Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Christmas Conundrum

Just a little story inspired by Princess Pottypants’ Christmas post.
She squirmed and frowned in the enormous, oversized highchair, trying to get used to the thick oversized diaper beneath her butt. At least, she was fairly sure it was a diaper, it was difficult to see given that she'd appeared in this highchair, and found herself wearing a legless red Christmas romper. But the loose white plastic poking out at the leg holes sure seemed like it, not to mention everything else about her experience over the past few hours.
"Did Baby enjoy Christmas?" a woman's voice suddenly asked.
She glanced up, and found another of the giantesses leaning down towards her, making a funny face and voice.
She gave a shy nod. What could she even say to these people? So far she'd said nothing.
The giantess gave a wide smile, then reached to the pile of just-unwrapped toys beside the highchair. She picked up a soft doll, and pushed it under the highchair tray.
"Don't tell your Mother," she whispered, "But I got you this one. It looked like your favourite when you unwrapped them."
Trying not to scrunch her nose, she watched the doll being pushed into her arms. It was huge compared to her, and even if she hugged it, it would even drag on the ground while walking.
If she could walk, she reminded herself, giving another awkward exploratory shuffle in her thick diaper. Usually in her fantasies, diapers would be too thick to even walk in.
Realizing that the giantess was still smiling at her, all she could do was give a weak smile in return.
The giantess ruffled her hair, then turned and left, joining the other 'adults', and a few real - albeit massively oversized - kids, at the far end of the dining room for the Christmas party.
From her seat beside the kitchen entrance, she watched them. They seemed to think that they were her new 'family', and that she was their new baby. God, she hoped not. Fantasizing about such things, and actually finding herself in such a situation, were two very different things. She'd always known it would be, and hadn't really wanted this to come true. Why now, on Christmas?
She'd worked out which her supposed 'Mommy' was - given that the middle-aged big-breasted woman had referred to herself as such. She'd been there early when she'd first found herself in the highchair, soon silently opening her Christmas presents and baffled by the circle of imposing giants she'd found herself among. 'Mommy' had even spoonfeed her the vegetable-goop for Christmas lunch, as well as tipped back her highchair seat and brought the huge bottle of warm milk to her lips for a long time after, which she'd at least seen prepared from a can of formula, rather than it coming from more... unsavoury places. She glanced again at the giantess called 'Mommy', and with a blush, dared to stare at her christmas sweater. That definitely looked like the outline of a nursing bra there. She had to get out of this nightmare fantasy quickly.
Yet when she looked down at her tray, she still had the same useless options to work with as over the past few hours. What was she supposed to do with these damn crayons and bumpy recycled paper? She nearly screamed, and gave a frustrated kick beneath her highchair tray, connecting with nothing but air and being wildly off course thanks to her thick, crinkly diaper. The damn coloring toys had been taunting her all day, and the last thing she wanted to do was draw some stupid pictures from a highchair. No, she needed to work out how she'd somehow crossed into another world of giants and oversized diapers and highchairs!
"Oh, yes. Santa sent her."
She suddenly perked up, realizing that the group was approaching and talking about her.
"He said that she wished for it, as her Christmas present."
She froze, and gripped the highchair tray with a sudden intake of breath. Yes! She'd probably been thinking about ABDL fantasies as Christmas approached, she often did. Hell, she'd perhaps even made such an offhand wish, it was the kind of thing she occasionally did on a whim.
And here she was. Stuck in a super thick diaper and having been spoonfed and then bottlefed in a highchair. Being talked to as the new 'baby' of a family. Had her cheeks pinched and gotten big wet face kisses from 'Mommy'.
Not to mention the enormous two fingers which had been slipped into her diaper earlier to 'check if she was wet', before the giants had left to chat. There was no way she was doing that, not here, she had told herself.
Though then the woman had stepped around the highchair and pulled the back of her diaper out and peered down, and she had promised herself definitely not that either. The first suddenly didn't seem so bad. It had been a bit of a battle, after the heavy lunch, but she had suppressed the urge for half the day now.
A whole bunch of giants were returning now after the long Christmas day, giving her silly smiles which made her feel even littler than she currently was. She was clearly still her adult self, and they clearly knew it, since they spoke to her and expected her to understand. It was like something from her writing. They couldn't see her adult self, or didn't care, or even wanted to diaper her just because she was short and they had a sick way of expressing their love. But had she been shrunk? Or were they just big? Did it matter? She would clearly fit being the new baby of the family, and they had displayed every intention of making her so.
A child laughed and rushed around the adults, being chased by another, and she glanced down in a panic as they whisked past her highchair.
"Did Santa make a condition?" a woman asked, and she quickly turned her attention back to the conversation.
'Mommy' nodded as she approached, and reached down into the highchair and began to casually lift her out.  She was going to be free! After all these hours. Even if it meant being held by a giant woman. At least... on the other end, she'd be getting put back down somewhere right?
"Oh yes. She has a test. Something about her wish. If she completes it, she goes back. But she hasn't figured it out so far, so I'd say she's mine. I can't wait to introduce her to my friends, we have quite a few other-world children."
Feeling herself whisked from the highchair, she began to desperately search her memories. A test? A wish? Dammit, it could have been anything!
Suddenly it dawned on her.
She'd been trying to create Christmas ABDL captions, and had come up with naught. Even apologized for it online. That was it - she'd wished that she could come up with an ABDL caption before Christmas!
She gasped, and glanced back down at the receding highchair, and its precious crayons and paper. No no no, that was what they had been for! There all day in front of her, and she had missed it! And Christmas was almost over!
She began to struggle against the giant hands which held her. She even dared a few pointless kicks into the air around her diaper. She had to do something!
The woman paused, and all the faces in the room turned in her direction.
"She speaks!" one of them suddenly exclaimed, and they all began rushing over.
Except, it didn't seem an impressed sort of crowd, amazed that a baby could speak. Instead they were giving her goofy smiles, as if excited that the little baby woman was finally opening up to her new family.
"What do you want to say dear?" the giantess holding her asked breathlessly, even giving a little bounce.
She turned beet red. With a gulp, she turned to look up at the giantess face beside her, smiling so widely and looking so huge.
"Can I, um, color just one thing?"
The giantess seemed to follow her thoughts to the paper and crayons, and frowned down at them for a moment.
"No dear, you've had enough playtime for the day. Mommy needs to give you a bath, so that you can be put to bed early while the grownsups watch the Christmas specials."
She began to squirm urgently. A crib?! Once she was in there, there was no way she was getting out tonight before her chance had passed.
"Pleaaaseeee..." she whined, looking up with desperate eyes, even daring to try and look cute. She tried to ignore how her thigh was pushed out by a giant boob, and how she was holding onto the hefty bra strap beneath the woman's winter sweater, which she knew was a nursing bra.
The woman began to look cross, and she realized that she was losing.
"I want to draw something for you!" she suddenly blurted out, even using her best high bubbly voice. "A present for Mommy!"
There were a few quiet sighs of delight from around the room, and the giantess suddenly laughed, heaving her arms and her big full breasts in the process.
"Oh okay. One more drawing, then it's off to a bath and bed for you, understood little miss?"
She nodded urgently, well aware of everybody watching her, and how she must look while whining in the enormous woman's arms while her disposable diaper poked out from the leg holes of her red Christmas baby romper. It would be worth it...
"Fifteen minutes," the giantess declared, and plopped her back into the highchair.
She began immediately.
She scrambled through her crayons, and drew a rather childish scene of a girl not unlike herself, though on a regular day, being pushed in a stroller in a park. She tried to blame the oversized crayons and rough paper for how childishly ameteur it looked. Next came the story, something she whisked up quickly about a girl learning to accept her life under her new giantess Mommy, learning to understand that in this world, she was nothing but a little baby, who used her diapers, went to bed early, and was even spanked if she was naughty in ways which counted in her new role.
It was an okay caption, she supposed. And she wasn't sure if it counted since she drew the picture herself.
She looked around hopefully. But she was still there, sitting in her highchair on an uncomfortably thick diaper bottom. How long had that drawing taken?
'Mommy' leaned down, and inspected the drawing from reverse.
"Ohh, very cute dear."
"I think that gibberish is meant to be writing," another of the giants said - one of her new 'aunts' she thought.
In the highchair, she squirmed and looked back down. She'd definitely written the story okay, was it just that she didn't know the language here? Did it matter?
"Well, let's get you out for your bath then. Mommy loves her present by the way. We'll go to the park with your stroller all the time, don't you worry. You wouldn't have arrived here if I wasn't exactly what you wished for!"
The big hands found her again, and the highchair began to pull away. She began to squirm frantically. No! That should have done it! This woman was reading it all wrong! She didn't really want this!
"Wait!" she squealed, "I have to try again!"
"No," the giantess said, suddenly lowering her voice a few octaves.
"BABY.GIRL!" the giantess Mommy suddenly boomed, giving her a firm tug against her oversized chest. "You stop that right now!"
From the giantess's arms, she looked desperately back to the page on the highchair tray. It was glowing. Oh. Was that a good sign?
Her squirming increased, and her mother suddenly placed her firmly down, bare foot on the tiled floor. She gasped at the cold, and at being free of the highchair for the first time all day. She instantly discovered her awkward it was to stand in the thick diapers, with her legs spread wide, having to be turned inwards in a way which would only allow a waddle.
"You wait right here little miss."
She gulped at the giantess's tone, then watched her march away through the parting crowd. She told herself it didn't matter, glanced desperately back to the highchair tray. There definitely seemed to be a glow.
A moment later she cared when she heard the oversized heels returning, and saw the woman carrying a woman spoon.
"Oh no NO NO! Mommy!"
She began to back away, slipping for a moment and landing with a thud on her oversized bottom, then scrambling back up and trying to continue.
She made it a few more steps, when the giantess stopped, and glanced around with a sudden stunned expression.
Around them, things began to whisk away, as if by magic. And as they left, another room began to appear behind them, as if they were each a barrier between another reality.
"Oh," the woman repeated sadly, "She has to go back now."
On the ground, she risked a wild grin. She had no idea how Santa had done it, or why this year, but she had managed to undo it. Things began to whisk back to how they should be.
The giants disappeared in puffs of smoke, and the tiles themselves flew off one by one, disappearing into fog while the proper floor returned. Finally the highchair whooshed off into the air, and the final pile of toys from her 'Christmas presents' began to evaporate one by one.
She could still hear the voices though.
"Pity," one said faintly. "She was cute. Would have had a lot of friends at daycare."
"She needed a good spanking before bed, not more play time. That's what happens when children are given everything with no authority."
"Oh stop it Ron. There was going to be plenty of authority in this house."
The voices grew quieter, and she let out a relieved sigh.
The sudden relaxation had her lose another battle however, one which she'd been fighting nearly all day.
She suddenly jerked forward, gripping her stomach. The back of her oversized diaper began to crinkle and expand. Wait, her diaper? It still hadn't changed back, and she supposed it would be the last piece. But if she was messing it, that seemed exactly the sort of conditional test which she'd included in any wis-
Items from the previous world began to whiz back into place, far faster than they'd left.
Oh no.
She glanced around with wide, panicked eyes, still unable to move as she continued to lose her private battle with her diaper. She groaned, leaning forward, but was unable to hold it now that she'd started.
A warm softness formed just off her backside, problematically close if she moved too quickly. It had been a huge lunch, full of heavy fiber, and it was going to result in a huge Christmas diaper...
Just when she thought it couldn't be any worse, the huge figures from the other world suddenly whooshed back into view, all at once. She gasped as she held her stomach, and turned about, looking for... Oh no.
Feminine heels led up to womanly calves, and then a long motherly dress.
Looking up, it was clear that the giantess still held the wooden spoon, though she places it aside instantly and looked excited.
"Baby!" she cried happily, rushing forward.
The small figure in the messy diaper began to gasp and back away in an awkward waddle, even as she continued to mess herself, even as the diaper regained some of the impossible poofy thickness that it had lost in her world.
The giantess beared down on her.
She had been so close, literally moments from the trial having been over, and she'd managed to fail it after all, on just the type of condition which she should have expected from her own fantasies.
Oh dear, and if the giantess was right, and this place was selected from her own fantasies...
"Baby!" the woman cried again, whisking her up immediately, wrapping an arm around her back and pinning her against an enormous pudgy chest.
"Oh Baby belongs here, doesn't she? With Mommy, who knows how to more properly take care of her better than baby ever could."
A series of wet kisses began on her cheek, and she realized that it was real, and probably not going away now. She gasped and began to struggle, then went immediately still when she felt the heavy soft warmth in the back of her diaper, and that she had only been an inch away from a squishy disaster.
The woman seemed to follow her gaze, and reached around to squish the back of her diaper anyway.
"Oh, baby had an accident," she cooed, even as 'baby' spasmed away from the experience she was having down below.
"Congratulations," a beaming voice said.
Another giant put their hand on Mommy's shoulder and beamed at her.
"You deserve her, and she deserves you. You're going to make such a good little girl out of her - and look, she can't even keep her diapers clean. You were right, she might need triple thick Snugglers whenever you leave the house."
She didn't like the sound of that...
"Well," the woman huffed, "Because of her earlier antics, we're going to skip the bathtime and the diaper change. Mommy doesn't want to miss the family specials, and Baby needs to be put in her crib quick smart. We have a routine in this house, even for naughty babies."
The giantess paused then, and tapped her lip thoughtfully. "Of course, that will mean that we'll have to skip the spanking too."
Sitting in the giantess's arms, she felt a sniffle coming on, and knew there was no use objecting. This was her reality now, it was who she was in this world.
"I'm... I'm not going to get punished?"
"Oh no, not that dear. The dirty diaper is simply your early punishment. Your real punishment will be the spankings every morning this week."
The new Baby jerked stiff in her Mommy's arms. The big woman gave a huge grin then, and gave her captive a strong bounce which resulted in a squish and a sudden wail.
"Oh hush," the woman snapped, then reached to the kitchen bench for a pacifier, which she shoved into her new strange daughter's mouth. "Or Mommy will give you something to really cry about."
WIth that, she carried the caption-author upstairs, who wailed behind her pacifier the entire time, holding onto the woman's oversized bra strap beneath her Christmas sweater, hoping that, perhaps next Christmas, she could make a wish to get out of this - if she even still had the confidence to take on adulthood again by then. As there was another squish beneath her diaper, she realized that she'd be lucky to even maintain that for a month.
"Merry Christmas," the crowd cheered behind them, as the pair disappeared up the stairs - the giant curvy Mommy and her tantruming pacified baby.