Friday, 30 September 2022

Experiments in AI assisted ABDL art


This month an AI image editing tool dropped which has been absolutely incredible, and I've been making tweaks to be able to make it generate diaper art, with some experiments over on my patreon:

Thursday, 17 February 2022

A Little More Interesting... (Diaper Dimension Movie)

The blogger player isn't very high quality. There's a higher-res version and download link here.

When two youtubers get a chance to make it big and are invited to record a TV pilot episode, things go south when they encounter a huge studio nurse who can't be convinced that the two Littles are old enough to be out of diapers.

Only able to make a desperate waddle through the studio grounds, the two Littles don't even have time to consider how that might be speeding up the bottom medicine which the nanny had slipped into their backsides, until suddenly the effects are felt all at once.

Standing before their set couch with their cue cards, the two Littles wonder if they can sit down now, trying to act distracted by the microphone overhead, and knowing that disappointing the powerful Redmond family who controls much of the media in the country probably isn't a good idea either...


(This was the first time I've ever tried any kind of video edit like this, and have just had this dumb idea for this scene for a while now. For a first try doing it and just a few hours of work, I think it turned out pretty okay!)

Friday, 5 November 2021

AB Korrasami Animation Preview


Just a preview of an AB Korrasami animation on my Patreon this month. Which can be found here:

Sunday, 20 December 2020

The Bounty (Page 2)

A page from one of the comics on my Patreon. So far this comic doesn't include much ABDL comic and has been Slave Leia / Hutt themed, though that's about to change in the next few pages. More can be found here:

The Sanctuary (Diaper Dimension)

An older story from my patreon page -


It was a quiet day like any other in Cribs'n'Things.
Or so Loreline had thought.
The doorbell rang at 10am, and a woman blustered her way in, using a strong grip to march in a smaller figure beside her.
Loreline might have thought she was a toddler, in those denim overalls and with the pacifier in her mouth, but then it dawned on her that it was a Little person, one who must have lost adulthood with bad behaviour. They got a few of those there. Loreline smiled at the girl like she would any other, as her little legs struggled even more with the obvious thick diaper.
“You there,” the woman called, marching the pair of them to the counter.
“Good morning ma’am. Is there something I can help you with?”
“Yes. I need - oh, now don’t fuss Millie. I know that you were in your carseat for hours but we’re almost there. Be a good girl and stay still. You can sit on the floor if you’d like while Mommy talks to this lady.”
Loreline smiled down at the girl. When her mother released her grip, it looked like she didn’t have much choice about sitting down anyway, not being able to stay up on her own in those thick diapers.
She fell with a crinkling puff of baby powder. Loreline’s nose twitched to the hint of a full diaper. Well, served the brat right, she must have been particularly immature.
“That’s okay ma’am. Now what can I help you with?”
The woman turned her attention back to Loreline, and there was still a hint of that angry motherhood in her eyes. Loreline gulped, feeling intimidated even with only two foot difference to the huge woman. She couldn’t even imagine how it was for the naughty Little.
With the way the Little sulked on the floor but didn’t interrupt her Mommy, Loreline supposed that it was more than enough to rein in such naughtiness.
“Yes I need a crib. A mobile. A playpen. A changing table. A highchair. A pram and stroller combo; I want to be able to switch. And your introductory pack of five cartons of diapers and ten boxes of baby food.”
“Of course, ma’am. Are you new to the area?”
The woman nodded.
“That is correct. Can you have it delivered and setup by this afternoon?”
“Well…” Loreline began, glancing to the clock.
“Don’t mumble dear, and look at me when talking.”
Loreline jumped.
“Sorry. Yes. I can do that. Our regular driver is already busy with another order. But I will deliver those to your house personally.”
The woman nodded.
“Good. I think I’ll be a regular customer here, do you any kind of membership card?”
“Of course!” Loreline replied, beaming as she produced the forms. There was a signup bonus in store for her. If only there could be more customers like this. The town just didn’t have enough Bigs, and mid-sized people like her didn’t reveal Little immaturity with the same passion.
She created the woman’s membership, and then gave them a tour of the store. They picked out a bunch of fun pieces for the new nursery, and they even changed the Little at the changing tables. Loreline was able to give a few tips, and realized that the mother was still somewhat new, though she was a natural. With some extra stuffers in her diaper, the girl wouldn’t need to be changed as often, and seemed a little more well-mannered.
God, but Loreline missed babysitting. There just wasn’t enough work around of that kind. And besides, she was a grownup now, and should have a real job.
At least working at the store meant that she got to interact with them on occasion.
“Somebody has been very good,” she praised, ruffling Millie’s hair where the girl sat in her new luxury stroller. “I bet you’re going to love it here. I’ve already given your Mommy the contacts for all the potential playmates in town.”
Loreline stood back up, and faced the customer.
“I’ll be around to your house in about half an hour.”
“Thank you. That would be wonderful. We’re out by the lakes.”
Loreline nodded. Of course they were. There were dozens of enormous estates out there which had mostly gone unpurchased for years, after a developer attempted to create an upmarket end of town which appealed to Bigs.
“Well I’m glad that you bought out there. It always seemed too nice to waste. And they have those big colourful playgrounds along the water.”
“Of course. It looked quite nice in the pictures.”
Loreline nodded slowly. Had the woman not even seen the house? It all seemed rather sudden. Even Millie seemed a bit new, like she’d never seen a carton of babyfood bought all for her, with how her eyes had locked onto those colourful pictures of oats and prunes. Then again, when had Loreline met a Little who wasn’t a fussy eater who needed bibs and highchairs?
“Off we go Millie! Don’t worry we’ll see the store lady again. This place has everything a little cutie-brat like you needs.”
The stroller rolled out of the doorway, with a strapped-in Millie seeming to present her big diaper to the world, and the usual quiet of the store returned.
A moment later, a man barged in, tugging two Littles in tow. A boy and a girl, seemingly of similar ages, dressed in matching white sailor pieces. Their shorts and pleated skirt didn’t much hide that they were more properly diapered with stuffers this time.
To the man’s credit, neither Little had their pacifier in their mouth, yet they didn’t make a peep of fuss.
“Welcome, Sir, I-”
“Do you sell rocking horses?”
“Hrm? Yes.”
“I promised them if they were good on the drive, I would get them rocking horses. We’ve come a very long way, though I think they like the scenery out here.”
“Oh, I- What kind of rocking horse? We have polished wood with flat seats. Curved plastic. Even motorized pink ponies with streamers on the side.”
“Hrm. Let me see what you have.”
“Yes sir. This way.”
She showed them around the horse toys, and even had the Littles ride some.
The man settled for plush models on wheels which didn’t rock so much. He seemed concerned about them being able to grind the fronts of their diapers in inappropriate games.
Loreline had to say that she approved in their case, even if sometimes a rocking horse was a good reward - so long as the playtime ended before they got a bit too into it.
“I can give you a receipt for one of our sister stores where you’ll be driving back to.”
There were some squirming and crinkling below at the word ‘sister’, not for the first time during the shop. What was wrong with being brother and sister? Whatever they might have been to each other before was clearly less appropriate. Besides those thick diapers would keep them apart so that they couldn’t do anything naughty, they might as well just accept it.
“That won’t be necessary,” the giant of a man said, pulling his enormous wallet out, “I’ve just purchased a house here.”
“Oh... Out by the lakes…?”
“Yes. You’ve heard of it? The area with the long waterfront walks.”
Loreline nodded.
“That will be, oh... $299 sir.”
He produced a silver card.
“For Daddy’s twins, that’s a small fancy.”
There was more awkward crinkling and shuffling from below.
He took the horses under one arm, and the hands of the Littles in the other.
They weren’t even out the door, when two more families had entered. Oh, god.
Loreline made for a woman who already had her Little in a stroller.
She smiled at the girl, then looked to the mother.
“Oh hello dear. I don’t suppose you have- Oh, there it is. Thank you.”
The woman went to inspect their hanging rhumba panties.
Loreline felt a sweat, and rushed to meet the other group. It was a husband and wife pair, again enormous, with six Littles on a joined harness and leash link. They were all girls in dresses and obvious diapers. Each was pacified and looking very shy, yet were also casting curious glances around the store.
Oh goodness, what a lucky family! Loreline’s dream of a better town might just work out after all if that family moved in.
“Hello!” she said, beaming.
“Why hello!” the mother replied cheerfully. “Oh this is just a wonderful store. Are they all this well-stocked?”
Loreline nodded. To have that many Littles and to have never been into a Cribs’n’Things?
“We’re looking for six cribs.”
“And highchairs.”
“Oh I haven’t forgotten the highchairs hon. I’ve known they would need highchairs since the day I met them.”
There was some awkward shuffling at the end of the leashes.
Loreline waited for silence to interrupt.
“Are you a new family ma’am?”
“Now is that a polite question dear?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re right.”
The giantess smiled.
“It’s fine. I’ve just had a long drive. We just need to get some things and get to our new house to stretch our legs.”
“Oh, out by the lakes?”
“You know the area?”
Loreline nodded. “It’s very nice. Well we have plenty of cribs and highchairs. We’re generally considered the best.”
“Hrm. Are these Princess Cribs part of a set? I like the canopies.”
“Yes, and you can get their names engraved in the crowns. Though the canopies might be a bit too much work with six.”
“We could bring them out for special occasions.”
Loreline gave a polite nod. “Of course.”
“Oh honey!” the husband called, “Look at these race car beds!”
“Oh those are for boys.”
“Well are you sure none of your scholarship grants were-”
“No. All girls. Don’t worry hon, you’ll have your hands full enough being a Daddy to six pretty princesses.”
He chuckled. “I suppose that’s true.”
“And,” Loreline said, “You never know when one of them might be a bit of a tomboy.”
That brought a smile to the man’s face, though got a small snort from the woman.
Had Loreline overstepped? She quickly pivoted.
“And here are our matching princess highchairs, with little throne tops. The pink and white styling will make it impossible for any of them to develop into tomboys.”
The mother smiled at that.
Just then, one of the Littles stomped her foot.
“No! That is too much! I’m in final year engineering and don’t even like girly-”
Before she could finish, her harness was released and she was over her mother’s knee.
Loreline waited. The mother was another natural. Amazons were just incredible at dealing with bratty toddler types who never grew beyond a few foot tall, and for the most part never matured to match.
With six daughters and it being a new family, it was reasonable that one of them might still act out. The mother would sort her out before long.
And oh how she did, spanking like a true expert. The other girls blushed and looked away, as the naughtiest of them was revealed as nothing but a guilty brat, easily encouraged into apologies and promises to be good for Mommy and Daddy.
She got some hugs and kisses after, and was told that she’d have an hour earlier bedtime than her sisters for two months. Loreline nodded in approval. The girl was lucky that she was getting a nice crib to suit her. The structure and discipline gifted by parents would only be good for her.
Oh how Loreline would love to babysit that cutie, and teach her how much fun she could have on rocking horses and tricycles, if she just stopped resisting and embraced herself.
Of course, Loreline had bills to pay. She didn’t get to be a child like these underdeveloped brats.
“Ma’am, can I overstep and recommend our backyard playground set as well? I’ll mark it down to cost. With this many girls they’ll benefit from the kind of exercise where they can motivate themselves, so long as a grownup is present to make sure they’re not slacking.”
The parents looked up at a flatpacked box with a playground photo on the front, showing several Littles having fun. Loreline glanced down, and the Littles were all staring with opposite expressions. Goodness, they did so resist what was good for them, but that made it more interesting.
The so-called-’engineer’ appeared the most horrified, even with her puffy eyes. She was going to be a disobedient one.
Loreline put on a big smile, and crouched down to take the girl’s shoulders from behind.
“I know somebody who was looking at that playground with a lot of excitement!”
“What?! No I wasn-”
They all turned to her.
“Is that true Penny?”
“I, um…”
Loreline knew when to tickle.
“I think she does! I think she desperately wants her Mommy and Daddy to buy it!”
She lost herself in cute little shrieks and wriggles, and looked rather like the truth was too embarrassing for her.
No I-
“Yesss she does! What a good girl!”
“It seems a great idea. It looks like there’s room for all six to be climbing, crawling, sliding, and see-sawing at once.”
“Aw lucky Penny is going to have so much fun! Do you see how much better it is when we’re just honest about what we want sweetheart?”
Penny was at a loss for words. Loreline wrapped her in a hug and gave her a big kiss.
“You’re pretty good with them.”
“I did a lot of babysitting,” Loreline explained, standing back up.
She was just finishing up on their order when her boss entered the store.
“Oh thank goodness, Mrs Kensington, it’s been-”
“I heard, and thought it might be.”
Loreline blinked, then remembered.
“I have a closing delivery window, and David still isn’t back. Are you here to stay?”
She nodded, and let her go.
Loreline pulled the first woman’s order from their warehouse into a van. Little Millie was going to like the bouncer chair she was getting. Well, she’d at least look cute in it and the grownups would like it.
Oh course, Loreline still had to unpack everything once she was there. She didn’t delay, and got onto the road in moments. Two removalist trucks were entering town. What a wild day.
At the lights, she glanced over, and saw a man and woman standing by their parked car while reading a map. Behind them was a figure in a carseat, who might have been a Little, she couldn’t tell.
She left the busier town centre, and was soon curving to the lakes. Along the way, she fiddled with the radio.
“-city’s new mayor, who has pledged to lower school occupancy.”
“How’s he intend to do that?”
“First with a fifty million injection into the school fund. Second with a move to train more substitute teachers.”
Loreline nodded along.
“And finally, by clamping down on adoptions.”
Loreline made a face.
She arrived at the address, and helped them set up in a flurry of activity.
“Oh I’d love to stay,” she said, staring longingly at Millie poking at the mesh of her new playpen, looking shy and embarrassed. “And I might drop by and see how things are going soon when everything has quieted down, but right now the store is very busy.”
“Of course. You’ve been a big help. I’ll give you a good recommendation if it ever comes up.”
Loreline smiled, and raced back to the car.
Goodness, it was good that she’d squeezed herself into the extra large training pants, not having time to hunt for bathrooms. Though it was somewhat playing with fire if any of the Amazons caught her... Did she want to be caught? No of course not, things like that didn’t even really happen and were more something from the kinky stories she read online.
She pulled out of the residential street, and was back on the main road.
“Oh, well if that’s what it takes.”
“Well, what drew some anger is that it was implemented on his first day in office. All adoptions in the city need to go through that childcare department, and only if their investigation supports it as absolutely necessary. Some are saying the policy is typical bureaucratic nonsense detached from the real world and would never find the relevant proof by checking social media and such.”
“Oh, I heard some immature types voted for him because he wanted to make adoption illegal.”
“Nonsense, and that’s why children shouldn’t vote and the enrolment age should be lifted. Next we’ll be voting for candy stores on every corner.”
“But didn’t he say-”
“I assure you that is nonsense. The mayor has four Little daughters himself.”
“If anything, those who voted for that basis most likely only got what their immaturity deserves.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well there’s a technicality in the legislation. The fuzzy right to adopt ends today at midnight. The legislation only covers the city limits, so long as would-be parents adopt those in need who they’ve had their eyes on before the end of the day, and move just outside the city...”
“Oh, I did see quite a few removalist trucks today. Though where are they all going?”
“Everywhere. So long as their families are together. I think a bunch of kids got exactly what they voted for…”
Loreline pulled the delivery van up to a mansion at the edge of sunset.
Goodness, her arms were tired.
The expensive black limo of the new owners arrived a moment later. Just in time.
Loreline went to greet them, and shook the hands of the wealthy new homeowners.
She crouched down, and saw five very flustered girls strapped into carseats. There was no doubt that they were all messy, after a very big day.
“Shall I help you take them in?”
“That would be wonderful.”
She climbed into the limo, and smiled at the girls. She didn’t want to play favourites, and instead unbuckled the furthest girl.
She noticed that they all had rather professional haircuts, though some were tied into short pigtails or had pink clips.
Her girl however still had her brunette bob cut intact, and had quite a fierce look in her brown eyes.
She seemed familiar. Yes, she was that lawyer who ran ads supporting the new mayor candidate, saying that his policies would quickly set things right.
Well she wasn’t wrong.
Loreline gave a bounce beneath her messy bottom, confirming that the diaper was all naturally filled. She hadn’t even had an enema, and had probably just started the day with a fibre bar never imagining that she might end it in diapers.
Or maybe she did expect. Loreline could never be quite sure what people were thinking.
She spent a moment to hike her own wet training panties back up against the edge of the limo as she passed. Goodness, she hoped she hadn’t leaked, or the newcomers would have just gotten a good view. But they had enough girls to take care of anyway.
“Where shall I take her?”
“That’s a built-in play area in the nursery, with a low wall around it which she shouldn’t be able to get out of.”
Loreline nodded, and went exploring through the house.
Goodness, it was nice.
“What a lucky girl,” she cooed, ”Getting to live in such a nice big house with your Mommy and Daddy.”
The girl frowned, but held her tongue.
Loreline laughed, and gave her another bounce. She’d heard plenty of that posh little voice in the TV ads.
“Oh! And look! It’s the biggest nursery I’ve ever seen!”
She wasn’t exaggerating, and she’d seen a lot of nurseries.
Across the oddly-shaped room, the walls extruded and opened to a gap with a low wall, which led into a penned-in area.
“Oh I just don’t want to let you go. You might get scared waiting for the others in there. But then, since you’re first you can explore it.”
There was nothing to explore, it was empty and they could see the whole space
She placed the brunette down in the carpeted pen anyway.
“Can you show me how many steps it takes you to reach the other side?”
The Little hesitated, knowing that a spanking likely awaited if she disobeyed.
She took a hesitant step - perhaps her first since going into diapers - and then another, and another.
In a way, her short angled bob cut made it more hilarious. Even as she did her best to make herself look like an adult, it just didn’t work when the rest of her was revealed in its proper state.
She could only waddle, it was adorable. Of course, she was trying to manage her full diaper situation too.
It felt far longer than it likely was by the time she reached the wall.
“You did it! Did you count your steps?”
The Little looked panicked.
There was that cute voice!
“Aw, that’s okay. I did. It’s plenty, even if you get some big toys. Now come back to me sweetie, I want to say goodbye.”
Was it her imagination, or did the Little run back? Frowning, but wanting that kiss, or perhaps  just trying to limit how long she spent waddling in that dirty diaper.
Loreline gave her the kisses, though held back on tickling her. Bringing out her little laugh somehow felt like territory for the parents to first cross. They’d probably waited forever, until the uptight Little lawyer had let her guard down thinking the laws were set.
The mother entered with a girl in each arm, and beamed down at the sight of the diapered lawyer waiting in her playpen.
“Oh this town is just perfect. The perfect place to start over for all of us.”
Loreline smiled. “I heard that it’s being renamed to Sanctuary.”
The mother secured her next two girls into the playpen - her breath bated like she’d waited an eternity - and smiled.
“Yes it is… And it’s perfectly true.”
By the time Loreline reached Cribs’n’Things, she was exhausted. The sun was down. A thousand dirty diapers had been dropped into diaper pails in houses which had been empty for years until the day before. It was amazing how fast the rich part of society could move.
Her boss locked up the store, and offered to give her a ride home rather than catch the bus.
She didn’t realize something was off until they pulled up outside her boss’s estate.
“Um, Mrs Kensington, did you forget to take me home?”
“We are home sweetie.”
Loreline frowned, and wriggled.
Her boss’s hand was snaking into her work pants, and investigating the white and pink trainer panties there.
“Um Mrs Kensington, I can explain.”
“Of course. I know. A lot of parents noticed how good you are with kids today. There were a lot of comments.”
“No it’s not like that, I mean it was just a long day, and-”
“And I think somebody never quite got over babysitting. I think my daughter’s room hasn’t changed since she was a teenager and moved to college, and maybe it was for a reason…”
Loreline frowned.
“A teenager?”
“Of course. That’s what people expect when they hire a local babysitter. And, goodness, it seems you’re going to be getting a lot of work on that front. We’ll have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your schoolwork.”
Loreline paled.
“School… work?”
“Well there can’t be a teenage babysitter in the neighbourhood who isn’t enrolled at the school, with a uniform and homework to take to her babysitting jobs. Of course, I think you should still have a part-time real job at the store at least one afternoon a week. Any more would look awkward giving those hours to my own daughter. Now what do we way?”
“Um… Mrs Kensington, it was just a bit of a fantasy. I don’t really want-”
“What do we say, young lady? So help me I will tan that bottom if you’re going to be a disagreeable teenager tonight.”
“I… Yes mother.”
“See? It’s not so bad when you just accept what you want. Now come on, I’ll cook you dinner and then we can find you some plastic pants for the night.”
Party decorations, speakers, and jumping castles dotted the waterfront parklands. Sanctuary was to have its first yearly party.
Upmarket furniture waited outdoors with the high society in attendance.
A small group of hired musicians strummed guitars at one end of the park.
Loreline chased a bunch of squealing Littles, while parents stood at the edges supervising.
Naughty little Veronica Black, once a lawyer, fell on her bottom and gasped. She hadn’t been squealing, only trying to stay from being caught.
Loreline grinned and descended on her, dressed as a big yellow duck.
She caught Vee easily as the girl tried to get back up, and soon had her dressed in a yellow duck costume too.
She had to join the line trailing Loreline, and the chase continued.
The Littles who weren’t caught didn’t have to wear the tiny versions of the costumes. As one, they went to the banks to watch the real ducklings swim by. Technically she should be taking notes for a school assignment, but didn’t want to think about school today, or any day really.
She helped the parents and nannies collect up their Littles, and saw a bunch of bottles and just as many boobs come out.
Loreline just hoped that none of them had listened too closely. The costume was expensive, and her ‘Mom’ had insisted on diapers rather than her various training panties. Of course, she would just tell her charges that her diaper was nothing like their own, which was true.
Loreline sat on the grass, and ignored a faint squish.
It wasn’t the worst upgrade since last year, for any of them.


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