Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Caption - Diaper Dimension: The Question of Roxy


  1. Fun story as always! I'm really interested in this "Amazon Growth Stabilizer Drug", there are a lot of ideas to use with that! Maybe there's a bad batch that goes out and it causes the reverse affect, makeing an Amazon shrink down to the size of a little. The Amazon could get picked up and treated like one of the littles she had babysat and spanked so many times before. Or possibly she could get shrunk really small and get treated like a baby by a little, who now seems like an Amazon in comparison.

    Also, what could happen if a little got a hold of the drug? Could she find herself growing to the size of an Amazon? A swap could be really fun between a captive little and her no-nonsense Amazon Mommy. Just some thoughts :D

    1. The beauty of this setting is all of those things are possible ;). And I think, once it's imagined, it already is, since that's sort of how the place works.