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A Christmas Tale - A Diaper Dimension Story

Note: This is set in Princess Pottypants' fantastic Diaper Dimension universe. You can find the original and other stories since here.

The house was abuzz with Christmas preparations underway.

Mrs Lara Martina prepared the day's big lunch, while Tim and Jen touched up the Christmas tree. It had been up for a month, but the thirty-something husband and wife had arrived late last night, and felt that the tree could do with a little more decorating for the special day.

Presents sat around the tree. Just waiting to be opened.

More adults sat about the living room, drinking a mixture of hot, cold, and alcoholic drinks to celebrate the festive season.

The front door opened and closed, and Georgia entered, all smiles. A small cheer went up, and Mrs Martina leaned out from the kitchen, waving an excited stirring spoon at her eighteen year old daughter as she entered the house.

Georgia waved as she walked past. She glanced into the second lounge, and smiled at her older cousin Mallory, who was bouncing her little on her knee.

Sasha had been decked in an incredibly cute littles Christmas dress, red with white trim, high-hemmed enough to inspect most of her diaper. Georgia would love to get another chance to play with her.

She continued onto the kitchen however, and set her groceries down with a plonk.
"Some extra things, in case people want snacks."

"Oh that's wonderful. Put the drinks in the fridge would you? And you must tell me about college."

Georgia smiled and began unpacking. Her year in the big city had been fantastic, but she'd chosen to transfer to the local college before she turned nineteen. It would be nice to have all the benefits of her home town again.

"How many people will we have?"

"About nine. More if Rich and Cass show up."

"Wouldn't they be going to Cass's family farm this year?"

"Maybe. The weather wasn't great for travelling, and they're still decidi-"

There was a ring at the doorbell, and Lara paused. Nobody should be arriving who couldn't just unlock the door themselves. Besides, it wasn't even locked.

"I'll get it," she said with a frown.

"I think I know who it is," Georgia said cheerfully, trailing after her mother.

Mrs Martina opened the door, then paused as she had to look down to see their guest.

A little.

She was standing there looking rather nervous, reaching across to grip her right arm, and glancing away from the house as if she was considering leaving.

"Reina?" Mrs Martina asked, a bit confused

"Reina!" Georgia exclaimed, wriggling past her mother and going down on one knee to greet their guest. "I knew you'd make it."

Reina shifted about awkwardly. "Well, I got the invitation..."

"And you're a polite girl who responds to invitations, aren't you?"

Reina nodded slowly, clearly not used to Georgia speaking this way.

"Oh you must be wondering why," Georgia began, "I knew that you never let anybody see you, and must be alone for Christmas. Well I found your address with a bit of searching - I thought you'd be impressed with that - and thought, wouldn't it be nice if I invited my old math tutor to join in with my family this year? We're not in my school's special segregated learning rooms now, and can be a little more dynamic and intimate. Doesn't that sound better?"

Reina paused, then nodded very slowly. Mrs Martina smiled and began to return to her preparations.

"I think it was wonderful inviting her," she said proudly, then walked back inside.

"Come on! You should come inside before a cool wind gives you a cold. I even got you a present!"

"Y-You did?"

"Yes! It's under the tree and everything."

"Oh." Reina said, her voice breaking for a moment. "I feel a bit rude, and don't even know if I can take it, since I didn't get you anythi-"

"Nonsense! It's fine! The least I can do for my old math tutor, who helped me get into the special advanced classes at university. Did you know I've surpassed you now? You were clever at school a few years ago for sure, and used to even seem like a god to me, but we've moved onto the big league at college. It really puts things in perspective."

Reina nodded slowly, and began entering the house cautiously, jumping a little as the door was closed behind her. She clearly didn't quite know what to do in a big house, nor how to interact with amazons up close. She'd only ever addressed them through the glass panels which they used at the problem school, for external teachers dealing with students, where Georgia had turned out to be a star.

"Now why don't we take off that coat? You always wore such frumpy things."

Reina began to gesture that it was fine, but before she'd even raised her hand, Georgia had knelt down and was pulling the long trench coat back from her.

"Oh I might-"

"We have heating here dear. I wouldn't want you to overheat just because you're not used to nice things. You're really not that good at anything outside of school math huh? Now why don't you come into the lounge, and I'll introduce you."

Reina seemed a bit panicked, but was herded along by giant legs and big hands faster than she could react. They came into the adjacent lounge room with the Christmas tree, and the conversations grew silent as they turned to inspect the newcomer.

"Everybody. This is Reina."

Georgia beamed, and they all took her excitement in stride, beginning to smile back.

"She's my special guest and a contact of mine from school. She's going to be staying for Christmas."

There were a few smiles, and one drunken cousin even gave a goofy single wave before collapsing back into his recliner seat.

"See? You're basically like family already. Now, why don't you help my cousins Tim and Jen with the tree. You met them once when I was in the eleventh grade, and being picked up from school after our car broke down."

Reina seemed tongue tied as she was herded forward, stopping at the tree which was surrounded by an amphitheatre of furniture with an audience. There'd be no slipping away unseen in this house.

"I, uh, aren't really sure how to-"

"Just help them pick decorations! Here, let me show you."

Georgia reached into the box, and pulled out a Christmas bauble with a small string attached.

"Why don't you put it on the tree, while I go get the snacks? You can stay here without trouble can't you?"

Reina nodded slowly, and Georgia beamed.

"Good girl," she praised, finding herself a bit breathless with excitement, before she rushed back to the kitchen.

She paused, stopping at the drawer where her Mom kept all of her schoolwork. Pulling it open, she dug through until she found some of the notes from Reina to her parents. She titled herself "Georgia's Tutor" back then, and wrote in such a stiff, almost snooty tone. It was strange, how big of herself Reina thought, when really she was just somebody who had done well at highschool work nearly a decade ago. Her knowledge was nothing compared to the things that Georgia had been learning at university, it was almost pitiful in retrospect.

Georgia closed the drawer again, shaking her head, and continued into the main kitchen. She began unpacking crackers and cheese, as well as a few bowls of dip.

"What was that about?" Mrs Martina asked with a smile.

"Oh, I just want to do the right thing. The poor girl was always all alone, thinks she's tougher that way when really I see it as a cry for help. I found where she lived, and she was polite enough to come once I made it clear that I knew. I wanted to help teach her to be good, just like she used to think she was teaching me."

Lara smiled. "It did amuse me when I found out that the aid teacher who had been sending those letters was a little. She sure did think big of herself. Helped me realize that I could take them much less seriously."

The giantess shook her head with a small chuckle, and went about working on the pastry mix.

"She hasn't really grown up since highschool, you know?" Georgia said sadly, "Got good grades there a lifetime ago, and thinks that makes her smart now. Never went to university or anything like that. I thought that somebody should drag her out of that shell."

Mrs Martina nodded in understanding, and pointed to where the cheeseboard for the dip and crackers was.

"Did you really get her a present?"

Georgia beamed.

"You're such a wise and thoughtful girl Georgia."

"Well, I've had a lot of growing up to do this year. You know I might have gotten a job as a remote assistant for a CEO? I might not even need to go to college next year."

Lara paused, and looked at her daughter in momentary disbelief.

"You might end up being the most successful of any of us. And to think you're still only eighteen."

Georgia smiled, and gave a shrug.

"I do feel pretty fortunate. Some of my friends took the easier path of parenting grants straight out of highschool, for adopting littles from the orphanage. They love it, but it's a lot of work. Getting to start something else was a good bet."

"And you think you'll take this CEO job?"

"Almost definitely," Georgia said with a confident smile, standing up taller than ever before. My, but she had grown up. "It's mine if I want it. I've already done it part time for a few months. He's older, married, and on the other side of the country. But he needs somebody who can do my kind of advanced math, to know how their business is performing. Somebody else used to do it, but was a Betweener who had to go to school apparently. There's no other candidates. It's just a job for me if I want it."

Lara beamed.

"I better get this dip out there," Georgia said with a smile, "I want this to be a really special day."


The family sat around the tree. Rick was tearing open the next present.

A cheer went up as he pulled out an alarm clock with a sprinkler hose. If he stayed in bed for too long, he'd get a face full of water. Perfect for all his comments about being late for work because his alarm didn't go off. He gave a smirk at the room, and rolled his eyes.

The chatter picked up as they looked around seeking who would open the next present, and then it was decided that Tim and Jen would go next.

For a brief moment, the room was silent, except for the sound of Sasha's rhythmic nursing on her pacifier.

Georgia glanced over at her cousin with a smile, watching how she bounced her adoptive daughter on her lap. Mallory was so happy, content to just hold her little with two hands and bounce her through the full hour of present opening. The only sound to come from their way was the pacifier bobbing and a slight diaper crinkle with the larger bounces.

Sasha for her part looked, well, like a little. Her face was rather neutral in expression. She sucked on her pacifier and watched the proceedings with the expected obedience. She was being looked after like littles needed to be.

Georgia glanced down. Reina sat on the floor facing toward the tree, making a pointed effort not to look back at the only other little in the room. She seemed a bit nervous.

Tim and Jen finished opening their package. It was an effective baby starter kit in a box. Jen was expecting.

"What's the next one?"

Tim picked up the next box, wrapped in red and white christmas paper, and turned it to read the label.


Eyes turned towards the little. Georgia couldn't resist a smile. Her former tutor looked so tiny and helpless, sitting there amongst a room of bigs opening presents.

"She's allowed to open it herself," Georgia said with a nod to Tim for confirmation.

He handed the box over, which Reina received with reluctant hands.

She began peeling back the tape slowly, seeming to suffer performance anxiety as the room grew quiet, watching her. Sasha's suckling and slight diaper bounce crinkles seemed louder than ever.

Finally after a full minute, she slid the shoebox out of the wrapping. The upmarket black box with red trim obviously wasn't a gift of shoes for her - the box was in amazonian size - but it did serve as a rather interpersonal container. Georgia's current heels had come in that box.

"What is it?" the drunk cousin asked, sitting up from his reclined seat.

Reina seemed to be momentarily frozen, but the question spurred her to take off the lid.

Inside, was a Christmas card.

She stared at it, then picked it up, placing the box down in front of her.

"Why don't you read it out," Mrs Martina suggested. Georgia beamed at her mother.

Reina opened the card, and seemed to be struggling to raise her chin and talk loud enough for everybody to hear. It would be the first time the group had heard her speak properly, and even Sasha looked a little more interested from her place on Mallory's lap.

"Dear Reina," she began in a pseudo-confident voice, a slight waiver revealed for a moment near the end.

"It always made me sad, to imagine you in your apartment, purposefully all alone because you don't like to be bothered. At school, I honestly looked up to you, at least a bit. Metaphorically speaking, of course."

She paused as there were a few chuckles at that line, her moment of building confidence shattered.

"I decided that when I was moving back, I'd just have to seek you out, and make sure that you came to be with me at Christmas. I got you out of your shell, if you're reading this, and I'm sure that you're grateful to me for teaching you, just like you used to teach me. Today is a thank you, and a reminder that you're amongst those who love you. You are loved."

Reina paused, and stared at the card.

"That's it?" she finally asked, turning nervously back to glance at Georgia.

"Of course hon. You weren't expecting a robot monster to jump out of the box were you?"

Reina shook her head, and quickly put the card in her lap. She looked around in relief as they moved onto the next present.

"Another pair of booties for Jen. I swear that baby bump is still three months away."

"But it's Christmas now," the gift-giver laughed.

They kept opening presents. Georgia got free car insurance for the next three years from a more practical family member, which she thought was nice. Even her drunk cousin managed to think of something good with a wonderful pair of earrings which would look good for an elegant night out. And with the circles which Georgia was beginning to move in, it was more probable these days.

They kept going, until there was one present left.

Jen, as pregnant as she was, had taken up position as gatekeeper of the presents alongside Tim. She leaned across and picked up the last box, looking over it for the label.

"Oh, another one for Reina."

Reina jerked a little, and sat more upright on her knees and heels. She glanced at the box, and accepted it unenthusiastically as it was slid towards her.

"Just tear it off this time honey!" Georgia encouraged, "It's Christmas, it's not the time to be clean. You're just a little anyway."

Her former tutor paused, then began tearing off the wrapping as instructed.

A bland box with a simple lid sat inside, and there was a card taped to the lid.

Reina pulled the card off first.

She had the sense to remember the previous command to read it out loud.

"Yes. I respected you in highschool," it began, "But then I saw more of the world. Understood how things worked. I got new perspective on all that you were, and how high you were going to achieve. I began to feel distressed about you. A little, all alone. It shouldn't be. My niece Sasha was the prettiest thing in the world, and it made me realize what I wanted to do. What I would be willing to give up in my life for you."

Georgia had approached Reina quietly from behind, and reached around to stand the box up, before pulling away the lid.

White plastic diapers spilled out, snug folded rectangles sliding right up to Reina's feet. A few pacifiers bounced down too.

Reina stared, as if unable to truly believe it. Her mouth still moving but no words coming out.

The box was packed full of more supplies, which put Jen's mini baby shower cache to shame.

From the bundled clothing toward the back, a single pink cloth piece slid down over the spill of diapers, unraveling and spreading out for everybody to see.

It was a footed armless sleeper, in a cute pink with dark purple letters across the chest, very clearly reading "Mommy's Precious Girl."

Reina was in disbelief.

"That's my gift to you," Georgia said proudly, wrapping her arms around the girl from behind, then delivering a firm possessive kiss on her head. "As I said, you are loved. I'm going to make sure that you're properly taken care of, as I know a little should be as I've now been out in the world, and understand how to properly see what you are."

There was a circle of smiles around them. They clearly approved of what an adult Georgia had become. Taking her former little tutor into her care - How noble.

"But I-" Reina began.

It was all the opening that Georgia needed.

She shoved the pacifier in immediately.

"Shhh," she cooed, stroking the girl's head and delivering more kisses to the side. "I know about your attempts at an old life. I've already arranged to have your apartment cleaned out. I work with a man who is quite proficient at adopting littles, you know, and he's given me the full rundown on how to do it properly and smoothly. You are part of this family, and belong to me now, and that's the end of it."

"Mmph!" Reina replied in disagreement, and Georgia had to hold back a giggle. Oh to see her former tutor like this now. It was nice to have grown up and to understand how to do this.

Georgia kept her grip on the pacifier shield, which spanned cheek-to-cheek on Reina's face, and used two big fingers to turn the locking bulb on the front. There was a hiss as the rubber nipple expanded inside, quickly filling up so much that there'd be no way that Reina could remove it - not without a giant's strength to turn the pacifier inflation lock back off.

It was an important first step in teaching a little. She talked only when her training giant allowed it.

"Mmpphhh!" Reina's objection came, even more muffled than before.

It wouldn't be long until Georgia started spanking her for talking back like that. For now, it was Christmas however.

Reina quickly stopped her mumbles, looking down at her mouth in horror. The giant pacifier bulb was clearly visible to her on her own face, sticking a good few inches, not to mention bobbing up slightly when she tried to use her tongue.

Good lord. It was even cuter than what Georgia had imagined over months now. Her round little cheeks got fatter. Her big eyes and forehead looked comical above the pacifier. Especially around her teeneey little nose. What an absolute improvement! Why had she not thought of this sooner? Why had she needed to travel to understand that she could do this with the little in her life? Years of yearning suddenly made sense in how to be expressed.

Reina kicked, and gave a sudden angry girly scream, muffled behind her pacifier. Georgia easily avoided it, then reached around to grab the girl by her bra-strap beneath her top.

"Mallory, could you help me dress her?"

Mallory smiled, and handed Sasha over to Aunt Mira.

"With pleasure."

Mrs Martina joined in too, the three women kneeling in the middle of the room in a moment, forming a closed huddle. Little clothes were ripped away, and some of the family members strained to see. Her torn top was thrown out from the group, and then her panties flew out a moment later. There was some crinkling, some powder shaking, and then some loud tape tearing, and some awing, until finally the three women pulled away.

Sitting between them, looking rather shocked and still sucking hard on her pacifier, was an effective toddler, and new member of the family. She sat with her legs spread wide to either side, several inches of thick diaper clearly lodged between her crotch and the floor, curving up over her pelvis and bottom. She wore a tiny pink Sunday-Best pink dress, which couldn't seem to decide whether it only reached her diaper or belly-button as she leaned forward or back. A cute wide bonnet was tied around her jaw with a pink ribbon, laced in a way which matched her tight white socks. The socks disappeared beneath adorable cute tiny black mary janes, shining from being a brand new Christmas gift. In one hand she had dropped a doll beside her diaper, while in another she still held onto a rattle with an apparent mindless bewildered grip.

She was like a little should be. Cute, pampered, and well taken care of by unyielding giants who knew so much better.

Everybody else in the room approved. Well, except maybe Sasha. But she was just a silly little herself, she couldn't know what was best. Still, she'd been with Mallory for awhile now, and maybe even she'd come to understand.

"Sasha," Mallory said, "Come here and say hello."

Aunt Mira placed the girl down, who quickly waddled over on wavering legs. She was barely managing with her thick diaper, and rushed into her waiting Mommy's arms.

Mallory quickly swept her up in a gleeful swing, then turned to hold her out in front of Reina, her feet an inch from the ground.

"Wave hello sweetie."

Sasha did as she was told.

"Now give her a kiss."

Sasha hesitated for the briefest moment, then worked it out, leaning forward to pop her pacifier against Reina's.

Reina jumped from her stupor at the clack of plastic, then looked at Sasha, then down at herself. Yes, she was starting to get it. She was really part of this family now. This was really happening. She was Georgia's baby - her ex-student.

Georgia beamed, and reached out to scoop up her former tutor. Oh my goodness, she screamed inside, just the right weight. Just like how she imagined. It was like holding Sasha, but this little was known to her. She had a foundation to build her new Mommy-Daughter loving relationship on. Soon, Rei would be calling her 'Mommy'. She wouldn't have a choice! Georgia would receive her desired child's love from her inferior former math tutor.

"Oh my little ReiRei!" she praised, bringing her 'daughter' up to her chest and chin. She gave a few big kisses, going everywhere, then hefted the girl up over her shoulder. She tried resting the diaper in her hand, finding it felt more right than anything else in her life. More than the rich upper class college boys she'd groped and cupped over the last year. This was something more entirely. This was her baby former-tutor, the small girl who knew nothing of the real world beyond her high achievement in high school years ago. She needed this love, and Georgia was so mature that she was giving it to her.

She gave the diaper a good bounce, thinking about how it was now up to her to change Rei. It was a very interpersonal dependence. Rei wouldn't be able to help but look up to her, in more ways than just physically.

"I better take her outside, and have a talk," Georgia apologized.

"Of course!" her mother encouraged. "I can't believe that I get to be a grandma!"

"Well," Georgia said with a smirk, "I could always use help with babysitting."

"Any time, absolutely dear!" Lara said enthusiastically, guiding Georgia to the back door with a smile. "You have a nice little bonding session in your new role, just Mommy and daughter. We might start lunch, but I'll be sure to save you something. I'm just so proud that my daughter's all grown up!"

Georgia smiled, and let her mother open and close the back sliding door behind her, stepping out onto the porch.

She found a nice deck chair under cover. There was no noise except their movement and the lonely wind. She sat down, and then sat ReiRei back into her lap.

Wow. Just look at her. Georgia had never seen anything so beautiful. So in need of care. She thought Rei's piggy childish features were cute before - but now that she was in diapers and short dress, it was off the chart.

It dawned on her that in those four years, she'd never seen Rei in a dress. Always frumpy things trying to make her look older than she was.

"Oh Rei..." she whispered, having to lean forward and kiss her former tutor on the forehead again. She owned her now.

She owned Rei.

Was her Mommy.

It was time to make that clear.

Over the next one and a half hours, she hugged her, bounced her, tickled her, and even sang to her. She gave few rhymes about how Mommy was here, Mommy was always in control, Mommy always knew best.

By the time that she came back in, Rei was reasonably mollified, sitting in Georgia's arms with a neutral expression closer to Sasha's.

They approached the table, where the family was well into their Christmas lunch.

Georgia glanced over, and saw Sasha sitting in a highchair, a fair amount of brown christmas mush spread around her mouth and on her bib. She smiled at that, and gave a knowing look at Rei, who promptly turned pink and buried her face in Georgia's shoulder. Georgia quickly slid the girl down, so that her face ended up in her cleavage, and teasingly gasped.

"Now Rei. I told you that there'll be none of that. I'm not expressing. Yet."

Rei quickly pulled her face away, and looked around with a blush, sucking harder on her oversized pacifier. A few of the sitting grownups laughed.

"Could you hold her for a moment please?" Georgia asked, handing Rei to her mother.

"Sure," Mrs Martina beamed, taking Rei with a big grin and sitting her diapered bottom on her lap.

Georgia left, then returned again a moment later, holding a fold out highchair which she'd fetched from her car.

"I don't want to feed her here today. She'll be starting on bottles a bit later. Pure liquid diet for a few weeks until I build her up to whole foods again. But I want her to sit here, and be part of the family."

The rather mature eighteen year old set up the highchair. She placed it opposite Sasha, so that the two littles could look at each other.

Satisfied, she fetched her former-tutor-turned-pouty-faced-daughter from her mother, and returned to the highchair.

Rei went in, her minor bit of struggling proving pointless. Georgia quickly had her strapped in tightly, then gave her a big wet kiss on her fat baby-like cheek.

"Now you be good for Mommy, while I eat the grownup food. Isn't 'this is much better than that dreary lonely apartment that you want to go back to. Soon we're never going to speak of that again - this is your life now, and you're just my baby. I think you'll understand, when I change your first diaper, then another, and then another. It's going to be interesting once we get you back onto solid foods."

She pondered it for a moment, letting it sink in, then gave Reina one more big kiss on her cheek as the girl - her former tutor - looked horrified.

"Merry Christmas."


(Author's Note: I was writing this story, when I saw this picture by HofBondage, which served as the perfect extra inspiration for the present scene).


  1. Great story! I really like the idea of the expanding pacifier :)

  2. A Wonderful story for Christmas^^

  3. it has just dawned on me how often this must happen in amazonian society, why go thru 9 months and pregnancy and another 9 hours of labor when at anytime you feel mature enough you have have your very own permanent baby added to your family

  4. which leads me down a small line of questioning to diaper dimension authors out there...what would happen if an adopted little's "parents" suddenly die in a car accident and that "baby" is the only heir? i wonder if i've given someone a story idea to write about lol