Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Diaper Fairy Update

A glimpse of a comic I've been working on for about 2 years, titled The Diaper Fairy. At this point I'm unsure if it'll be finished. I'm thinking of starting up a Patreon, so that people will at least see what's done so far and possibly even steer it with suggestions. Though there are some very fun images done near the ending which the story would need to be guided towards. While I prefer to just release finished stories all at once, it’s definitely a slog spending years getting through a comic without anybody getting to see it, so I was wondering if people might be interested.


  1. I think it will be a great comic i can not wait to buy it.

  2. I would definitely contribute to your Patreon!

  3. I'd been hoping you would get a Patreon. I'd love to support you.

    I think you could go one of two ways. If you want it to be just for your comic, then you could promise to release one or two pages a week.

    The other option would be to mix in one-off images and short stories along with a weekly release of a comic page. I think people would pay more for this option, and you'd be more likely to draw in new followers/supporters.

    Just depends on whether you want to focus solely on the comic or add in other stuff too.

    - matrixfreak

  4. So what time will the fairy comic be up for sell?

  5. I hope the comic will up for sale soon?

  6. I hope the comic will be up for sale this year?