Friday, 31 July 2015

Sketch - An Interview In The Diaper Dimension

This piece was inspired by a story going on over at DailyDiapers right now, titled "Wrong is Wrong" 

edit: This has been coloured here.
Old Version:

Animation Test

These are the kinds of things I'd like to do as bonuses to Strangest Adventures Volume 2, since animated gifs can't be embedded in PDFs.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

2nd Comics & Stories Pack - featuring Princess Pottypants, JamJarMonster, Pink Diapers, and AusDpr

Hi all,

Today marks the announcement of the 2nd comics-and-stories mega pack, for all your forced diapering needs. It's bigger, better, and dirtier.

It includes:

1 new story from Princess Pottypants
1 updated story from Princess Pottypants (which I have also illustrated)
6 incredible drawings by JamJar Monster
An awesome several page comic by Pink Diapers

3 stories from me (all taking place in the Diaper Dimension, created by Princess Pottypants)
1 new comic from me about two office girls who are trained to be lesbian adult babies by a goddess.
1 new comic from me about a CEO who has a mix up with a schoolgirl uniform.
1 new comic from me about a girl in her twenties who gets a nanny (this is set in the diaper dimension, though only lightly, there aren't any giants included)
For a guide regarding what's in this pack, see the image below:

It's over 430 pages, with over 320 images (plus some alterations), for $31.

It's an extremely messy themed pack, so maybe avoid it if that's not your thing. Domination is heavy and humiliation is rampant, and I've drawn some inspirations from the fantastic Diaper Dimension story 'Chasing Emily'.

 [Purchase Link on Lulu]

(It is a very big pdf at 82mb, and will take a few minutes to download, so it's a good idea to save the file to your computer and opening it from there).

I've tried a few different styles in here, with ups and downs, but am still by no means a top artist. My main goal is the quantity needed to tell great pure AB/DL stories, rather than individual image perfection, all for the price of a regular commission, with commissions from top tier artists in there as well. I've also included a bonus code which people can use as proof of purchase, so I can easily put out fixes for any errors, or bits of potential bonus content which I'm currently thinking about. It's a very big project, so if you have any problems or find any errors, feel free to email me at and I'll get it fixed.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fantastic Diaper Dimension story over at DailyDiapers

Hi all,

For anybody interested, there's an absolutely fantastic diaper dimension story going on over at DailyDiapers right now titled Chasing Emily. Anybody who is a fan of the setting would definitely be recommended to check it out, the author has really done well with fleshing out the world's depths and daily intricacies.

It really is a magical setting, where all sorts of things may come true.