Monday, 16 June 2014

Diaper Art Competition

Hi y'all,

I'm holding a competition this month where I'll draw images from the best one or several suggestions that I receive for scenes, either with completely random characters, or involving existing characters who you think deserve being put into diapers (humanoids only sorry, I can't draw say ponies).

Previously the plan was to include a code in the Comics & Stories Pack #1 which people could use, but instead I've decided to allow any number of entries using any previous sold item for competitions.

To enter, submit your idea to as well as an answer to one or more of the following questions:

  • What did Edith say that it was time for at the bottom of pg 46 of the Immortals Comic?
  • What is the first sentence on pg 121 of Comics & Stories Pack #1 (Strangest Adventures), in the Diaper Dimension story?
  • What color was the hair ribbon worn by the character on pg 138 of Nanny Bots, and what was the character's name?
  • What did the woman spend entirely too long doing at the top of pg 16 of the Island of the Giants story?
e.g. Where to find the answer in the Immortals comic -

The closing date will likely be in about two months (the 15th of August), though hasn't been finalized yet, so I recommend getting entries in well before then if you have an idea. :D


  1. This isn't an entry but something that came to mind when I saw a photo of my infantile overlord; everyone loves royal babies and every everyone loves Princess Kate, so why not have her age swap with young George?

    1. Royal babies is an interesting theme in itself, and that specific plot also sounds kind of fun, though I think that technically, being an Australian citizen, those people are still in theory a future distant king & queen and might have me beheaded or something.

  2. Out of curiosity, did anything ever come of this? The deadline was a few days ago, so I was curious if a winner had been chosen and if a prize was going to be awarded. I'd love to hear an update on the entries and the process of the competition.

    Thank You!

    1. Yep it's still in the works! I've just been in the middle of moving and setting up a new computer and eating toast but after that I expect to do this soonish. All the entries were pretty good so the biggest delay is getting through the hard part of choosing one. :P