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Sample - Field Research (A Diaper Dimension Tale)

Below is a sample out-take from my tribute to Princess Pottypants's Diaper Dimension story, available in the Mixed Comics and Stories Pack.


Whitney's Field Research (A Diaper Dimension Story)

[This story is set in the Diaper Dimension universe, created by Princess Pottypants in the fantastic story Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension. It is highly recommended that you read the original saga first to appreciate this fan sequel]

Whitney Pixen glanced out of the window to see the foreign country roll by for the first time, fidgeting nervously as the plane taxied to a stop. With a sudden excitement, she realized that she was finally on vacation, letting the sense of truly being on an international holiday sink in.

With an over-abundance of enthusiasm, the young professional reached into her handbag and pulled out her phone, making a mess of her possessions in the process, and quickly flicked the device on now that they had landed. Hitting dial on a saved international routing number, she almost bounced with excitement in her seat while watching the runway roll by, waiting patiently for three long rings, until finally there was finally a click.

"I'm here!" she blurted out, then remembered that the office phone wouldn't exactly say who was calling. "It's Whitney!"

"Oh," she heard a female voice say from the other side, and her heart sunk as she realized that Mary-Beth had picked up the phone.

"Is, uh, Dave there?" she asked grumpily, not wanting to talk to her chief rival right now, especially not just when starting her field research plan.

"He's gone for the afternoon," Mary-Beth replied, sounding bored, almost as if she was filing her nails. "Somebody sent him and his wife tickets to the opening of a new restaurant, he left me in charge for the day."

Whitney felt a cold frustration run through her, knowing that Mary-Beth was probably behind Dave's absence. She didn't really want to reveal her plans to her rival, but the woman had seemingly set up everything so that any calls to the office today would have to go through her - and that was probably after pestering Dave endlessly for answers. Academia could be far more cutthroat than the general public gave it credit for.

"Look," Whitney huffed, "There should be a name, phone number, address - something - written on a piece of paper on his desk, he said that he'd leave anything there if he had to go out. Can you read it out for me? There were still things getting... arranged... when I left, but he said that he'd take the call for me and record the details."

"I might be able to," Mary-Beth said casually, loudly blowing a bubble of gum next to her receiver for a moment, "But first you have to tell me where you went."

Whitney glared at the plane seat in front of her, gripping her phone tightly. If silence could wound... The secret was going to get out before long anyway, she realized with a sigh. Other researchers would get wind of her idea soon enough, but at least she had a head start, the glory would still almost certainly be hers.

"Look," Whitney growled, "I'm on The Mainland. With the travel and communication sanctions coming down, I thought that it would be a nice place for a holiday."

She heard Mary-Beth suck in a deep breath. "The Mainland?"she asked, her voice betraying the realization of the genius of the plan.

Nobody from their country had managed to write a particularly exciting anthropology paper in decades, but now that the old animosity between the two neighboring nations was fading, and that people were finally travelling freely between them again, there was suddenly the potential for a massive influx in new groundbreaking papers back home, particularly for an anthropologist covering the lives of people in the rest of the world - and especially on the nearby mainland. They had once both been part of the same nation, until the people on her smaller island-continent had declared a fierce independence, citing some sort of series of injustices by the peoples of the mainland, and had moved to only trade with nations of people like themselves, much to their financial benefit in the booming economy years of the recent past. Well, the old concerns had faded, her own nation's economy was making everybody feel confident, and as a child of the new generation, Whitney was ready to cross the ocean threshold and learn as much as she could of the lifestyles in their old sister nation, particularly of the people most like herself, of whom many still lived in the original country.

"I found your damn note," Mary-Beth growled over the phone, her demeanor having switched from boredom to resentment of Whitney's plan. While Whitney didn't much like the thought of her idea getting out, it was nice to hear some validation of its genius in her rival's bitter voice, and she enjoyed rubbing Mary-Beth's nose in it for once.

"It just says to meet her at the airport pickup gate," Mary-Beth muttered, sounding derisive of the note's ambiguity, almost as if glad that it didn't have the details which Whitney had asked for.

It was enough however, especially with weeks of preparations in passports and contact-building ahead of any rivals who might follow, allowing the young resarcher to relax and grin. "Thanks," she replied, entirely cheerfully, glad to know that it would probably rub Mary-Beth even further the wrong way, and hung up the phone before quickly stuffing it back in her bag. Brushing her straw-brown hair from her heart-shaped face and straightening out her semi-formal business outfit, the researcher realized that she'd fallen behind the crowd with her brief phone call.

Swinging her legs over the seat, she grimaced as she found out precisely how difficult it was to get down after being accidentally assigned a big seat. There weren't exactly many international airlines which catered to her size, given that people of her background usually lived in enclave societies like her home, or didn't often have the same sorts of rights as the larger two ethnicities, nor the independent travelling capacity. The rest of the world tended to call her type 'short-stacks', 'dwarves', or 'smallings', though it was all backwards to her - from her perspective she was normal height, and they were giants, not that she'd actually seen many people larger than herself.

She supposed that growing up amongst the three ethnicities - dwarves, in-betweens, and amazons - might have tempered a different self-perception however. Could that be why many of the small-folk in the rest of the world came to think of and self-perceive themselves as differently as they did? The anthropologist had certainly heard some strange stories - some very strange stories indeed - and it was a social phenomenon in the other countries which she was looking forward to diving right into to write about, maybe even challenge their social norms a little while there, leave them gaping with her stinging words and savage criticisms.

From the scant rumors which Whitney had heard, the sorts of situations which 'dwarves' in other countries often somehow found themselves in tended to have to do with their own failings and general unreadiness for the adult world, as if they weren't trained for maturity in other societies as those in Whitney's country were, which was an amusing and self-satisfying thought for the highly accomplished academic. After that, the larger races identified them as having failed some variety of maturity or independence test, of which the rumors were unclear, and some sort of socially-normalized agreement was often reached where dwarves entered a submissive and dependent relationship with one of the larger races. It almost sounded like adoption, in truth. Most bafflingly, the relationship was often described as childlike, with tales of outfits designed for the amazon children being worn by the dwarf adults, referring to giants by parental titles, and even having set bedtimes.

All in all, it was impossible to sort fact from fiction, and was dizzying and difficult to believe for the professional young researcher, to think that any adult her size would give up even an inch of maturity like that. But then Whitney supposed that they deserved it if that's what they were raised for - where somebody like Whitney, who held a PhD, would never allow such a treatment to occur to her. They might be socially encouraged that way, yes, her anthropologist mind thought, but it sounded like they got themselves into their own situations for the most part, and as a 27 year old academic with a PhD, Whitney looked forward to shocking them.

She had for herself arranged a guarantee of understanding and protection with a local amazonian host on the mainland, an agreement where she would be 'shielded' to any necessary extent from local culture and misunderstandings, as she'd explained strongly in her requirements, having made it clear to her host that such customs regarding 'dwarves' were not practiced back home and that she was every bit the capable adult, who would be staying up to whatever hour she choose. Coming from a superior enlightened civilization was often a bother for anthropologists in this way, Whitney thought smugly as she waltzed down the passenger aisle of the plane - however, it would all be worth it when she was sitting smugly in her senior office.

"If everything goes to plan," the PhD researcher thought with a cunning smile, "This report could really stir up national pride back home, everybody getting excited about how we're the best 'dwarves', and not like the 'weakling dwarves' that make up the rest of the world - especially the ones who stayed in the old capital."

She wasn't usually the type for any sort of excitable nationalistic chest beating or racial pride, yet stirring up public sentiment could be fantastic for her career, if the paper made ripples beyond academia, until the stubby-anthropologist would surely land a cushy administrative job at a record young age, respected for years to come, letting her kick back and stop worrying for once, no more Mary-Beth in her face either - in fact the first thing she'd do would be to use her clout to have her rival fired, just to teach the bitch a lesson.

Glancing at the mixture of people from her own country disembarking ahead, she just couldn't fathom how the locals her own size beyond the airport must think, snorting at the thought of having a bedtime, and as an anthropologist she was eager to dive in and start cataloging everything about their mentally-weak cousins right away, even show some of them what it was like to be a fully capable adult dwarf in own right, which was something that they reportedly seemed to lack.

Slipping her black purse over her shoulder, she strode down the plane connection terminal in her heels and emerged into the airport proper, almost stumbling in shock as she suddenly found herself pushing into a crowd of enormous amazon legs in the airport lobby.

She'd seen the in-between-sized folk in her own country - a few had visited, and even fewer lived there - but she'd only ever seen an amazon up close once, and that one had been sitting down and claimed that she was short for her race. The sight that now greeted her was like stepping into a land of giants, and was far beyond what she'd ever expected.

"Excuse me!" she called out nervously, trying to retain an air of professionalism as she became instantly lost in the sea of knees, trying to weave about while clutching her purse at her side and realizing that she'd been turned the wrong way in her efforts to avoid collisions. Almost instantly, against her expectations, she realized that she felt like a child lost in a sea of strange adults, and growled at herself for thinking that thought of all thoughts, shaking her head back to focusing on the issue at hand.

A few giants looked down at her in surprise moments before bumping into her, some smiling as if they found her somehow... pleasingly cute... yet others scowling, almost as if thinking that somebody had let her loose unattended - she saw it in their eyes - and Dr Whitney Pixen scurried through the crowd with a rising blush on her face, knowing that she had to get to her hostess. She'd expected to feel a little bit more mature and comfortable amongst the foreign society, but was now beginning to realize just how different the scale in size was. Even now she began to wonder whether she was going to need to resort to tugging at somebody's leg like a lost child, asking for help while lost in a sea of swirling giants.

To her left, she spotted the crowd of her own people who had disembarked before her, who had apparently found an easier route by travelling as a group, and in a rush she turned herself through the sea of legs towards their direction. Without even looking where she was going, she realized all too late that she was turning face-first into the rear-end of a huge college girl's ass, her face disappearing under the cheerleader's purple skirt and smushing directly into a wall of white panties a moment later, a face full of female rear end suddenly greeting her.

As her nose was buried in the giant girl's white panties, she heard a squeal from the giant and felt the amazon teen spin around on her, furious at the sudden intruder.

"Watch it kid!" the young giantess boomed, looking down crossly at Whitney with folded arms.

Dr Pixen for her part stood dumbfounded, looking up with a gaping mouth and not having the faintest clue what to say. Had she just really had a faceful of panties? And... had the teen girl just called her a kid? She was in a business suit for crying out loud! It was one thing for the dwarves to be choosing childish lives for themselves, but she thought in an angry huff that it didn't help for the giants to be so encouraging of it, and wondered how much the dismissive views of the amazons contributed on top of the pathetic natures of the smaller locals, where even some in-betweeners reportedly ended up in such dependent submissive roles.

It suddenly struck her then that she'd only ever heard the giants' side of the stories regarding small folk in these countries, and she angrily decided that she needed to stand up for herself. By the time that she'd opened her mouth to angrily object to being called a 'kid' however, it all too late and the giant teen was storming away in an angry huff, smoothing out her panties with two cupped hands behind her as she went. Whitney found that she still had a perfect view of the underwear the entire time, standing dumbfounded and staring as if mesmerized at the upskirt view marching away from her, until finally her blush rose and she mentally slapped herself to turn away, annoyed both that she hadn't got the last word in and that she'd just spent a moment looking at a large woman's underwear.

The young professional realized with a twinge then that everywhere she went in the foreign country, she'd probably be getting more involuntary views of panties of giantesses in short skirts - how in the world did other smaller people live like this? Was that part of why they gravitated towards roles and self-perceptions as being children? Deciding that they just didn't fit into adult life when presented with such sights and attitudes all the time? Was it those that decisions that then had then giants in turn so casually see them as children? Or did the relationship start the other way around? It was a gold mine of anthropology questions, and a perfect a career booster, and if it hadn't been her that just got the faceful of panties and being called 'kid' by a giant, she might even be a bit more excited.

Whitney straightened out her suit and feigned a small cough to regain her composure, resuming her walk towards the crowd of people her own size who were now quite far ahead. She found it impossible not to now notice dozens of exposed giant panties along the way, blushing and glancing away each time as she found herself mesmerized by having a world where she got upskirt views, thinking that even though she wasn't a lesbian, it was impossible to not stare dumbly to the voyeuristic sights as she passed, feeling less and less like an adult who rightly fit into regular society with each step.

Breaking out from the sea of legs was a relief as she finally reached the group of dwarves from the plane, blushing as she noticed how small they all seemed against the giants around them, but heaved a sigh of relief as it became instantly easier to walk, joining the wake that the mob left through the crowd.

Glancing about, she saw that the other travelers from her country seemed to be mostly composed of backpackers in their early twenties, as well as a few professionals such as herself, plus a few people on holidays. She decided after the previous encounters that it would perhaps be a good thing to get the image of confident dwarves out into the world, where the social roles of smaller people in other countries needed to be challenged and reevaluated. How an adult could possibly sign up for bedtimes and such was beyond her comprehension, and those weren't even the worst of the rumors that she'd heard. She'd even heard of one woman her size getting spanked when she visited for a holiday, and the thought sent a chilling and yet slightly erotic shiver down her body even now as she thought about it, glancing over at the giants and wondering if it was really possible that one of them might truly consider spanking her.

The thought was too much of equal outrage and excitement for her to consider right now, and she shook it from her mind, pushing on until the group finally made it to the automated conveyer belt with their suitcases slowly rolling by. Managing to quickly grab her own bag, Dr Pixen set it down on its wheels and began making rapidly for where many locals had gathered at a nearby pickup gate, wanting to be one of the first out of the crowded busy airport and as far away from where she'd gotten a faceful of college-aged cheerleader underwear as possible.

She searched amongst a sea of signs with names written on them - nearly all held by giants, a few by mid-sized people, and only two by dwarves, though the last looked thankfully entirely normal and mature by her standards from home. Perhaps she'd overestimated the social norms that she'd heard of after all. Still, with the amount of giants, she felt that she surely wasn't in her own country now, bringing a nervous smiling shuffle from the excited researcher, keen to plunder this nation for all its secrets.

She paused on one sign which had little blue pacifiers and rattles drawn around the name - 'Blake' - and found that sign to be a little weird. Looking at the large couple holding it, she spotted a toddler nestled in one of their arms, until suddenly it dawned on her that it was no toddler at all, but rather a guy of her own size sitting in the crook of the giant woman's left elbow, leaning against her enormous breast. He was wearing blue jumpsuit and seemed to be sucking on... a pacifier, of all things... and she noted reluctantly that he was actually kind of cute. What in the hell was that guy thinking? And what in the hell was 'Blake' getting into? Did he even check with his hosts to ensure that they knew that the strange social roles weren't practiced back home? The sign didn't seem to indicate as such... She shook her head and decided that they would surely work it out, and continued looking for her own name, noticing that two of the girls' names had little pink flowers and childish decals drawn around them too, feeling increasingly nervous for whoever were being picked up by those giant couples, until finally she found 'Whitney' in clean stenciled print on cardboard. It was a much more professional sign from her own amazon host, Whitney thought approvingly, and she glanced up.

Whitney found herself staring at a giantess, who was, she had to admit breathlessly, a rather beautiful woman - her large body cutting an undeniably sexual figure against her elegant short tight dress, leaving the young researcher baffled all over again as she struggled with something resembling unwelcome lesbian feelings for the second time that day, wondering what in the world was happening to her.

The giant woman noticed her slack-jawed stare and smiled as she deduced that she'd found the right dwarf, giving a welcoming grin to Whitney, who for her part found herself walking forward automatically, almost as if summoned by the giant, and feeling just a little bit nervous.

"Hi?..." Whitney squeaked as she got closer, looking up at the woman in the elegant evening dress, seeing enormous breasts straining against the low cut outfit, knowing that if she looked any lower she might well get a good view of the woman's panties in the short outfit too, which was absolutely the last place that she wanted to admit having an urge to see.

"You must be Whitney," the smiling amazon said as she beamed down, deciding then to crouch to her visitor's height and startling Whitney with the sight of two bulging breasts in a deep-v-cut dress appearing right in front of her face.

"I'm Eleanor Pedigrew."

Realizing that she was staring at the woman's enormous breasts straining against the tight top, Whitney coughed and did her best to straighten herself out again, brushing her hands over her clothes and trying to look professional.

"Yes," she replied with faked casual confidence, reminding herself that she was a grown woman with a PhD, and should damn well feel like it. Regardless of her mental assertions of maturity however, the amazon made her feel entirely inadequate - the giant had legs which seemed to go on forever, and Whitney's own suddenly felt relatively short and stubby in comparison, while just one of the woman's boobs seemed to be easily half the size of Whitney's entire body. The researcher wanted to cup her own somewhat flat chest to compare, but managed to restrain herself as she forced a smile instead. "I'm sure that you received my message regarding the concerns of my stay?"

The amazon raised an eyebrow and then politely laughed. "Oh of course. Don't worry, I understand that things are different where you come from, you'll be fine here anyway, I'm sure that a professional young woman such as yourself can stay out of trouble?"

Whitney nodded curtly, happy with the exchange, and gave one last glance back to the couple who had been waiting for 'Blake'. They were already walking away, she realized, the woman holding the hand of a rather cute looking guy, who for his part was looking back and more than just a little bit baffled, a redness on his face as he disappeared beyond the airport door.

"Are you ready to go?" Eleanor asked, catching Whitney's gaze at the door. "I figure that you're probably hungry after that long trip, not to mention tired.."

Whitney nodded, forgetting Blake, and was glad that her university research account would be paying for the bill. With that, the giant rose back up to her impressive towering height, and reached over to easily pick up Whitney's suitcase in one hand.

"I might as well take this," the woman said with a smile, "It's no hassle for me. Now let's get a move on."

Whitney stared in shock as the woman easily carried in one hand what probably weighed more than her own entire body - the sight sending a shiver of excitement and fear down the young researcher's bones, realizing just what a difference there was between dwarves and amazonian giants. For a moment she supposed that she could even partly understand why the local dwarves in all of the other mixed countries fell so easily into dependent roles on them, it seemed strangely right to have a giant to take care of the heavy things.

Rushing after the tall legs to catch up with her host's long strides, Whitney felt a strange sensation inside of her as she felt like a child rushing to keep up with a guardian, sticking close to the wake those enormous legs made through the crowd, and almost wanting to stick closer to the woman's side and safety if not for the swinging suitcase between them.

They left through the same sliding door that Blake had disappeared through, emerging from the cool air-conditioned interior into a sunny parking lot, with Whitney suddenly feeling like she'd really finally set her mark on another country's soil, almost as if instantly linked to the place as a semi-resident now, at that moment becoming more travelled than most of the dwarves in her entire country back home, and a little smugly proud for it at that.

Her second surprise came as she saw that the cars were on an entirely different scale to what she was used to back home, and having even prepared herself for many sights, she found herself stunned, having not considered that the cars themselves would be different.

Eleanor's vehicle seemed to be even larger than the rest, a family suburban truck of sorts, which Whitney found herself staring at dumbfounded.

"Company car," Eleanor explained with a smiling shrug, as if answering Whitney's stare, while moving around to put the suitcase into the back.

When she returned, Eleanor took one confused look at Whitney waiting beside the front passenger door, then frowned and shook her head.

"You'll have to be in the backseat - kids aren't allowed to sit in the front of large vehicles. National law."

The researcher looked over at her host with perplexed confusion painted on her face, then began to get cross.

"But I'm not a k-"

"Oh -I- know that you're not," Eleanor said with a roll of her eyes, "But the authorities won't know if they spot you sitting in the front, especially next to me, and will probably pull us over to check. We'd probably work it out, but there'd be a lot of drama, and we don't want that now do we? Let's make your first day as easy as possible, shall we?"

Whitney stared for a long moment, then slumped her shoulders and nodded in acceptance.

"Fine," she sighed, feeling that it wasn't exactly the dignified research experience upon arrival that she was hoping for, being banished to the backseat like a kid, having expected to be completely above any the country's strange social views. She supposed that a person her size in the front seat wasn't able to be told apart by the police and that it all made sense, as for all intents and purposes - as much as it caused her to shiver to admit it - she was precisely the size of an amazonian child now, and would be difficult to tell apart if not for her more mature business suit. Waiting at the back door, ruminating on the uncomfortable thought, she found that even worse she couldn't hope to reach the handle of the large SUV, and had to wait for Eleanor to graciously walk back to open it.

Realizing that even getting into the high car posed a problem, Whitney scrunched her brow. "I'm not sure if I can-" she began, suddenly squeaking as she felt hands under her sides, lifting up onto the leather seats. Scrambling onto the slick surface, Whitney looked ahead and noticed in surprise that there was a baby-seat strapped into the other side of the car.

"Over you go," Eleanor said with an encouraging nod of her head.

"I'm not-" Whitney began in disbelief.

"Honey," Eleanor sighed, "It's a safety thing. That seat belongs to my sister, who has a little daughter about your size, which my niece sometimes sits in. It's the only way that you'll stay properly strapped in - this car is made for amazons, and the normal straps would go well over your head. Do you want to travel unsafely and possibly get a fine while in the company car?"

"No..." Whitney replied with a pout, crawling across to the plastic seat and hearing the door close behind her. A real baby had sat in this? It looked like it given the few random splotches where drinks - or perhaps something worse - had been spilled, and had a slightly musty odor. Chillingly, it was nearly exactly her size too. Clambering in, the researcher began pulling down the straps over her shoulders, and blushed as she realized that another had to come up over her crotch, while she watched Eleanor get into the driver's seat on the other side of the car, finding the whole ordeal annoyingly embarrassing for her first day arrival.

"Do I have to sit in thi-" she began to whine.

"Doctor Pixen," Eleanor interjected calmly, "You can be maturely flexible about this can't you? That seat is the only one I have for somebody your size, I'm sorry that it's a little bit babyish, but we'll be home soon, where I have all sorts of helpful things setup for you to make it easier."

Whitney sighed, supposing that it made sense, and shut her mouth, deciding that she'd allow her host to drive them to the giant woman's home while she sat in the embarrassing baby seat in the back. She supposed that she couldn't blame the giant for being particularly safety-conscious on this, as from the amazon's perspective Whitney was precisely the size of a child after all, and would invariably be partially viewed as such, as much as it riled her. It probably didn't help that people her own size on the mainland were apparently not often much more mature in their lifestyle than kids anyway, and the resulting views from that had probably been drilled into Eleanor's head for years, it really was a matter of safety...

Strapped into the babyseat, she felt a nervous restlessness in her stomach for a moment as the car rumbled to life beneath her, as if she might have done something wrong by coming here, but then put the thought out of her mind, feeling the straps tightening against her shoulders while the plastic seat proved to be a slippery surface under her smart black outfit, almost as if the straps were a bit too loose in the crotch region still.

As the car edged out onto the open road, the doctor fixed her sliding bottom in place and sat in rapt fascination, able to just see over the edge of the window while she watched a much larger world go by, trying to deny that she was feeling increasingly like a confined child in her carseat as she strained against the straps to see.

"I have some groceries prepared at home to make some sandwiches for you," Eleanor said from the front, "And a guest bed with a little set of stairs which should help you get up into it. We'll get you settled in for tonight, and I'll drop you off at the mall to start your research tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good," Whitney said with a calm appeasement, hiding her excitement as she saw imaginary research awards floating about in her mind already. She was eager to dive into the strange social behaviors of the dwarves of this place, wondering even now how they could be trained to think so pathetically, sinking into smug contemplation as the car drove on, occasionally struggling against the tight straps of the children's carseat which she sat in and trying to put her own situation out of her mind.


To read the remaining 92% of the story, check out the Mixed Comics & Stories Pack #1.

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