Monday, 4 September 2017

Diaper Dimension - Lyle Redmond's Girls Alt

This was an earlier version of my most recent picture, with more story-appropriate tights. The full-resolution version should be available on DeviantArt.

There was meant to be a story about the assistant snapping a photo of how hard the girls trained on the day, and had it framed, and how the girls did so well that nobody needed any spankings that night (though, the next morning - after two girls had been denied diaper changes - was a different story).

edit: You know, those diapers really don't seem thick enough still. ;)


  1. If you have new comics coming up for sale please inform as soon?

    1. Mike, you're far from the only one anxiously awaiting another comic to be realized by Sir Spankalot. However, you are the only one who comments every couple of months asking about it. If there was any update to give, he would give it. When it's ready he wants to sell it, so of course he will promote it. Just wait until then.


    2. Heya, as Matrix says when there's something I'll definitely be keen to let everybody know :), though it's good to also know that people are keen.

      At the moment I'm about 2/3rd of the way through a comic but keep working on that bit, I really want it to be better quality than some of my last stuff.