Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Diaper Dimension Prisoner

This is based on Princess Pottypant's ongoing story about a young woman & diaper fetishist who accidentally gets caught up in a world where all of her recently read fetish stories are true... (Story Link) I started a sketch of Chapter 6, wondering what it would be like if Princess P herself was caught up in the diaper dimension, and went a little overboard ;). It's perhaps slightly different to the original story, perhaps as the author herself is the one trapped in and experiencing the story...


  1. Oh wow, what fun! I've been following the story and this is really awesome too :)

  2. I'm loving Princess's story, and I love your interpretation too ^_^ Poor Princess would probably regret being to mean to her characters, or maybe this is what she's wanted all along?

    1. I suspect that she wouldn't *really* want it, but alas it would be very difficult to escape by that point. She'd be well supervised, by adults who intend on her remaining a good little girl, and even getting out of a crib or highchair would be a challenge, let alone an entire universe.