Monday, 7 October 2013

Infantilist Cartoon Character

Pink Diaper's DeviantArt Blog lead me to stumbling across this video involving a lesbian adult baby character and her caretaker, as part of the official story, which I thought was pretty neat. She's only a secondary character, but it's still not something which I would have expected to see handled seriously, rather than as a joke.

edit: Since the video disappeared from youtube, I've uploaded a version to blogger here, which unfortunately reduces the quality:


  1. hey whats up I saw the video and it was nice but I wish they showed a little more detail of her being diapered and acting like a baby. I'm hoping they will have more clips like that but with more detail

    1. More would be fun, though to be honest, sometimes the implication is more fun than the actual showing of the act. ;)

    2. Any idea what this video was from, or called? Unfortunately its been removed from Youtube, so I was gonna try my luck searching for it

    3. Hiya, the original video was called Mai-Otome_ Shizuru Viola x Tomoe Marguerite Collection. I've uploaded a version to this blogspot page, though it loses some of the quality doing that unfortunately.