Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Miley Cyrus a celebrity AB?

So about all I know about Miley Cyprus are jokes from a cartoon supervillain about Hannah Montana concerts. But she has made comments in her adult life about supposedly being an adult baby, plus has dressed in a few, well, interesting outfits...

Well perhaps most interestingly are a few pictures she's put up, where she appears to have gone much further along those lines. I doubt regular people are entirely ready for it, but it might be interesting to see how far a celebrity can get away with it.

The woman bottlefeeding her is apparently her mother. Well, perhaps her mother found out, and told Miley in no uncertain terms that she would be getting the full treatment, getting to become her precious baby girl again, if that's what she wanted.

edit: And the video's here, special thanks to martin petersen for the reminder.