mess which had been positioned by her raised backside would have nowhere to go. It would be awful.
But she had to lower her legs eventually.
And she had to gasp through the squishing grossness.
She felt her adult identity finally taking an equal seat with her repressed childhood now. She understood how her neighbour behaved in the nearly schizophrenic way that she did. Both child and thinking adult, mixed into one. What an awful wish they’d each made.
By two thirty, she’d somehow found the energy to hump her toys against the front of her diaper with her hands, then turned over, and used her whole body. It was the worst diaper she’d ever been in. She was the most grossed out she’d ever been. She was also the horniest.
When she finally collapsed on her big soft toy, quite sure that she’d have failed any of Santa’s tests by now, she saw that it was almost three. She realized that she’d have to be up soon, and finally surrendered, ready for sleep.
She was almost asleep when she heard the fireworks start, and the cheer go up from the living room, despite the soundproofing of her nursery.
She blinked, staring out through her crib bars at the clock for a moment, trying to make sense of it. Why would people be celebrating the new year at three in the morn-
A most terrible shiver ran through her. Of course. Mommy had been looking after ‘a little girl’ - she’d set the clock ahead so that nine appeared as midnight, to ensure that she was asleep by a suitable time, and felt like she’d stayed up.
Mommy had even warned her that it was nothing special. And she was right, there was nothing about that hour which had felt different than now, except the cheer going up in the rest of the world.
She let loose a frustrated primal scream as the cheering continued, rolled about kicking for a moment in her messy diaper, then finally collapsed.
As she opened her eyes, she caught a red glow just seeming to ebb away from everywhere for a moment, and dared hope - but no, it was just locking her into this reality now, that was Santa’s final gift. She knew.
She was laying there in surrender, when the door suddenly flew open. Mommy rushed in. Well, at least the woman cared, and was always listening to the baby monitor. It probably also confirmed how little humping she’d get away with on a less noisy night.
“Are you okay sweetheart? Did the fireworks wake you up? Oh I should have turned on your crib mobile.”
She looked up, and sniffled, realizing that she couldn’t even blame the mobile for he mess tonight. She’d failed all on her own, awake and conscious and willing. She’d surrendered to babyhood as soon as there seemed no easy path to adulthood, rather than hold out as long as she could like a true adult.
The giantess Mommy scooped her from the crib, and began bouncing her over a shoulder for a good fifteen minutes, until she finally she could speak.
“Just a bad dream,” she mumbled, blushing at the squishes and squelches from below. And it was true, she’d been dreaming to ever think that she’d escape this place. It was the product of her own wishes, after all.
Mommy seemed satisfied after a bit longer, though took her temperature with a thermometer in her mouth - thankfully not able to get into the diaper right now. But she did take her to the changing table afterwards, which gave her hope about that. Unfortunately the woman just produced plastic snap-on pants then, and began tugging them over, pulling the whole warm mess of the diaper closer.
“We don’t want these to leak, don’t we?” she asked in a cooing voice, pursing her lips and poking the front of the diaper.
“No Mommy,” she agreed, despite herself.
“You were quite the little pottypants tonight,” her mother tisked.
The former caption author let her head roll back in wordless exhaustion, god dammit Santa.
Finally the snaps of the plastic pants were all done up, and she went through another round of breastfeeding, before being returned to the crib.
A big kiss on her forehead somehow sealed how final all this was for her.
“Happy new year baby,” the giantess cooed, smiling and stroking her forehead.
"Happy new year... Mommy..." she said, realizing that it really would be a full year until she had a chance of changing anything. Well, that wasn't true. She could hope for the occasional diaper change, she supposed.
Mommy gave her one final kiss, adjusted her toys around her so that she had an audience, then left.
“Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year,” she mumbled to herself, then looked over, selected a comforting looking plushy, and pulled it in for a cuddle. She plopped her thumb in her mouth, barely even thinking, knowing what she was now, there was no use trying to pretend anymore.
“Shoulda just wrote those Christmas captions…” she muttered, closing her eyes.


  1. I have a idea for a new comic a alien Sci-Fi diaper comic if it like the idea?

  2. Great story! I'd love to see more of these quick one-offs, they're just as enjoyable as your longer stuff. You're a very skilled writer. I love the way you lead up to the breastfeeding, ramping up the allusions until the narrator is forced to describe it. "Smelling of salt and vanilla perfume," how evocative!

    1. Thank you :D, it's fantastic to know that people find these as fun as I find my own favourite authors' writing.

  3. Do you have plans for new comics?

    1. Yep, there's two still in the works, though I'm focusing on improving them for the foreseeable future.