Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Stairwell (Diaper Dimension Short)

This little short story was based on this picture over at tumblr (warning: messy), and is set in Princess Pottypants' fantastic Diaper Dimension universe.


Anna stood frozen with one foot on the first step, looking up and steeling herself.

"Okay, I can do this," she scowled, taking a deep breath, and then moved to the second.

An uncomfortable shift of her underwear caused Anna to wince, grabbing the halfway-high-handrail designed for amazon kids and littles, and she paused immediately, staring up at the 4 stories of zigzagging steps which she still had left to go. Dammit, why had she bought an expensive penthouse on the top floor?

Her chest pounding, she slowly tried to piece together exactly what had happened, just what had resulted in her - quite literally - crappy situation.

It had surely been Kirsten, that mid-sized bitch at work. It must have been. She'd been after the same client contract who Anna needed to give the presentation to this afternoon, and if Anna was somehow out of the picture, to say, not return to the office after her long lunch break, well, Kirsten would just have to take over, wouldn't she? The higher ups would commend her for it, and simultaneously be displeased with the shorter woman in the process. The little scowled, and realised now that she should have known better than to accept a morning cup of coffee from her rival. If it wasn't laxatives, it was something close, something which resulted in a thick but entirely sudden and uncontrollable mess entering her panties, six blocks from home too. It was just lucky that she'd been checking in on her dry-cleaning.

Didn't the mid-sized Kirsten know what messed pants could result in for a little in their world? Well, perhaps she did, and had been intending it in fact.

Well, Anna thought desperately, she just had to get back to her apartment, get changed, and get back to the office like nothing had ever happened. Kirsten would never count on that, and would be left rather baffled by the inexplicable perfection of Anna's appearance after work.

Anna moved another foot forward, and the third step squeaked ominously. It was going to be a hell of a climb, she realised with a sigh, her panties drooping heavily. Every step would pull the already tight panties even tighter, lifting her thighs each time, and she'd worn a damn short skirt today in the hope of impressing the potential client.

"Just go," she growled.

Another step, another damn squish of her underwear.

"Anna!" a voice suddenly called from ahead, and the little looked up in nervous surprise. It was Mrs Paddon, the amazon giantess who lived on the first floor, and she was standing in front of her wide open doorway sorting through mail.

"What are you doing home at this hour?" the giantess asked with concern, giving an almost knowing look which made Anna tremble. "Is something wrong?"

Anna smiled sweetly, presenting a facade of false bravado in an attempt to not give the giantess any suspicions.

"Nothing at all Mrs P, I just have to pick some things up for work."

Anna's gaze travelled past Mrs Paddon and settled on the playpen inside the apartment, before quickly travelling back at the giantess's face and again giving her most confident smile.

Inside, Mrs P's first grade daughter was playing loudly, calling out some fact about animals to her mother, and the playpen sitting in the living room there had once been hers. Had being the operative word. Anna knew full well that a little woman now resided within Mrs Paddon's apartment, heavily diapered and likely sitting in that playpen right now. As a busy career woman, Anna didn't much stick her nose in it, nor question it. She'd often seen the woman in passing through Mrs P's open door was all. Sometimes in a stroller out on the street, or sitting in the giantess's arms on the stairwell. The woman was usually dressed immaculately as a frilly dolly most of the time, albeit with a disposable diaper drooping between her legs when often not wearing the frilled diaper panties. Hell, Anna had even seen the huge overflowing bags of messy disposable diapers in Mrs P's bin outside, but knew not to question it. She'd sometimes heard the lectures and spankings when walking past after all, even sometimes from her own penthouse on the fourth floor, and just tried to ignore it, knowing that the woman had been living with Mrs Paddon for nearly 6 months now, and that Anna didn't need to know why. She liked to presume that somehow the woman had deserved it, and left it at that.

Still, she gulped and smiled at Mrs Paddon now, knowing full well how her messy panties would be received, and resolved to waiting until the woman went back inside, no longer being in a position to get a good view of Anna from behind as she ascended the stairs. Thankfully, the woman seemingly got bored of the little in the hall, focusing on her mail and walking inside, closing the door behind her. The coast clear, the messy little pressed on.

"Anna!" a voice called up ahead, and she glanced up in growing frustration to see Luke, guiding delivery men into his second story apart. He was one of the gay giant couple who lived there, and his husband Gary, it turned out, was just inside guiding the two delivery men with the large flat carboard boxes. Anna paused, knowing that she couldn't very well pass further up while they were there - not in her short skirt with the state of her underpants being as they were...

"H-Hey Luke," she managed weakly, leaning against the handrail and trying to act casual, unable to help noticing the giant's rippling gym-sculpted physique through his stylish casual shirt. "W-What are you guys getting delivered?"

He beamed. "Oh it's just wonderful. It's a crib, and baby furniture - we've decided to adopt! A baby girl in fact. We were babysitting a little one for a woman below you see, and, let's just say that Gary and I realised that we'd make excellent daddies! We have the most wonderful eye for fashion - already have a whole closet picked out for her in fact, when we find her - and learned the other night that going to the gym makes for an excellent spanking arm, enough to put a child in her place almost right away with even just a glance."

He suddenly chuckled. "Hey, you're about the right size in fact, if you ever wanted to model her fashionable parade of... Say, are you alright? You look a little ill..."

Anna stood, pale, feeling cold. "N-No, I'm perfectly okay," she lied, edging towards the next stair.

"Are you sure?" he asked, "You look a little sick. Maybe you should come inside and sit down for a moment. We could do a little check up on you. Gary is a doctor you know?"

She smiled and shook her head, feeling cold sweat prickling her back. If they found out... Well, she was sure that they'd decide that they'd found their baby girl... She could already see herself getting dropped off at daycare by the pair, sitting in their stroller while they went to the park together... Her two daddies pushing... Laying trapped in her crib while hearing them making love...

"I-I'm late for work," she lied badly, "Just have to pick something up."

And with that she began edging towards the next flight of stairs, walking up backwards and smiling down awkwardly at him, while he looked up at her with concern painted on his face.

She was almost at the third floor when she heard a digital camera shutter from behind her.

She whirled, finding herself looking at two giant teen schoolgirls sitting in the hall, who looked on the verge of laughing. What had probably just been a momentary private teen conversation while browsing phones in the hall had just turned into a sudden perfect camera opportunity.

"Well would you look at that," the large resident teen smirked, the one who Anna knew lived below her, though for the life of her never knew the girl's name.

"I think I saw a little surprise," remarked the other, shaking her head in apparent disappointment.

Anna watched with a sudden chill as the teen yawned and stretched out her long legs across the hall, effectively blocking the rest of the way.

"You know," the resident teen began, "I've always wanted to live in the penthouse upstairs."

Her friend nodded, seemingly intent on listening to whatever fascinating story the local teen had to offer.

"My Mom did too. Put in an application there in fact, but was somehow outbid, by a little of all things, if you'd believe it. It's a big-sized penthouse, and this little one is up there with ladders and stools, clomping about all night long, clomp clomp clomp. Living in somewhere clearly not suitable to her size, all so she can imagine what it's like to live as an adult, I suspect."

The friend shook her head sadly.

"But you're not an adult, are you?" the teen suddenly asked with a chilling jeer, eyeing Anna sternly, a look which sent her cold.

Anna stood on the verge of trembling, the heavy weight in her panties feeling ever more present with each quiet embarrassing moment.

"I don't-..." she began, not knowing what to say. "I am an ad-"

The teen suddenly perked up with a smile. "Fortunately, you don't have to answer!"

"I don't?" Anna asked hopefully.

"No, of course not," the teen replied happily, "I know just who we can ask to decide!"

Suddenly the teen was up, gripping Anna's wrist, and with her friend not far behind, the little found herself being marched into the third floor apartment.

"MOM!" the teen bellowed, marching in at a pace that Anna found herself barely able to keep up with.

"MOM!" the teen called again, "The little from upstairs needs your opinion on something, we need a grownup opinion. She messed herself!"

"She did WHAT?" a voice suddenly shrieked, and a moment later loud footsteps thundered their way through the apartment.

Anna stood trembling, her wrist held inescapably tight in the giant teenager's hand.

A huge curvy middle-aged woman stormed into the room a moment later, her face a harsh scowl, which quickly settled on Anna in the schoolgirl's grip.

"She didn't know if she was a grownup," the daughter explained with a sighing shrug. "Perhaps another grownup could check and decide."

Suddenly the giant mother was crouching down and whirling Anna about with two hands on her shoulders, one immediately going to the skirt and giving a hard tug.

"Oh my GOODNESS!" the woman nearly shrieked, delivering a hard smack to Anna's rear above the lower mess of her panties, getting a sudden shriek out of the small working woman, who already knew that her working days were over.

"Jessica, you were babysitting tonight, don't you? Go to your room and get me one of those diapers, we need to get this little brat into some protection immediately. For the apartment if nothing else."

"Sure thing Mom," the teen grinned, stepping into a door down the hall and returning a flash later with a big disposable diaper in her hands. It was a real kid's diaper, giant sized, and Anna could only stare at it while a growing numb realization inside.

"You two get this one diapered up immediately," the mother barked, "Over her panties, I don't want to deal with those right now while we don't have a method of binning them yet. And get the phone," she added, "I need to call the building's corporation to discuss cleanliness codes, and those broken by the little one who lives upstairs. Though not for much longer, I should think, at least not as the official owner of the apartment."

The daughter nodded, and with that the triumphant smiling teen handed the diaper to her friend, and went to fetch the phone. Anna stood stunned, realising that she was never going to make it up the stairs in the first place, it just wasn't the nature of their world.

"And bring me something to spank her with," the mother barked, "I'm going to teach her not to buy adult-sized upstairs apartments where she clumps around all night."


Anna awoke to the sound of morning traffic, and stretched out in a stretching yawn until she hit the familiar bars of her crib.

Blinking, she sucked hard at her ever-present pacifier, and brought a mittened hand up to her eyes to wipe the sleepiness away. The thick pink sleeper onesie unfortunately didn't give her much to work with, only a clumsy padded fist, but she rubbed until her vision came into focus, and then sat to the sound of a squish. Well, she was very wet, as usual, but at least her diaper wasn't messy. Those mornings were the worst, Mommy sometimes didn't change her till after breakfast, until Jessica had gone to school in fact.

It had been hard getting used to the concept of having a big sister who still went to school, especially one who was nearly ten years younger than she herself was. But over the past six months, sitting in her highchair, Anna had learned to obediently give her sister a goodbye kiss on the cheek each morning before the teen left, and was beginning to thoroughly understand her new place in her family. The teenager and her friends had changed her enough times to remove any sense of modesty or superiority anyway, and Anna found herself sitting in her highchair after breakfast staring at her big sister in awe, already finding it hard to believe that she herself had ever had that much freedom, finding teenagehood a rapidly blurring accomplishment.

Well, at least from her highchair, she still got her penthouse views from the squat apartment building, she thought with a smirk.

Mommy entered, swiping on the kid's music box as she went. Anna looked over in surprise as the nursery tunes started playing, realising that she'd been daydreaming and hadn't even noticed the woman come in. Two huge hands came down to lift her up, raising her until she saw a triumphant middle-aged face smiling at her - a face which had never stopped looking that way once in the last six months.

"Hello babykins," the huge woman cooed, moving a hand under Anna's sopping wet diaper to hold her. "Are you ready for your numnums?"

Anna just nodded numbly and didn't know why she bothered to respond, it was a rhetorical question as with how most people talked to her now days. Women at the park asking if she was the cutest, shop assistants in the toy stores cooing and asking if she was the happiest as she held her new Mrs Molly doll. She just leaned passively against the woman's giant well-endowed chest, and waited as they went over to the regular chair where Mommy began the mornings, watching as the giant began to pull up her top.

Hot and salty gushing breastmilk was the first order on today's menu, as always, and Anna only stared in momentary bewilderment at the giant nipple and even larger breast appeared before her, before taking to sucking obediently. It was remarkable, she thought in sudden surprise, just how many women's nipples she'd suckled from over the past half year. There was her Mommy, then Mrs Paddon downstairs, when she visited her new playmate Rosemary on the first floor, the one who she used to ignore, to barely glance at the stacked dirty diapers of. Then there were the daycare workers, and there was even the visiting wetnurse when she visited the three little women who Mr & Mr Stevenson downstairs had adopted. Hell, even a few of her own babysitters would pull up their top and...

"Other side!" Mommy instructed, and Anna shifted about in her squishing wet diaper, realising that a messing had started without her even noticing it. Well, she wasn't likely going to last until after breakfast anyway, she thought in resignation, as the expanding soft warmth filled the back of her diaper. Hell, she couldn't even make it up the stairs that time, when she had first pooped herself. Oh she'd tried to insist that it had been a laxative, they'd even gone to the family court over it to hand over her apartment ownership, but the grownups were having none of it, and they had spanked the naughty lies and excuses right out of her. They'd at least investigated Kirsten, and found her reportedly suspicious and with a bad attitude, sending her off to a strict diapered boarding school last Anna had heard. But the messing, that was none of Kirsten's doing, they'd determined. No, while she still had her doubts, she mostly knew for a fact now that she'd messed all by herself that day, and that it had, in the end, just been a sign that she'd needed to be in diapers all along.


  1. the idea that she really did mess all by herself, or that she was really fed laxitives but the courts and investigators didn't see much point in helping a dwarf stay out of diapers and so found against her anyway?

    Otherwise, really good story, makes good use of the concept.

    1. Probably the second, though it's somewhat open to interpretation. ;)

  2. Very good story! I love your stories and like to read them more often.
    Maybe you can add a chapter about Kirsten and her trip to the special school (and maybe back - that would be the first time a victem make it back - even when it is questionable if she make it out of diapers, too.)

    1. It was sort of unexpected how much everybody seems to have been intrigued in Kirsten and her adventure/comeuppance, so I may just have to see if I can think up a short story for her one day...

  3. Nice job! It fits the picture, and the setting, very well!