Sunday, 3 March 2019

Patreon Preview - The Diaper Fairy February

A little preview of what’s happening over at Patreon.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Month 1 Patreon Conclusion

Slightly spoilery. But month 1 of Patreon has wrapped up, and I think it went well. :)

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Attempting Something New - Diminishing Hope Pastie

Welp, I tried to do my first ever Pastie, up for my patreon supporters now. It’s opened up an interesting new possible direction over traditional caption pics. It gave some strong ideas for improvement as well.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Patreon Story Launched - Bryce's Big Act in The Diaper Dimension

On top of my previous post, I’d also just like to announce that I’ve launched my new main storyline for the Patreon - Bryce’s Big Act in the Diaper Dimension, an illustrated story which I think is going to be a lot of fun. :D

If you'd like to support illustrated diaper dimension stories for a few dollars a month, head on over to

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Patreon Launch

It's late at night and I'm creating a Patreon, which seems the most suitable time to do such a thing.

All content - comics, art, stories, illustrated stories, captions - can be accessed for $5

It's important to point out that some of the preview pictures won't be up at launch, they're from the unfinished sections of stories and comics which I'm working towards, and excited to tell the story for. Also note that I'm not good at a whole bunch of standalone drawings for known characters etc, but will instead be more so telling some ongoing strange and disturbing stories.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Diaper Fairy Update

A glimpse of a comic I've been working on for about 2 years, titled The Diaper Fairy. At this point I'm unsure if it'll be finished. I'm thinking of starting up a Patreon, so that people will at least see what's done so far and possibly even steer it with suggestions. Though there are some very fun images done near the ending which the story would need to be guided towards. While I prefer to just release finished stories all at once, it’s definitely a slog spending years getting through a comic without anybody getting to see it, so I was wondering if people might be interested.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Diaper Dimension Short - Abbey's Unfinished Report

“Abbey honey! We’re going out. Time to put down your toys.”

Abbey glanced down at the floor. Between her spread legs was her dolly and pink barbie car.

Abbey blinked. A heavy hand fell on her shoulder.

“Abbey. I won’t tell you again. We have a salon session, and then you need to see Dr Richards.”

Abbey nodded, slowly. Of course, Dr Richards.

She put down the toys, and began to stand up. Well, tried. That didn’t work very well. She had to push down on the floor with both hands, and stick her backside out behind her.

The way it all crinkled and pressed at her should have been enough to know. But once she was up, Abbey had to lift the front of her pinafore dress.

Sure enough, there it was. White and crinkly and bulging out in front of her, before curving down between her legs. She tried to lean forward to see where it went, and almost fell over.

It was her diaper.

Abbey stood there staring at it, then felt a swat on her bottom.

“Put that dress down, you indecent girl.”

Abbey blinked, stumbling forward. It was hard to walk in the diaper, and she almost fell, before realizing that she had to spread her leg out wide to compensate. She took two waddling steps before stopping herself.

“Now come along.”

She was meant to walk? Like this?

She turned, and saw a giant hand awaiting her. She followed the arm up, then saw the enormous woman staring down at her. She must have been… three time’s Abbey’s size. Goodness. Since when had… who was…

“Don’t keep Mommy waiting Little Miss. The naughty corner stool will be waiting when we get back otherwise.”

Abbey blinked, and took the offered hand.

A moment later, and she was waddling along at a pace, her eyes wide.

But Mommy had her, and wasn’t going to let her fall. Mommy..?

They stopped at the door, where Abbey had to lift one foot, and then the other, as her feet were helped into stubby little velcro shoes. Placing hands on Mommy’s shoulders didn’t do much to help when she still had the thickness of the diaper to contend with.

She glanced up during the second shoe, and found herself looking down the neckline of Mommy’s dress. Enormous boobs hung there. Abbey gaped in confusion, until the visage lifted away and the woman towered above again.

She let her hand be taken again, and they were off.


The door to the salon chimed.

A few people glanced over as Mommy and Abbey entered.

Mommy was all smiles. Abbey blinked in clear confusion. She glanced over her shoulder again, as if she’d seen something outside which had surprised her, or perhaps many things.

She was distracted until she found herself by the salon chair, missing whatever the grownups were saying. A moment later, two large fingers entered her diaper, declaring her wet.

Abbey blinked. Wet? Her? But she-

“Oh that’s fine. She can sit on the chair with a plastic cover.”

Abbey was whisked from the ground by two strong hands. Mommy’s hands.

She landed with a squelch on the plastic-covered chair. She was wet!

She considered asking when that had happened. But no, she didn’t want to bring attention to it. Instead she frowned as a big smock was whisked in front of her, blocking her view. A moment later, it was tied behind her neck with velcro.

The chair began to go up in short jolts, accompanied by the hisses of pump. She held on tight, bracing at the loud squishes which came from beneath her each time.

Abbey glanced at the mirror for the first time, and blinked yet again.

It was… her… Yes… Her hair was all in golden ringlets though, with pink little butterfly clips. Had she always had those freckles on her cheeks?

“What will it be today?”

“Nothing major. I just think she’ll do better a shade lighter. Look at those sweet little cheeks, and imagine them framed in strawberry blonde curls.“

Abbey stared at her reflection. Were her cheeks always that puffy?

She opened her mouth to ask a question. Mommy seemed to be ready, and slipped a pacifier into her mouth.

Abbey blinked. It was huge! Filling her mouth. She tried to say something, but instead ended up sucking the pacifier. She supposed that she could suck on it for now. When Mommy let her talk, it would probably be a better time.

Though, she wasn’t entirely happy about it.

Her hair was shampooed. Big hands guided her to lean back into a basin of water.

Mommy and a new woman smiled down at her. They told her that it was just a rinse, to not be scared. Mommy waved a toy above her, and Abbey blinked at the colours and shapes. Did they expect that she…

She was sat back up, to another squelch. A hairdryer began its loud booming, which drove out her other thoughts.

Big hands tossed her hair around.

Something was massaged over her scalp. Abbey was told not to touch it. Not like she had a choice, with the big smock covering her, she considered saying. But the pacifier was in her mouth. She would suck it for now. It was kind of nice, though definitely not the best.

She noticed a dribble in her diaper, and frowned. That had happened on the walk over too, hadn’t it? When she’d seen… In the park… There’d been giants, and regular sized people…

And so many people in diapers…

Abbey had seen two people being changed beside each other, on the grass, by a giant man and woman.

Their open diapers had had a hint of brown.

Abbey made a face, and wriggled her backside. No way was she ever…

“Oh don’t squirm you naughty thing.”

Abbey winced, and stopped.

“You be good Abbey.”

It seemed like an eternity. Finally her hair was rinsed again. Then dried again. The smock was whisked away.

Abbey faced the mirror, and got a look at what she was wearing. Goodness! The ribbon was almost tied under her armpits. The waistline was so high! It seemed to all be shifted up to end high enough to get a good view of her...

She glanced down. Her diaper was clearly wet. It was all ballooned out under the pressure. Goodness, when had that happened? She’d kept going?

The stylist noticed too, and poked the thick padding. Abbey wriggled, feeling it as a distant touch beneath the enormous bulge over her crotch. Yet it was still pointy, and wet, and reminded her of the state of her diaper…

Her diaper…

The stylist and Mommy exchanged some words. Abbey didn’t hear them, she was so baffled.

A moment later and she was in a bathroom, on her back on a table. A strap went over her front, and Abbey had some idea of what might be happening.

Oh no! Just like those people in the park!

She tried to mumble around the pacifier. It was too late. Mommy was pulling the tapes on her diaper, loud enough that surely everybody out in the salon could hear. Oh they would all know!

Abbey squeezed her eyes shut. She tried to make sense of things, but was pulled away from any coherent thoughts as the wet wipe touched her. It was so cold, and Mommy pushed so hard.

It went on and on.

Finally she felt powder sprinkling on her, then big fingers worked it in. A new fresh diaper came up between her legs. Abbey sighed in relief.

Not that she’d choose diapers. She… what did she normally.. Oh!

She lost that thought as Mommy sealed the final tape, giving a firm push on the centre of the diaper to make sure that it was all in place.

Abbey blushed.

They re-entered the salon. Abbey was in Mommy’s arms, and kept her gaze on the floor. They’d probably all heard the tape rips, and especially Mommy’s cooing comments.

Big hands held her in front of a mirror. Abbey blinked as she saw the full effect. It was her, but… She looked so much like a-

Mommy thanked the stylish, and paid at the counter.

Abbey was put on the floor, her face red. The new diaper wasn’t as flexible as the old one, stiffer and dryer, though it at least wasn’t sopping wet and sliding against her.

“Oh she loves it. Say thank you Abbey.”

Abbey blinked, and glanced up. Mommy was pulling the pacifier from her mouth. It left with a loud pop.

“Th-Thank you,” she squeaked, startled at her own voice. Was it always so high?

They smiled at her. She caught a few other patrons smiling at her in the corners of her eyes.

Abbey quickly turned her gaze back to the tiled floor. She had to look past the pinafore skirts, her big bulging diaper, and the little velcroed shoes. It might not have been better than seeing them smiling at her.

They left the salon the way they’d come in. Abbey blinked against the sunlight.

She didn’t see or hear much from her position. She was held firmly at Mommy’s side, and could sense that she was safe. Occasionally Mommy gave her a little tug to step over things. Abbey blushed, but was thankful. She couldn’t even imagine trying in her diapers. Unfortunately, people also got a good look at them during those large, vertical steps.

Vertical was a big word, she supposed.

They arrived at an office complex.

A pretty woman showed to Dr Richards office. He was all smiles and handsome laughter lines. Abbey blushed, and buried her face in Mommy’s blouse at such thoughts. Dr Richards was a grownup! And Abbey… She… Wait...

“How is she doing?”

“Oh we’ve been just wonderful. She’s very happy with me. A few wet diapers though.”

Dr Richards beamed.

He typed some things into his computer, and brought up some files. Abbey was shown a special screen to watch while the grownups talked. She frowned, wanting to discuss this, but was soon distracted by the shapes and pretty cartoon characters.

When she came to, she was getting another diaper change. She hoped she didn’t do that thing like those two being changed in the park.

Mommy pulled up the diaper, and gave it another of those breathtaking pushes. Abbey had to say thank you.

She was left laying there as Mommy discussed something with Dr Richards behind her. Abbey sucked on her thumb, squinting at him. He looked familiar, maybe more familiar from this angle.

She had flashes, of being at a computer. Of typing a report. Discussing how she believed that people were being taken into another world, to be put into diapers and kept as adult babies.

She hadn’t told anybody. Everybody at the intelligence agency would think that she was crazy. And would wonder why she was even thinking about adults in diapers in the first place.

But Abbey was an agent! She-

“Oh Abbey is in need of a tickle!”

She squealed as Mommy started, rolling around. She gasped, trying to tell the woman to stop, that it was causing her to-

The seat of her diaper unfortunately didn’t stay clean for long. With a silent rustle, which perhaps only Abbey heard, the back ballooned out.

And oh, she’d just been changed… Mommy wasn’t even checking her right now… And Abbey sure as hell wasn’t going to bring it up and bring attention to it…

But she was an agent! But she was also a baby. A true Mommy’s girl.

She perhaps should have said something as Mommy raised her for a knee bounce, to discuss more things with Dr Richards. Abbey didn’t get a squeak out until well into the first bounce, and by then it was too late.

Abbey glanced around desperately, looking for anything which might help her. All she saw were pictures of women and men like her on the walls. There was advertisements for diapers, rattles, toys, outfits, accompanied by a bunch of logos and colourful play writing. Abbey realized that she was in a pediatrician’s office, of sorts.

Mommy kept bouncing on and on. She asked something about trying breastfeeding after this, and Abbey moaned, her eyes rolling back. She really wasn't an agent now… Even if she did remember a part of that, as well as her new life and identity… It didn’t matter if she had a boss to return a report to. The only boss which mattered was the one which had two huge boobs and was squishing and crinkling a diaper beneath her backside... The only report Abbey had to deliver was the one emerging out of her backside to fill the diaper further… Making sure that it was at least complete before they checked it...

Friday, 2 March 2018

Quick Chasing Emily Fanart

ELLIE52 over at Daily Diapers asked if somebody could draw the scene where a photographer captures Emily watching Chase leave on a motorcycle. I thought I'd try my hand at it. No fetish content in this sorry.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

"Crawl" Sketch

Just a character I was sketching for one of my WIP stories, she's in a sort of steampunk, fantasy, alternate-universe plot.

Friday, 27 October 2017

The Thief's Tantrum

I was trying to come up with a new way to draw diapers, and accidentally created this. The character's proportions are a bit stockier than I prefer to draw, and to be honest she looked a bit less odd without the enormous hair, but it was also kind of fun to do a ridiculous, 'mistakable' AB character. (edit: I've updated the proportions because it was looking super bad at the thumbnail size, though the bonus image still has the older proportions)

Bonus Image

Monday, 9 October 2017

Pade-Rey Sketch

This is a design from an enormous parody novel I was writing for 2 years, combining the diaper dimension and pop culture, which I never finished.

I thought it might never get seen, but since the new Star Wars trailer is dropping today, I thought it would be fun to finish up a sketch of one of the main characters - 'Daisy' or 'Pade-Rey'

'Junior Robes' version:

'Pink Play Smock' alt:

Monday, 4 September 2017

Diaper Dimension - Lyle Redmond's Girls Alt

This was an earlier version of my most recent picture, with more story-appropriate tights. The full-resolution version should be available on DeviantArt.

There was meant to be a story about the assistant snapping a photo of how hard the girls trained on the day, and had it framed, and how the girls did so well that nobody needed any spankings that night (though, the next morning - after two girls had been denied diaper changes - was a different story).

edit: You know, those diapers really don't seem thick enough still. ;)

Revisiting the Diaper Dimension - Lyle Redmond's Girls Revisited

So I've been doing a lot of artwork over the last 2 years which I've never released, various half finished comics etc while trying to improve my quality.

I decided to try redoing an older concept today with some newer techniques, and while it's just a quick sketch with some rough parts, I like how it turned out, and think it's an improvement over the original. The full resolution version should be available at DeviantArt.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Pastie Captions

Just some quick captions for some fun pasties from over at tumblr.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Vacation Changes - Updated Final Chapter and Epilogue

Hi all, based on some feedback from the DailyDiapers forums, I've rewritten a few paragraphs in the final chapter and epilogue of Vacation Changes, as some people found the original version a bit more sad than I intended, when I was trying to capture something a little bit different, to do with transformation and new life perspectives.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Vacation Changes – Part 4, 5, & Epilogue

The final chapter of Vacation Changes, a story I left unfinished years ago.

Chap 4

“There’s been a big mistake!”
It was the first thing she said, and it was hardly very eloquent, but it at least got the woman to pause for a moment. And, Rhi reminded herself with a gulp, the figure above her was really just a slightly-older woman, despite looking like… so much more right now. She was enormous, and so well-endowed, making Rhi almost feel like she was talking to a trueNo, Rhi scowled, she didn’t want to start thinking about giants in such reverent terms, especially not after what had happened on her first full day among them on vacation.
“There’s been a big mistake,” she repeated, trying to hold her gaze firm and steady as the woman paused.
The woman. The giantess. The damn true grownup - there, Rhi thought it - raised an eyebrow, with her hands halfway into… Rhi’s crib, as strange of a concept as that was.
“Has there now?” the giantess asked, sounding slightly bemused.
Rhi wasn’t sure why there was the briefest pause. Of course there’d been a mistake! She held her lip firm and gave a curt nod.
“Yes. You see… I’m not actually a… Well, there was a mistake, last night, and I was too embarrassed to say anything until… Well, it was too late.”
The woman waited with a raised eyebrow, and Rhi realized that it wasn’t obvious yet.
“You see... I’m actually a short person - a Little - on holiday, in college actually, and there were some… misunderstandings last night… When a woman came to my hotel room.”
The giantess’s expression wasn’t changing. But then, why should it? She’d just found Rhi in an orphanage crib, wearing nothing but a grey slip, and an, er, diaper… This was one of the worse morning scenarios she’d imagined, tossing and turning about all night while trying to ignore it all.
“Well, I thought you might find it hard to believe, of course. A tourist? Here in, um, a diaper? In the orphanage. I know how it must seem. And a kid here almost convinced me last night that she was an adult too, gave me this whole spiel, about Little people being treated like kids here, even when bigger people know, until I realized what imaginations kids have, and noticed that she had childish spurts, so I get your skepticism. But I know.... all about the birds and the bees.”
“The birds and the bees?”
“Yes, well, I didn’t want to spell it out, go into full naughty detail - since that’s what a kid might do, trying to sound impressive. I thought all this through you see. But I know…” Rhi lowered her voice, and stepped forward on the mattress of her crib - well, waddled, unfortunately - “I know… about sex.”
She gave the woman a serious look, then nodded and waddled back, folding her arms while trying to suppress the feeling that this was going terribly.
The woman wasn’t looking very impressed at all, and Rhi felt a slight tremble in her legs. What would she do if she couldn’t get out of an orphanage, of all challenges? Well, her mother would get her, as awful as that was, but it was the worst possible scenario. At least then, Lorraine would prove useful.
The giantess’s calm face wasn’t changing.
“So you say you’re a grownup.”
“I am a grownup!”
“I mean... Oh my, but… I really am!”
“I told you! I know about sex! I know-”
She paused and glanced about with a blush. But all the other orphanage cribs had been emptied, leaving only hers in the final corner.
“Well, let’s say that you’re some sort of little grown up.”
“I am! Are you even considering it!?”
“Do you see yourself with your nose against the wall, with a spanked bottom for lying? Obviously I’m considering it.”
Rhi froze with a sudden chill right down to her feet. Did the woman just say…? The dire reality of what her situation might be - trapped in an orphanage with the presumption of being a child who needed diapers - suddenly arrived in full force. Maybe, as bad as the night had been, she hadn’t really imagined how much worse the day could follow it with.
“Can’t we just…? Well, until last night I had some, er, special hair, which really would have been helpful, if you know what I mean, but-”
She froze as the two big hands reached into her crib, coming right for her. No! The woman couldn’t-
She was scooped up, whisked from the crib mattress like an inconsequential weight. Oh no, she’d really messed this up. Being picked up for a second time was even somehow worse than the night before - at least then it’d been a brief mix-up which she hadn’t tried to clear up, and even if she’d just worn a towel, it hadn’t been an orphanage nightie slip and an honest to high-heaven… diaper... spreading her useless, dangling little legs against the woman’s enormous body.
Oh god, she found herself going right up against a huge, impossible-to-ignore bosom. Oh geeze. These giants really were big. Rhi had to somehow think, despite everything going on. If she really didn’t convince this woman, what was her day going to be like? She’d become… some sort of child in this orphanage, until her mother came to get her. Which, frankly, wouldn’t help her dwindling sense of maturity much more either.
“Can’t we just somehow physically check?” she gasped, trying not to glance down. The ground was so far away! Oh, she’d better hold on… Oh dear, was that a bra strap?
The giantess shook her head. “Now now, should we really go mistrusting the analysis of a machine? Especially an advanced piece of hardware like that? People are fallible and prone to all sorts of mistakes. Do you understand?”
Rhi gulped. “But it measured me as a child!”
“Hrm,” the woman said, looking thoughtful.
“N-No! I mean, it shouldn’t have!”
The woman nodded, and switched Rhi over to her other side, which left Rhi gaping. She tried to squirm to get into a better position, then blushed as a deep, heavy crinkle came from beneath her backside.
“Hrm, well, perhaps you’ll have to have a little test.”
“Oh, you don’t think that you could pass a maturity test then?”
“I could! I’m in college! Almost graduated in fact! But it’s not what I- Well, what kind of test?”
“A simple one if you’re really a big girl,” the giantess cooed, placing Rhi onto the edge of a table with a no-nonsense efficiency in her eyes. “Why don’t you show me what a good, zero-drama resident you can be today, first of all? That seems a good baseline demonstration of maturity, don’t you think? The ability to obey.”
“Well, er- That sounds like an... all day sort of… Like you don’t even beli… What I’m trying to say is-”
Rhi went silent as the giant woman picked up a heavy wooden hairbrush. Her imagination went into overdrive, and she suddenly imagined having stories which she could never tell her friends about this land...
But the giantess simply began brushing Rhi’s hair. Rhi blinked as the vaguely-familiar ritual. The smell of diaper powder all over the table wafted into her nostrils, and suddenly it was like all the years inbetween had been a dream, which she was finally waking from. For a brief moment, everything was in its proper place, as she squirmed against the hair brush with the unavoidable bulk between her legs, with the clear placating tone from the giantess during the conversation, in a conclusion which had rather ignored her insistences of maturity... But no, she wasn’t some-
Her head jerked slightly as the woman brushed a knot, accompanied with an embarrassing crinkle below her, and for a brief second, the strange deja vu arrived in full force.
She slipped out of the daze to find the woman working something into her hair. Hair bands? Rhi’s hair was going to be put into big pony tails! Okay, this was just about the worst of her imagined morning scenarios as she’d tossed and rolled all night, trying not to feel like a lost toddler, but it seemed like there was at least a path to fixing this catastrophic situation...
“So I, er, just have to act normally and maturely? Not like some fussy - owe! - kid? I, um, wouldn’t want the other staff to - owe! - think I’m actually some little g… Well, you know? It must be kind of hard to tell the difference, at your size, but at least you know- Hey! What are you doing?!”
“All children have to have their diaper checked, we don’t know if it’s dry just because you told a story, now do we?”
Rhi opened her mouth, then went silent and red as a heavy hand pressed on her diapered crotch, giving a deep, tell-tale crinkle that she was still dry. Was it wrong to feel slightly proud that she’d proven that she could keep her diaper dry?
Well, not her diaper - their diaper - she reminded herself. She didn’t have diapers, this was just a big mixup. Which she’d get fixed soon, wouldn’t she…?
Considering the woman’s check-up, she somehow really didn’t seem very convinced. Rhi glanced away desperately while the amazon continued to push and poke her diaper, checking the front, and then - embarrassingly - the back. She’d just have to try the test then. There wasn’t really any other option. Making a fuss seemed like it would work against the test as well. Still, she hoped that the woman would at least treat her kind of like-
“All dry! Who’s a good girl?”
Rhi blushed as her cheek was pinched.
Okay, so maybe there was a slight chance that the woman really didn’t believe her at all… If that was even possible after Rhi’s eloquent speech. But she supposed to them, she must look… quite small, and ready to be taken care of. Beside these giants, one felt suddenly so.. unendowed. Almost like they were the real and proper-... No! She couldn’t think like that. She was almost finished with college! She’d make them see!
She fidgeted on her puffed-up underpants as huge hands began sneaking towards the hem of her short grey nightie. Oh dear. Well, the woman probably wouldn’t have her mind changed on dressing her, if she’d done the whole diaper check routine. Rhi turned red, trying to ignore what was happening as the nightie was pulled away. Well, at least now she could get out of this ridiculous diaper, and show a bit more of what she usually looked like...
“Tag! You’re it!”
Rhi actually squealed, having been doing her best to hide and ignore all this ‘playtime’ stuff.
The oversized child thundered off down the colourful play aisle, leaving Rhi standing and gaping.
Er, no way was she-
She glanced desperately over at the new woman on play duty, who had been given the briefest summary of the test conditions by her predecessor, and seemed perhaps even less impressed. Rhi looked for some assistance, or at least some excuse to not have to partake, considering…
The woman seemed to sense her eyes on her, and glanced up over her book - Child Rearing From Years of Experience.
“Play nicely. Aren’t you supposed to be showing what a mature girl you are? Or that you don’t need those diapers at the least?”
Rhi opened her mouth, then closed it. She yanked at the hem of her short denim dress covered in elephant prints, trying to pull it back down over the thick, obvious diaper.
There’d been no convincing either giantess of doubting the machine’s determination on that matter especially - they simply weren’t going to believe an apparent child over a machine, not when it came to ‘something as critical as your diapers, young miss.’ The new woman seemed to perhaps not quite understand the extent of the maturity which Rhi was even trying to convey. Well, maybe that was strangely better, if her ‘supervising adult’ didn’t know the full embarrassing truth, given how Rhi looked.
Blushing - but at least with the slightly-less-terrible misunderstanding on her side - Rhi set off at a waddle. Ok, she’d just get this game over, then could go back to thinking like an adult. All she had to do was, well, get about in her ridiculous getup, making sure that her dress didn’t ride up too much...
Goodness, it was hard to walk in this bulky diaper. With her big waddle, she knew that she must have looked kind of… well… cute.
Cute. That was what the first giantess had said about the denim dress. ‘It will make you look cute.
Rhi had whined that she didn’t even want to look cute, before remembering to not create a fuss as the woman had fixed her with a stare.
Feeling cute was admittedly… quite different, and Rhi couldn’t deny that she’d had brief moments of… exploration. Just a wiggle of her butt, to see what it felt like. Even just briefly looking at the huge pile of toys and considering what it might be like to not have to worry about...
Rhi’s eyes widened, and she shook her head.
She continued searching in the stupid game she’d been roped into with honest-to-god kids, and for a moment worried that the crinkles of her thick diaper would give her away. But a lot of the other kids here were in diapers, it seemed. Well, not ‘other kids’ she reminded herself again, she wasn’t one of them. At least, not technically.
What would a local little even do if they got mixed up in this situation, and didn’t have somebody like her mother to bust her out? She supposed they’d just be stuck as a kid for awhile, though would eventually prove that they didn’t need the diapers and such, before long.
Well, unless they had an accident. But maybe… maybe it was kind of right for the giants to take care of somebody like that, to give focused love and attention in an environment which suited them. The exact right path was kind of unclear, now that she thought about it.
It was a bit unnerving how she could kind of squint and see how Littles could be slotted into this place with some mix-ups. A lot of the diapered ones in particular had looked eerily like littles from back home at brief glimpses, but Rhi told herself that she was just projecting, that she was just on edge of being caught out like this, of anybody ever knowing what had happened during her vacation, and that giant kids would obviously look a bit more mature in general, given how, well, endowed the giants tended to be.
She waddled on, then froze as she caught a glimpse of her reflection.
Her mouth dropped.
No wonder they didn’t believe her. A silly girl with big pigtails and spread bare legs was looking back at her. The denim dress was like a little triangle, with a rather obvious bulge. The flat shoes and frilly-socks actually looked cute.
Rhi spun away, and stumbled from the play-mirror. No wonder the giants hadn’t believed her. She could see exactly what they saw when looking at her. Even she’d struggled to see an adult there. The idea of a woman who’d almost finished college was almost laughable. And all her idiotic nonsense about not talking directly about sex to seem more mature… What had she been thinking?
Rhi began sweating, and was halfway down a colourful play aisle, surrounded by bright fluro plastic walls, when somebody stumbled from a stack of toys. He blinked at her, and then quickly rushed off with a waddle, due to the obvious bulge beneath his blue shortalls. It was that thumb sucker boy! Well, she’d been a bit surprised, but would catch him easily. She-
Rhi paused, and frowned.
She had been very surprised, it turned out - was her diaper… getting wet? Growing heavier still from the shock? She managed to quickly get ahold of herself, then stood there with her legs spread wide, her eyes bulging, and tried to think.
Yes, she’d had that big sippy cup. She’d wanted to argue about it, though the other kids, er, the real kids, had been around her in the awful highchairs by then, and she’d been too embarrassed to make a scene. Besides, the whole morning routine from hair brushes and cribs to being dressed and diaper checks to highchairs was feeling so oddly familiar by then anyway, she’d kind of just gone along with it, like a regular one of the kids. What was one more sippy cup on such an odd morning?
Well, except now she had a sopping wet diaper, which was the single grossest thin-
Oh god! She’d been trying to prove that she was big enough to be out of diapers now. That she was an adult!
With her eyes wide, she resumed the hunt, trying not to think about it. But it was quite impossible to ignore the soaking wet diaper, nor the ease with which she’d suddenly flooded herself when quite surprised. The vacation was going absolutely nothing like she’d expected.
She managed to tag another kid, before returning sheepishly to the woman on supervision duty.
The amazon glanced over the book as Rhi approached, waddling and unable to meet the giantess’s eyes.
“I um-”
Rhi blinked, then shook her head. “N-No, that’s the thing. I don’t actually normally-”
The supervising woman sighed, and scooped her up. Rhi felt a moment of vertigo, but quickly grabbed on, daring to glimpse at the giant face beside her to plead her case.
“I honestly don’t know what… How... I had a big drink you see, but maybe there was something more in it. Like how apple juice can have that effect on some people. Maybe it’s okay normally, because nobody would notice the effect on kids, since they’re all already diapered anyway, but then-”
She realized that she was being laid down on a changing table. Wait, the woman couldn’t seriously be-
An open box of wet wipes was pulled up close beside her, and a loose white tissue was taken from the top of the box.
“No no, this isn’t-”
The woman grabbed a tape, and tore it from the diaper.
“How many times is this now? You’re better off this way actually, since adopting parents tend to prefer you kids who are still in diapers.”
Rhi turned pink. The woman was talking about adoptions, and like she was some regular… Well, not to mention like she needed diapers!
“I don’t, um, actually-”
The woman shook her head.
“Honey, it’s cute the first few times, but this denialism about your diapers, this fantasy of being a big girl, it’s not something which you should continue. Do you think  a big girl would have a soaking wet diaper? Don’t you think it’s time to face the reality of what you are?”
Rhi furrowed her brow. First few times..? Fantasy? The woman was getting her mixed up. Last night she’d come into the orphanage, and then today made that deal with the morning change woman, or whoever.
Oh wait, no, that wasn’t last night. She’d been here for at least a few days, hadn’t she? Trying to negotiate better deals with the giants, trying to get them to understand. But they never did. Kept believing that she was a kid. Insisted on it in fact. Wait, had she actually used her diaper more than once? Why did that memory feel vaguely… uncomfortably familiar?
The giantess was suddenly turning a screen on an extendable arm to sit in front of Rhiannon.
“Well, time for your cartoons again I guess. They’ll make you sleepy for another early night, and we can try again tomorrow.”
Rhi’s frown turned into a vacant stare, and she felt a bit of drool on her lip, then her thumb going into her mouth. The next thing she recalled was being lowered into her crib, in what was obviously a different - and thicker - diaper. Where? How long? She was getting sleepy so quickly, but suddenly realized in a panic that it had been weeks? Months? Even, possibly, years? They were ‘fixing’ her of her silly wrong notions of adulthood, baggage from a bad dream in another land. She’d never forget that dream, but she’d learn to not hold onto it so tightly, to not create a fuss when she was out in public with her new Mommy or Daddy. Sure she would remember that time, but her reality would be here and now, sitting in a stroller and sucking her thumb. They claimed to know her true-self better than she ever had...
She tried to roll over in her crib, but her diaper was too thick.
With a frown, she wondered if they might be hypnotizing her.
With a burst of firmness, she deciding that this time she would remember tomorrow. She’d break the cycle of confusing forgetfulness as she started each new day. But how? How could she-
She felt a pressure at her backside, and was already pushing. She quickly put a stop to that. Goodness no, she didn’t want to-
It dawned on her that it could be her reminder. A messy diaper in the morning. A break from the routine. But no, that was too gross, there was no way that she could-
The moment of consideration was all it took, the battle had already been only barely held on against. The strange sensation invaded the rear of her diaper, and her eyes widened. She’d done this before, she realized, but it obviously hadn’t helped. As the orphanage had helped ‘fix’ her, she’d done unspeakable things multiple times, which she never wanted to remember.
Yes, she’d stood with her hands on her head and with a stinging bottom multiple times. She’d had group baths and even joined in games and sing alongs. They didn’t always restart her, tomorrow she’d probably have to experience this messy diaper in all its non-glory. And it was far from the first time. She was getting quite good at being a diaper-wearing child, and suspected that she was almost ‘fixed’, and ready to be adopted out. They were ‘helping’ her, by washing away her silly strength of rebellion! But she’d never forget, just accept that this was better for her.
But... if she’d been here all this time... Where in the universe was her mother..?


Chap 5

“And then what happened?
She frowned, and seemed to stare beyond him.
“Well then… the giant amazon woman announced that we would leave my hotel room. That they needed to keep an eye on me while I was in the country, since I was so ‘rude’.”
“What did you say?”
“Well… They’d just spanked me! And just tossed away my panties like they were nothing. I wasn’t quite thinking str… well… I agreed, and apologized for my behaviour.”
“So you felt bad? You’d say the spanking worked?”
Lorraine furrowed her brow. “Well, I didn’t really have a ch-”
“And then what happened?”
“Well, they tried the bathroom door, but it was locked. My… travelling companion… was in there, but wouldn’t answer, so we left.”
“Just like that?”
Lorraine turned pink, and stared down at the ground past her feet.
“Well… They said that if I was riding in their car, and had proved to be such an immature little g… Well, they couldn’t take any risks, and so I was put into diapers… And marched out just like that…”
He nodded firmly, then glanced down to jot something in his notepad.
She watched, squirming. She still couldn’t get comfortable.
Finally he looked back up, staring calmly through his thin glasses - small on his face, but enormous to her.
“And how did that make you feel?”
Her eyes widened, and she shook slightly.
“Well - like a child of course! I was marched through the hotel lobby in a diaper and toddler’s dress. Strapped into an oversized baby’s car seat! Driven away while lying back and unable to even see a thing! There was another kid there, who I realized after awhile was another little, that it’s actually... sort of thing here…”
“Yes, you’ve mentioned her,” he said, glancing down at his notes, “Penelope?”
She blushed, and diverted her eyes back down to the carpet, then nodded.
“My sister. We’re in ballet class together.”
“Well, obviously, not anymore,” she said, furrowing her brow, “But it still feels like it. Our teacher is a strict foreign woman called Mrs Brunelle.”
“And how do you think she felt about you?”
“Well, er, she wanted to help teach us.”
“And do you think she’d be distressed if she found out you ran away?”
Lorraine began squirming. “Well, I mean, I can’t…”
“Do you think they’ve helped you at all? By re-parenting you?”
Lorraine felt her breath catch, as she saw a flash of images, from standing in her crib and obediently saying goodnight to her Mommy and Mama, to the kisses, to the baths and changes, to the declarations that she surely wasn’t a big girl, now was she? She’d had to agree, considering that she was standing beside the park playground with mud on her knees and an overloaded diaper which desperately needed a change...
Finally she frowned. “Well, I don’t want their help.”
He raised his eyebrows. “You don’t appreciate when people give their help? That’s not very mature now, is it?”
“Well, no, but I’m not a ch… I don’t need, er, diapers.”
She shifted about, still trying to get comfortable, unable to escape that memory. She’d been in diapers for so long now. It was a wonder if she’d ever get back to feeling that panties were normal.
“I mean, I got by without them for a long time.”
“Well maybe you did need them, and didn’t really know it.”
She gaped. What kind of...
“But I’m not a… child!”
“I have a job!” She suddenly blushed, and stared down past her feet again. “Well, I guess it’s gone now, so I don’t. But having that already proved that I’m not really a child.”
“Hrm, I suppose a child isn’t defined by their size, are they?”
“Exactly! They-”
“It’s more a matter of maturity, isn’t it? After all, a person could grow up short, but still be an adult. And a child could be quite large, yet display their immaturity, though that seems less likely.”
“Well, er, I-”
“And perhaps you just weren’t very mature, isn’t that possible?”
She frowned, and squirmed again. What kind of session was this? She considered getting down from the huge seat, but didn’t seem to quite have it in her.
She frowned, but couldn’t meet his eyes. “That’s not really my na-”
“Would you say that, overall, you’ve been much more polite since you came to this country?”
She stared at the carpet, seeing flashes of moments, of her standing on the sidewalk, thanking a woman who had complimented her for her strawberry tights which stretched over her obvious, bulging diaper, to thanking the teen who babysat sometimes for changing her overloaded triple-thick Waddlers disposable, to only blushing and not mouthing back as the women at the salon pinched and kissed her cheeks just about every month, to thanking the worker man who had spanked her when she whined about her new crib being put in - she’d after all tried to sneak out from her mattress-protected children’s single bed a few times - to holding up her bag at halloween and sweetly asking for vegetable treats along with her sister, dressed as Anna and Elsa, knowing that Mommy and Mama were watching from behind them with Mr Spanky the Paddle in the ever-present big “Just In Case” diaper bag, to even thanking the big lady from down the street who had replaced all her chocolate easter eggs with mashed carrots and prunes and pea ‘eggs’ after she’d taken part in the easter hunt in her large, beautiful yard, and even found a few - knowing that not participating would be punishable from Mommy & Mama, who were helping her learn to be a good girl.
The former rental property manager frowned into vacant space as she recalled that memory.
“I guess I’ve learned to be a lot more polite, but-”
“You really have turned out remarkably like any little who grew up here,” he suddenly beamed, placing down his pen.
She smiled briefly at the compliment, then frowned and looked down.
“But I’m not actually a ba-”
“Does she want her rattle? Yes she does!”
A yellow plastic sunflower on a green shaft was suddenly held in front of her, and she couldn’t help but giggle and reach out for it.
In a moment of panic, she realized that this man was just as bad as Mommy and Mama.
Well, she’d somehow gotten away from them at least, so maybe now that she was-
“You’ve done very well, ma’am. Sometimes it takes extensive sessions with specialized cartoons to bring out the truer child this well.”
Lorraine sucked on the plastic rattle, and wondered who he was talking to. No matter how she wriggled, she couldn’t seem to get comfortable, or to escape the memory of diapers.
“Thank you,” a deep, womanly voice said from behind her. From so very close…
She glanced down, over her rattle - which was already shimmering with drool - and saw two very big womanly hands around her middle. Like she was being held…
There was a bounce, and Lorraine heard a familiar crinkle.
“Did you hear that Lilly-Anne? The man researching littles from overseas says you’re a natural!”
Lilly-Anne felt a terrible dread in her stomach, and realized that she was sitting on a huge lap. She’d never escaped Mommy, and was in fact still wearing the extra thick super Waddlers that Mama brought back from her trips as a flight attendant overseas, from the country where all littles had to be diapered by law, where there was no hope of escape once littles in a family moved there.
She dared glanced up, and saw the familiar, beautiful, angular feminine face of Mommy there. One of the biggest women she’d ever seen - even here, in this country.
“Baby wants a kiss!” came the familiar, deep, sing-song voice.
Lilly-Anne’s panic came out as a stupid giggle, and she tried to squirm away. The kisses began on her cheek, and she quickly relented, having lived this many times before. It was her true life, and the stuff before was just a dream. From before the vacation had changed her.
And she knew that she shouldn’t have tried to disobey Mommy, the subliminal thoughts in her mind would mean that - oh, there it was. She filled her diaper with a heavy load. A precise part of her training which had really helped bring her in line quickly as their second angel.
“Well,” the big man said, “Thank you for letting me interview her.”
He adjust his glasses, and glanced down at Lilly with a smile.
“Parental methods have really come a long way recently.”
Mommy smiled - an act which gave off such a radiance that Lilly-Anne could feel it even while looking blushingly at the man - then gave a bounce with her lap again.
“Thank you. We love her to bits. Now, you mentioned that you thought that you had a connection to her story?”
“Hrm, yes,” the man said, flipping his notebook to another page. “If you’re really moving overseas-”
Mommy smiled again. “To where these diapers are made.”
Lilly-Anne stiffened.
“Ah yes. Nice place. Well, if you’re really moving over there, I thought that you might want to see this one last connection before you go.”
The pleased beaming was positively radiant.
“Sure, we can come right now if you’d like.”
The man smiled, and stood and gestured at the door.
Lilly-Anne blinked, and found herself hugged against Mommy as she stood as well, and they exited the small pediatric & littles’ care office.
Mama looked up from one of the chairs in the waiting room, where she’d been entertaining Penelope on her lap with a rattle.
“Oh, are we ready to go?”
Mommy hoisted Lilly-Anne into the double-seater stroller.
“We’ll drive. The doctor is going to lead the way.”
Lilly-Anne saw the huge orphanage approaching, and felt a clenching in her stomach. She’d heard from the littles who ended up in those places, of the way that they spent months or years sometimes in group childhood situations, with no glimpses of anything else, becoming perfect children in a complete and difficult way.
But then, she supposed, it wasn’t that much different from all the other way that littles became ‘children’ in this land. None of them were great, but all of them seemed successful.
She wedged herself upright in her carseat, trying to ignore Penelope playing with her animal noise buttons, and stared.
But they drove straight past, and it proved just to be the first big feature outside of the sprawling town which they were driving into.
She flopped back into the chair, and sighed with exhaustion. It just wasn’t designed to give littles a view of anything going on outside of their toys and play buttons.
She soon mimicked Penelope, playing with the spinning shapes and animal noise buttons, losing herself in them while trying not to add to her already-overloaded diaper. The cow went moo, and she giggled. She caught a glimpse of Mommy and Mama glancing back and beaming in the overhead mirror.
It felt as though they crested a major hill, and she soon saw tall townhouses looming outside the window. She felt she’d visited this place, maybe about two years ago, when Mommy and Mama had taken her and her sister to the beach and its small wading pools. Sure enough, the masts of yachts soon pulled into view. But they continued past those, up another hill. Lilly-Anne grew bored of her toys, and began sucking on her thumb, trying to ignore the state of her diaper.
When they finally pulled to a stop, she was exhausted. The doctor went to talk to the owner of the tall brown house looming on the hill beside the ocean, while she and her sister were changed in the back of the car. He had called ahead evidently, as Lilly-Anne could hear an enthusiastic greeting from a woman who met him on the big lawn.
With a fresh diaper and series of kisses, Lilly-Anne’s exhaustion gave way to a more common fatigued obedience. Mommy and Mama changed them into some of their poofy party dresses, for when they met visitors and new people, and they were helped down from the back of the car.
They each took a grownup hand - Penelope on Mama and Lilly-Anne with Mommy - and began waddling towards the house.
The man in glasses was smiling and talking to a well-dressed giantess there, who was beaming back and touching her arms every so often, having an animated discussion in excited tones.
Finally she spotted the girls arriving, and beamed down. The man made the introductions.
“Penelope. Lilly-Anne. This is Mrs Prudence.”
The girls had their hands released, and they each performed a little curtsy and bow of their head. Lilly-Anne was grateful for her fresh diaper, even if it still made the whole act quite clumsy and awkward, and she stumbled a bit. Even with extensive ballet training, she just couldn’t learn to move gracefully in a diaper.
“Aww,” the woman cooed, beaming. Then she raised her hands, and gave a few sharp claps beside her head, turning her attention to the side of the house.
They all looked over at a fence gate for a moment, then it was opened and five children waddled out, supervised with two busty amazon women. Two boys and three girls moved in an obedient line, not needing any herding.
They quickly lined up, all wearing an infantile version of sailor uniforms - white shorts on the boys which didn’t cover the tops of the diapers, and white skirts on the girls which covered nothing except the tops of the diapers. Lilly-Anne supposed they were all littles, once she stared closely enough.
Mrs Prudence beamed, and rubbed two of their heads, then turned to the guests.
She and Penelope knew the drill. They started at the front of the line, introducing themselves with smaller curtsies than they’d given Mrs Prudence, shaking hands, and complementing the sailor outfits. Their party dresses with ballerina-prints were complemented in return, and they explained each time with a slightly different story about how they’d won the sisters ballet contest at the big auditorium last month, and had trophies now. Despite herself, Lilly-Anne felt the slightest bit proud.
Penelope greeted the last while Lilly-Anne waited, then she moved along. She paused then, and after a moment her mouth fell open as she stared at the final sailor girl.
She was almost unrecognizable, it had been so long. Rhiannon had an adorable little pixie-cut beneath a white beret, and a short white sailor dress which did nothing to cover the huge diaper.
She cocked her head in return, and looked in confusion at the salon-transformed toddler in front of her.
They stared for a moment. 
Suddenly the girls burst into simultaneous yowling.
“This is all your fault!”
“MY fault?? If you hadn’t been so-”
“Oh so now it’s MY f-”
The girls ducked their heads and stepped away quickly, looking down sheepishly at the ground. They still traded sideways glances however, and suddenly Lilly-Anne grabbed out and yanked at a handful of hair, right as the other girl made a grab for Lilly-Anne’s outfit.
The adults were furious, rushing to scoop them up.
With the diapered little whisked up by her hands and given an angry glare, Mrs Prudence looked up and was suddenly incredible apologetic.
“She’s sometimes just a bit tantrumy. But she’s getting better. Dr Lipton here says that she’s one of the best for her background, in fact.”
Mommy nodded in return. “Yes, mine’s the same. Similar backgrounds and all that.”
The adults nodded, then Mrs Prudence quickly carried her little sailor girl away under her arm, while Mommy returned to the car. She wouldn’t use Mr Paddle today, this required a bare-handed spanking.
When they regathered, the two girls were much better behaved. They danced a little when they were put down, grabbing at their bottoms, and only gave each other disapproving glances with raised noses.
The littles were left to mingle, and the adults moved to the side to talk. Mrs Prudence watched with an eagle-eye, and caught her own sailor-doll’s behaviour.
“Rhimi still needs the occasional sorting out,” the giantess said with a shake of her head, “But I see the similarities in them, and why they both needed care.”
Mommy nodded. “Their background seems to have given similar problems. It looks like we’ve both done a wonderful job with them though.”
Mrs Prudence beamed, and pulled out her purse to show a few photos of her kids, including Rhimi. “See here? She had such fun with the day-school play. She played the princess, and we had to let her wear her princess-dress at home and call her Your Highness for a week.”
Mommy laughed deep and loud, and the littles all glanced up with a blush, as if having forgotten that the adults were there.
Mrs Prudence beamed. “You are normally a very good girl for you Mommy, isn’t that right Rhimi?”
The tiny sailor girl nodded sheepishly, and began playing with the hem of her sailor dress.
“Hello Rhimi!” Mommy beamed, “You seem like such a good girl!”
Lilly-Anne stared and had to admit that it was true. They’d done a far better job with Rhiannon than she’d ever managed to do, despite all her talk.
The adults chatted for a time, and the littles went back to mingling shyly amongst themselves. Rhimi and Lilly-Anne avoided each other, giving stern glances until they seemed to grow a bit bored of even that, as if realizing whatever had been between them before no longer mattered, and that they were new people now.
“Well, we won’t keep you any longer,” Lilly-Anne’s Mommy eventually declared, glancing at the littles who were being fussed over by the house’s two nannies. “We’ve exhausted the little-ones, and we have a flight to catch tomorrow.”
“Still,” Dr Lipton interjected, “It was good to observe the meeting. I suspected that this would help resolve one niggling remainder.”
The women nodded, having grasped enough of the situation. Rhimi began playing with her fingers, while Lilly-Anne toyed with how low she could pull her dress over her diaper, as if suddenly realizing there were so many people looking at her, only to stop when scolded by her Mama.
Fifteen minutes later, they’d said their goodbyes, and Rhimi and Lilly-Anne had even managed to perform a little curtsy to each other before the beaming adults. They seemed almost bored by then, and the fury from earlier had dissipated. Lilly-Anne and Penelope were strapped into their carseats, and the adults exchanged some final pleasantries and explained their intentions to move overseas the next day.
Rhimi glanced back from where the five littles were being rounded up by the nannies. She paused for a moment, seeming to think, and then seemed to lose interest as a nanny called her along, telling her that there was a bowl of warm cocoa rice inside with her name on it. She quickly hurried off, seeming to let go of her interest in the strange visitors behind her.
Lilly-Anne barely heard the exchange, catching a glimpse of them leave, then finally shrugged, and turned her attention back to her own toys. She was better than that dumb baby at least. Perhaps if she spun them right, she could get them to all form a line as they drove off over the hill, and then they’d begin spinning as they went back down. She glanced over at her sister, who had seemed to have had the same thought, and was watching her. Oh, so it was a competition then. Lilly frowned into her pacifier, then turned her attention to her carseat toy bar. She wasn’t about to be out-done, even in childhood, even as she knew that a whole new stage of her new life awaited tomorrow. She’d learned to embrace it, it never stopped getting any crazier.


The car set off, and drove over the hill, taking the two diapered littles. Inside, five littles were being strapped into highchairs, and watched as mushy chocolate-rice was scooped into plastic bowls, and allowed to cool for a time. The fifth girl, a little sailor, glanced to the window, hearing the engine disappear, then clapped and giggled the loudest tonight. The trained behaviour came easily when she thought about what a dumb baby her annoying mother had at least been turned into. She looked at her new Mummy with a kind of awe as the giantess - the true adult woman - entered the room, beaming in her radiant, powerful way, and began assisting the two nannies. A moment later, the little in the highchair blushed as the bouncing proved a bit energetic, and she’d made a state in her diaper. She almost didn’t want to eat rice now, but Nanny was approaching, with a plastic bowl and ready spoon, and she’d be expected to lift her bottom up and open her mouth again and again…
For a brief moment, she thought one last angry thought about the figure who had left in the car, and an entire life before flashed back to clarity, of college friends who had probably graduated by now and not even noticed that she never came back for some later semester. Realizing that she had a very full diaper, Rhiannon scrunched her nose, and began to tantrum. These moments where she focused on the full reality were hard, but she at least had her answer now, about why her mother had never come to get her out, and realized just how trapped she was. Rhiannon had been so smug about going overseas, on a rare vacation, and now had been changed into a baby. She supposed it was an honor really, to be the focus of such specialized research, but that didn’t console her much as Nanny fetched the spanking paddle, and she accidentally lowered herself into her waiting, full diaper, knowing that tomorrow would be no different, nor the day after that, because she was a baby now, and it was perhaps the exact truth of her identity which they'd teased out, here in this land that she'd been so smug about vacationing in.