Sunday, 9 August 2015

Guide to the Diaper Dimension

So many authors have built up this setting, created by Princess Pottypants, that I decided to keep a guide to it:

   2013 "Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension" by Princess Pottypants (✩ recommended)
   2013  Alisa Artwork One, Two, Three by ausdpr
   2013  "Put In Her Place" by ausdpr
   2014  "The Sucker & The Sly" by paradox.unintentional (unfinished)
   2014  "Sucker & Sly - The Glance Back" by ausdpr
   2014  "Game, Set, Match" by Princess Pottypants
   2014  "Snippets From Ms. Fairchild's School for Maturity and Etiquette" by Snackers
   2014  "Field Work" by ausdpr (paid, in Strangest Adventures Vol 1)
   2014  "The Stairwell" by ausdpr
   2014  "The Vacation" by ausdpr
   2014  "The Happy Family" by ausdpr
   2014  "Nerissa's Home for Diaper Girls" by Snackers
   2014  "Eat Up" by Princess Pottypants
   2014  "Yes, Sierra" by Princess Pottypants (sequel to Sierra's Thanksgiving - Part One & Part Two)
   2015  "Vacation Changes" by ausdpr (ongoing?)
   2015  "Four Color Diapers" by paradox.unintentional (superhero story, DA link for alt formatting)
   2015  "The Virus" by Princess Pottypants
   2015  "I M" by Princess Pottypants
   2015  "Wonderwoman in the Diaper Dimension" by Rellen
   2015  "Wonderwoman Swimming in the Diaper Dimension" by Rellen
   2015  "Chasing Emily" by InkuHim (✩ recommended)
   2015  Emily Artwork "Ballet Sketch", Stroller Greeting", Ballet Show" by ausdpr
   2015  Emily Artwork "Fan art" by PsychicDaddy (colored by ausdpr)
   2015  "The Promise" by Xylophone (ongoing, particularly dark twist)
   2015  "The Sisterhood of Littles" by ausdpr
   2015  "House Hunt, Daddy's Girls, & Giantess Stepmommy" by ausdpr (paid, in Strangest Adventures Vol 2, though maybe not my best work, due to writing three at once)
   2015  "Wrong is Wrong" by enigma_66 (ongoing)
   2015  "An Interview in the Diaper Dimension" by ausdpr 
   2015  "A Common Meeting" by ausdpr
   2015  "Duality"  by langtab (ongoing)
   2015  "Ellie's Eye-Opening Experience" by DKN117 (some violence at start)
   2015  "Equal Rights" by Princess Pottypants
   2015  "A Question of Rights" by ausdpr
   2015  "No Choice" by Lil' pup (ongoing)
   2015  "The Doll Factory" by Princess Pottypants
   2015  "Baelorn and Melina" by widowmaker (ongoing)
   2015  "Too Adorable for Her Own Good" by Zinaya
   2015  "A Normal Little's Life" by ausdpr
   2015  "Beach Trip" by John Madix Smith TF
   2015  "Pick up your toys, Littles" by John Madix Smith TF
   2015  "A Christmas Tale" by ausdpr (✩ favourite of my own?)
   2015  "A Little Legal Issue" by WBDaddy (ongoing, heavy violence early on)
   2016  "The Question of Roxie" by ausdpr
   2016  "The Rushed Message" by ausdpr
   2016  "The CEO" by ausdpr
   2016  "Held by Daddy sketch" by ausdpr
   2016  "Baby Fever" by Princess Pottypants
   2016  "The Inevitable" by Princess Pottypants
   2016  "Settling"  by Ulthernon (ongoing)
   2016  "Kaitlyn's New Mother"  by KWOceans (ongoing, alternative diaper dimension)
   2016  "Those three words"  by BabyStevie2
   2016  "Uniformity" by ausdpr
   2016  "Student's Pet"  by BabyStevie2 (ongoing)
   2016  "I'm not okay"  by  Lil' pup (ongoing)
   2016  "The Nightmare" by Princess Pottypants
   2016  "The Special Program" by Princess Pottypants
   2016  "A Gilded Crib" by Mcraft & KWOceans


"Alison's Interactive Adventures in the Diaper Dimension" by LG_Stephy (an RPG maker game, combination of all categories really)