Saturday, 21 July 2012

Shipped Away Pt7

Part 7 - The Playhouse

Looking ahead, Clara took a breath and mustered her courage, and then started crawling towards the nurse who she had spotted walking by.

She felt so ashamed, crawling, while the woman stood, bringing a messy diaper behind her which she was going to need to ask to be changed.

The nurse was writing something or other on her clipboard. Her strong thighs  allowed her to stand like a normal adult person, which intimidated Clara, driving home what she was no longer old enough to be.

"Um, miss?" she asked nervously, once she was close enough, feeling a twist in her stomach as she spoke to and interrupted an "adult".

The nurse looked down, raised an eyebrow, and then beamed. "Well hello cutie" she cooed, "You must be new here, being so adorable in your crawler diaper like that."

"Y-Yeah.." Clara agreed, on all fours, doing her best not to look up this nurse's skirt after her previous lesson.

"And what's your name honey-bun?" asked the nurse as if she was speaking to a genuine small child.

"C-Clara.." stuttered the girl, "I was wondering... um... about a diaper change.."

The nurse looked over Clara's crawling form, seeing the faintly visible signs of the expulsion of her enormous enema - hidden, despite itself, due to the sheer size of Clara's crawler diaper, and sniffed the air.

"Oh honey, of course. First you'll have to tell me what you've done, to ensure that you are honest about your actions like a big girl, and don't just expect to be changed by slave grownups who are there to serve you. Can you tell me that you've done a poo in your diaper? And ask for a change?"

Clara grit her teeth, but knew that she was hopelessly desperate for a change, and would say anything. "Y-Yes.. I've gone.. I did.. a poo in my diaper" she admitted, craving a change more than her pride right now. "Can I... um... please have a diaper change?"

The nurse smiled. "See? Isn't honesty and politeness nice? Now of course, I'll write you a note which will schedule you a change, and then you can get right back to having fun. Is that what you wanted sweetie?"

Clara cast her eyes down, "Yes ma'am" was all that she could say. She felt relief at that it was at least almost over, and that she could stop dealing with "grownups" after this.

The nurse circle Clara, and lay a hand on the edge of her diaper at her thigh. She lifted a leg band, investigating the stinking girl's state. "Oh, and were you punished with an enema young lady?"

Clara felt a pang of embarrassment run through her. "Y-Yes... ma'am..."

"Hrm, and why was that? Have you been acting up today?"

Clara winced, she hadn't wanted to ever mention what had happened again. "I was, well, I was um looking up a grown up's skirt miss. I was staring, but I did learn my lesson!" she insisted, with a flashback to herself moaning and squealing as she had been spanked over the nurse's knee not half an hour earlier, being lectured for looking up a grown up's skirt while she sobbed that she was sorry over and over, until the nurse was finally appeased. Clara truly did feel naughty and that she had learned her lesson.

The nanny kept inspecting her diaper and made a thinking hrm, clearly disapproving of the naughty perverted girl's earlier actions. She stood and made a show of placing one hand on her hip unimpressed, while she used the other to ensure that her skirt line was not showing anything to the crawling pervert before her.

The nanny shook her head at Clara, and asked "That was very naughty wasn't it? Looking up a grown up's clothes?"

"Y-Yes.. ma'am..." Clara replied, hating having to discuss all this, just wanting her change slip, and now fearing that she might not even get one.

"It was very naughty. I learned my lesson with a spanking and enema, and apologised, and we even had... a hug time after... and I told her that I would be good from now on." Clara remembered sitting in the woman's lap, sniffling while being told that it was all for her own good, that the nannies weren't monsters but merely wanted to ensure that she was raised right. She hated herself for half believing it.

The nurse's expression softened. "Well, you seem to have learned your lesson" she smiled, and patted Clara's bulging stinking bottom.

"Now, I think that given that you're a crawler, and have obviously been given the enema to be punished, you should wait... hrm... at least ten hours to be changed."

Clara shifted uncomfortably, an enema was proving to be particularly bad - it was so squishy and slimy, and ten hours seemed like an eternity right then.

"Which -" continued the nurse, "puts your change past bedtime. Do you understand what that means? Has one of the other children explained it to you?"

Clara's heart sank. "Y-Yes, ma'am. Sarah Jane Emily told me."

"Oh, what a good girl she is." beamed the nurse. "So you will wait until tomorrow morning for a change, and will almost certainly learn not to be a naughty girl again for it now will you?" cooed the nurse.

"But I -" began Clara hopelessly,

The nanny's brow furrowed, and she clasped her palms together between her thighs while leaning forward to look Clara directly in the eyes. "Oh? Do you think that it's not a fair punishment? For what you've done? Looking up a grownup's skirt is a very serious offence Clara, you wouldn't understand being in diapers, but for those of us who are mature enough to be out of diapers and wear underwear, that's a very private area, and grownups have what is called sexual thoughts about such places."

Clara was at a loss for words, she knew that she couldn't dare argue her case. She was vaguely distracted by the deep arrousal that seemed to be building in her loins when she was being talked to this way, receiving such unexpected humiliation. She wasn't sure if she was luckier or worse off than the other girls for feeling this way, it was distracting and only made her blush.

She hung her head, and whimpered "N-No, it's fair ma'am, thankyou ma'am."

The nanny smiled and stood back up, beaming down at the obedient cutie in the giant diaper. "In time you will come to understand. You're new here, and need to learn to act your age, but we're here to help you along. It's all for your own good, even if you don't yet understand it."

"Yes ma'am." whimpered Clara.

The nanny took a pencil and paper from her belt, and wrote what Clara knew must signify that she wouldn't be getting a change until tomorrow morning. After a long moment of scribbling with the pen, the nanny walked around Clara and stuck the slip onto her diapered rear - rubbing it and then giving a hard spank to ensure that it stuck.

The woman stood back up and inspected the large bouncing sticker which now sat on the rear of Clara's diaper. "And what do we say?" she asked sweetly.

Clara stared, and then realised. "Thankyou... ma'am."

The nanny beamed. "Good girl. If you act like that, and you will be much happier here, rather then going around looking up big people's clothes."

Clara quivered with humiliation. She quipped one final "Yes Ma'am", and then slowly turned, and crawled away, knowing that the dirty changing slip was bouncing on her butt, advertising to the world what she had done in her diaper.

She crawled for some time, hoping to find some hidden shadow into which to sob and fade away forever in.

Rounding a corner, she saw Gem and her gang further down in the play room, standing around a small plastic table seemingly bored as they discussed something or other. Clara sneered quietly as she thought about how ultimately goofy they looked, like giant toddlers trying to act as if they were still in control somehow, and rolled her eyes before crawling away in the opposite direction.

She continued in single-minded desperation for some time, before discovering an oversized toddler playhouse. It was a a simple plastic building, with four walls in a square, a roof, a few windows, and a large open doorway in the front. There was an abandoned tea party set up at a plastic table outside, but she continued past the chairs and crawled into the opening, intending to hide in here until the end of time, or at least a few hours.

She reached the door and crawled through clumsily, cursing the fact that she was bound as a crawler. She was halfway inside the simple playhouse when she noticed that somebody else was already in there. Looking up, she saw Red from her nursery group, huddled against the far wall with an angry scowl on her face.

The girl looked up at Clara, recognising her. "You.." she said simply, seeing Clara frozen in the doorway. "You may as well come in." she said, gesturing with a wave.

Clara nervously entered the room, remember all the times which the girls had spent being bathed together, being moved onto all fours at times and staring directly into each other's privates as they were cleaned in a row, or the times in which they had seen the other's thoroughly soiled diapers being opened for a change - their many soiled diapers sharing a full diaper pail together - or the times when they had slept together in a half naked tangle, their plastic underpants crinkling and rubbing against each other in their confining crib.

"I'm Clara" she introduced herself, embarrassed at finally being able to talk to her previous companion from the hell month initiation.

"Y-Yeah.." the redhead responded, "One of those... nurses... called you that in the bath once."

"Oh" Clara blushed, hating being reminded of their intimate time spent together mewling against their mouth gags while they were washed mercilessly. She sighed, crawled further into the small playhouse, and sat on her rump with a squish.

"I'm Danni." the redhead explained, "We must have come in on the same ship together, in those... bouncer chairs..." She looked angry at the world, as she pulled her knees up and huddled in the semi-dark of the playhouse, yet didn't seem a particularly strong-willed girl, Clara had always thought, rather the brunette in their group had always put up the most fight.

Danni sniffed the air, "Did you..?"

Clara blushed. "They made me!" she blurted out, then went silent, feeling stupid.

Danni relaxed, and sighed. "Is this what we are going to be now? Like they said? Just giant babies who do what we're told, and get treated this way?" Her face hardened into a look of determination, "I won't be a baby, they can try but it won't work. I'll give them hell."

Clara felt a momentary urge to point out that at least what an amazingly perfect giant baby Danni made, with bows in her red hair and her giant diaper showing under her baby doll dress, but then stopped herself, knowing that it may not be appreciated. Instead she suddenly froze as as a final small spurt of her enema noisily escaped into her diaper, and she momentarily squeaked with embarrassment.

Danni said nothing, simply glowered at the wall. After a long moment she asked "did you see the girl... woman, though it's hard to tell... riding around on the tricycle? She almost looked like she was enjoying it. I still don't know whether she was faking it, or whether they can turn us into 'kids' with enough time and humiliation..."

"They've got tons of experience..." said Clara miserably, "So I doubt that we're going to be a particular challenge if so..." She shuddered suddenly and violently then, an act which Danni might have taken as a moment of embarrassment - which it was - but which Clara experienced as a sudden racking of deep arousal. The thought of being broken in as a kid, to the point where she actually giggled as she did it, was utterly humiliating, yet oddly arousing. Why did she have to be turned on that way?

Even thinking about it now was causing her to grow aroused in her diaper, wetting it in a slightly different way. Very slightly, she started rubbing her crotch back and forth on the floor, as she sat on all fours in the playhouse.

It wasn't going to work, she couldn't masturbate in front of Danni. She sighed and stopped.

"Listen, there's some things that you need to know..." explained Clara. "I met another girl out there, who you should talk to too. Even amongst... the girls... the babies... there's gangs and teams, and some of them are pretty tough. I already met a lesbo who wanted me to share her crib with her, which was pretty crazy. You have to come with me to find Sarah Jane, she can help."

Danni stared, her nose twitching as she processed the new information, a new form of indignation looming, and nodded. Neither girl could believe that she was about to willingly crawl again, but found themselves doing it, and Danni was soon following Clara in silence as the two girls made their stupid crawl out of the playhouse and into the nursery.

The nursery was huge, and crawling in the giant diapers was exhausting. They had to take breaks, just to catch their breath, from time to time. The nursery playroom was huge and almost like a maze with all the various dressers and stacks of toy chests and the like.

They passed a mirror, and both blushed as they looked at themselves. And later passed the girl who Clara had seen locked in the vibrating bouncer earlier, now lying exhausted on her back, her giant diaper showing under her denim overall dress, seemingly in a daze as she stared at the roof with a gaping mouth.

Finally the two crawlers spotted Sarah Jane sitting on a rocking horse, looking like her mind was elsewhere as she rocked gently on the toy. The loud rustling of their diapers alerted Sarah to the two approaching, and they blushed knowing how stupid they must look slowly making their way towards her on all fours like that.

She sighed and threw her leg over the side of the rocking horse, then waddled over to meet them, saving them from the final humiliating part of the crawl. She saw the slip bouncing on Clara's bottom, and raised an eyebrow, wondering how Clara had gotten herself into such a situation so quickly, when she had sent her off on a crawl maybe an hour earlier.

With a thump, Sarah Jane Emily sat on her own padded rear, her coloured diaper standing out amusingly in her otherwise black and white gothic uniform.

Clara sighed, relieved after their long search, her slimy diaper becoming too much for such things. She attempted to kneel around her diaper while preventing her full weight from pressing down into her mess, but found it impossible in the giant oversized piece, and had to eventually sink into her own embarrassing filth. Sitting there like that, the dull horniness began to make a creeping return, and she bit her lip as she found herself wanting to rub and masturbate herself to an orgasm again right there.

Sarah Jane looked at Danni, panting with exhaustion after their long crawl around the nursery.

"You must be new too. Welcome to the playroom" she said in a sarcastic tour sing song voice, somehow still keeping her usual monotone style which so matched her outfit.

Clara watched her redhead companion sit down in relief after their long crawl, and explained to Sarah Jane. "This is Danni, I tried to tell her some of the stuff which you told me, but... figured that she could probably use a big sister too."

Sarah Jane nodded towards Danni.

"I, um, ran into 'Gem'", Clara continued, "and realised how fucked up this place can be... It's almost like a prison..."

Sarah Jane's eyes widened a little, "Gem? Shit.. Did she take a liking to you?"

Clara blushed, feeling strange at having had the affection doted on her. "A little... She wanted me to be her little sister, but I said no."

Sarah Jane looked at her strangely. "Gem's not really the type to take 'no' for an answer..."

"Well" Clara said, blushing as she explained, "I got in trouble with a nanny, and think that I got out of it, which is why... well... I got an enema, and now, this" she said while gesturing towards the flapping sticker on her butt.

Danni looked worried, "Who's this Gem?"

Clara nearly cried as she explained her encounter from before, where Gem had threatened to own her, sexually, and lend her out for favours. Danni turned pink with embarrassment.

"She can't do that!" Danni exclaimed. "She's a baby like all the rest of us!"

"She's a manipulative bitch" Sarah Jane cut in, "and she's the type who you don't want to be spending a night with stuck in a crib. She knows how to act when the grownups are around though."

"Grownups?" cut in Danni, sharply, clearly not approving of referring to their captors that way.

Sarah Jane sighed. "Yeah, grownups, you'll fucking see in time."

Danni pouted, she was clearly in Clara's camp on that one. There was no way in hell she was ever going to think of these people as "the grownups", or so she thought.

"Anyway," continued Sarah, "Gem likes to take new girls into her crib at night. I don't know if she was even a lesbian before coming here, but she sure as hell is one now. And, well, it's not where you want to be."

Danni looked incredulous. "But wouldn't the staff people.. the... the grownups...?"

Sarah Jane shook her head.

Clara added. "Remember how the warden mistress woman kissed me.. Before we left the inspection room.."

Danni blushed, and squirmed in her diaper for a moment.

Clara had found herself unable to refer to the warden as "that bitch", despite intending to. She had suddenly become terrified of any such words somehow making it back to the woman.

"However..." continued Sarah, causing the girls to look at her nervously, "I can't have two little sisters. I don't think. It's normally two sisters to a crib, and that's bad enough as it is."

"Wait.. we have to share a crib?" Clara asked, not having known that earlier.

"Yeah, but it's better than random nights with just anybody, which I've been doing for a while. Trust me." Sarah Jane insisted.

Clara blushed, thinking that Sarah Jane Emily was a being of pure elegance, and that it seemed strange to contemplate sleeping alongside such a perfect doll. She felt embarrassed at the knowledge that even the sight of Sarah Jane - making the perfect adult baby as she did - sent tingles of arousal through Clara, and each night could be its own kind of embarrassed torture as she tried to deny her arousal.

"So what do I do?" asked Danni, her face turning white.

"There's other girls, aside from Gem, who don't have a sister at the moment" Sarah said. "We should find you one now. There's one I know of, who's, uh, also a lesbo, but she's not half as bad. She'll just stroke you a bit, and maybe kiss a little, but nothing beyond that. She's gentle."

Sarah Jane blushed as she explained, "I, um, have spent a few nights with her lately, which is how I know. There were, uh, a few hands down my diaper at night, when she was insatiable and would get her way, but other than that..."

Danni for her part looked disgusted.

"There are other girls too" continued Sarah Jane, "I just don't really know them as well." She looked around and added, "It's getting late. You two came in after lunch time, and missed the morning recess in the play yard outside. We should probably find you somebody soon Danni."

Danni obviously wasn't enthusiastic, but nodded anyway, getting onto all fours.

Sarah Jane clumsily got to her feet, legs wobbling under her bulky diaper. "Come on" she said, and began waddling off.

Danni and Clara exchanged glances, and then set off in a crawl together after the brightly coloured back side of Sarah Jane's teddy bear underwear, standing out in her otherwise black and white outfit.

Clara was beginning to think that she'd beg for a change by now, there was no way that she could last until morning. Her normally solid soilings on the ship and in her hell month were bad enough, but this enema was something else. It was outright gross, and starting to itch.

"Is there..." Clara began, panting as they crawled like idiots. "Is there any way to speed up a diaper change? I'm getting really fucking, um, itchy and gross, below."

"Not that I know of," answered Sarah Jane from ahead, "and uh be careful with language where the nurses might hear you, I only speak like that in small groups away from any corners or toy stacks which people could hear from nearby without me seeing."

Clara sulked, and continued after Sarah Jane, feeling the slight bounce of the sticker on her rear as it flapped up and down with each crawl.

They were further into the playroom, when a sneering voice called "Look at the goth dolly and her two lover babies". Clara tensed up, looking around with worried eyes. It was Gem, the blonde in pigtails was approaching with a dark grin.

Sarah Jane looked around to check for staff, then glared back at the pigtailed blonde, who for her part looked half-toddler, half-woman.

"Fuck off Gem." Sarah Jane half spat.

"Oohh language" taunted Gem, "You're lucky I don't report you to the adults. I know how much time they spent cleaning out your mouth before you became such a sweet little thing."

Gem approached and loomed in front of Sarah Jane, trying to intimidate their guide. She sneered right in the face of their raven haired protector, and then smiled.

"You know," Gem said, with a certain sadistic look on her face now, "You don't have a sister either now since yours left. I could just make you my plaything." She reached out and brushed Sarah Jane's cheek with the back of her hand, grinning.

Sarah Jane looked her dead in the eye, she was pretty brave Clara realised - much braver then herself, who had literally pissed herself under Gem's stare.

Sarah Jane yelled "like hell" and pushed the blonde backwards, surprising them all.

Gem stumbled, and fell backwards onto her padded butt, clearly surprised. She was stunned for a moment, and then scowled, kicking Sarah Jane at her ankles and bringing the goth girl down too. In a flash they were suddenly pulling at each other's hair, kicking mary jane clad feet at each other, trying to each back away while their bulky diaper preventing them from making any effective kicks, and ultimately squealing like two embarrassingly large children.

"Oh.. shit.." Clara whispered, backing away a bit.

A male voice boomed.


Clara looked up, newly terrified, as a male trainer marched in from nowhere, looking like a hugely buff gym coach for all she could tell. The guy was huge, and in an instant had the girls separated. He had one of their wrists in a hand of his each, and all four girls were visible cowering under the man's presence now.

Gem tried to steal the moment "Sir, see what happened.." she began, her normally confident voice revealing a hint of fear.

She was cut off however, as he bellowed "I don't want to hear it." Other heads watched from around the playroom, more were arriving and watching at a distance from behind stacks of toys.

The man, who looked like a body builder Clara thought, as she sank lower into her diaper in nervous fear, cast his glance around the room, looking at the other girls.

He spotted one who had seen the whole thing. "Amelia." he said crossly, nodding for her to walk over to stand in front of him, while he held the other two girls' wrists in his hands still.

A blushing woman with freckles and glasses walked over sheepishly, a slight waddle evidence of the diaper under her green overalls.

"Amelia. Did you see what happened?" asked the man in his no-nonsense booming voice.

Amelia looked nervous, glancing at Gem and quite obviously not wanting to be on her bad side, but fearing the man even more.

"Well, Mister Stevens sir, they were fighing over who got which little sister, I think." she said, pointing towards the two crawling girls who had been right there in the midst of it, but who Mr Stevens had entirely ignored, as if they weren't even significant enough to look at while such juniors.

The man named Mr Stevens looked down at the two long-term nursery girls who he held by the wrists. Is this true children?" he asked, yanking them both by the arms as he did so.

"Y-Yessir." they both cried in unison, even though it wasn't quite what had ended up happening, but was partly responsible. Amelia must have overheard Clara's confrontation with Gem earlier and filled in the gaps.

The looming man looked at the Danni and then Clara. The two felt themselves almost melt under his stern gaze.

After a moment of silence, he bellowed "I don't care who wanted which little sister. You will each share the girls, being big sisters to each on alternating schedules."

Clara could have fainted, she wanted to speak up then and there and beg not to be assigned to Gem even part time, but wouldn't dare argue with this man in a thousand years. Danni seemed to be having a similar reaction.

"Sarah Jane Emily can have her pick of first girl, as she has angel status" the man explained, turning his gaze to the raven haired baby girl.

Sarah seemed to visibly pale as he looked at her.

"Uhm.. Clara... I'll start with Clara..." she half whispered.

"Clara?" the man asked, unsure who was who, or at least seeming to.

"Yes sir!" Clara said almost automatically, leaning forward and presenting herself, only hoping to not somehow get caught up in all of this."

"Clara. You will start as Sarah Jane Emily's little sister." "You -" he nodded towards Danni, "Will start as Gem's little sister. That's final, for the both of you." Clara realised that she wasn't breathing, and had to force herself to.

"And as for you two" he said, his voice growing harsh as he turned his gaze to the two girls who he held by the wrist. "You are coming with me."

With that he scooped them both up under one of his arms each, carrying them with their diapered rears sticking out behind him and their arms pinned to their sides. Clara didn't see their faces, but would have easily believed that even those two girls would be reduced to fearful babies in such a state. He marched away, easily carrying them, and in a moment was gone, leaving Clara and Danni sitting in shocked silence.

"...Holy shit" whispered Danni, after a time.

Clara punctuated the moment by releasing another small residue of her enema, the terror having unsettled her. The loud fart punctuated the playroom, and she sat their stunned for a moment.

At the same moment, both girls began to tear up, moisture running from their eyes and snot snivelling from their nose, and with that, silently began to crawl off to find somewhere to hide away from the world, again.

"Let's go back to the playhouse." Clara suggested miserably.

"Yeah..." Danni agreed, and together they set off.

An hour later, they were sitting in the dark fuming. They couldn't be treated this way, in principle, and yet it seemed that they could, in harsh reality.

They filled the time by talking about their lives before their entire ordeal of the past month and more, when they had been grown ups, and had no reason to doubt it.

Clara found herself needing to be careful with what she said, explaining how she got taken and why, lying in simply saying that they had drugged at home, and she had woken in her shipping container, where she had spent the days - or weeks or month for all she could tell - in the bouncer chair, learning to use her diapers as her only option.

Danni nodded and explained nervously that she had been out of work, and that she had been reading an erotic novel which was wildly popular at the moment - the first time that she had encountered bdsm, and she found herself intrigued. Clara knew the book, and remembered thinking that it was positively vanilla compared to her type of writing, but kept it to herself, blushing at the remembrance of all her fantasies which were as bad as she was now in.

Danni had followed up on her intrigue by starting to date online, never having ventured from her conservative upbringing she said, and trying to make herself feel like the adult which she didn't seem to be, ironically enough. She had ended up arranging a blind date with a guy who seemed like the character from her book, getting excited, and had dressed up for the occasion - her poor dress which had been torn to make room for her diaper sometime later on. "He", or whoever she had been talking to online, had sent a limo to pick her up, and she'd sat alone in the back, nervous beyond all reckoning, sipping a glass of water, heading towards her date. Then she had fallen asleep.

She had awoken the same way as Clara, locked in one of those dreaded bouncer chairs, with no idea what was going on. She soon realised that the baby toys, the nippled bottles, the diaper, the bouncer - they all tied together, and was trapped as a baby. She'd tried harder than Clara to escape, trying everything, and tearing up her dress more in the process. She'd been quite desperate, needing to go to the bathroom quite badly... Before long, she had been spending her trip in a delerious state in an overly soiled diaper, moaning againt the dreaded ring gags which the girls had worn until their inspection earlier.

She wiped snot from her face as she finished her explanation, sniffing that this was perhaps at least a little better than their hell month in the nursery crib, which had just been an extended initiation no better than her time in the box.

They both wiped their noses, feeling no better for it, if anything they found that they felt more resigned to their fates after having realised the inevitable and hopeless state of it all. How easily the both of them were taken on this wild wide.

"I don't even know what country we're in." said Danni, and Clara had shaken her head and said that she didn't either.

Thinking about Danni's story, Clara wondered whether Danni being a virgin and finding an interest in BDSM had anything to do with her having been chosen. Whether they took girls who had some measure of interest in being submissive. Perhaps she wasn't the only one who found some arousal in all this nightmare, though she doubted that Danni had the same specific kink.

"We'll get out of this, somehow." Clara said, with false confidence, but placing her hand on Danni's where it rested on the girl's knee beneath her chin.

Danni stared at the wall. "Right now I just want to get out of the locks on this diaper. I really need to pee..."

"You're not... used to it by now?" Clara asked, knowing that it was a pointless question. She sure as hell wasn't used to it herself, even after their hell initiation.

"No" glowered Danni, "And it's somehow worse now... Because once it's done I'll have to ask for a change..."

Clara understood, she had thought the same. "Remember what Sarah Jane Emily said? About them not changing us before bedtime if we didn't have a slip?" Clara asked, a little worried at the reminder of how her own situation was seemingly going to have to wait until morning.

Danni's eyes widened at the realisation. "She did say that it was getting late before - I have no clue what time it is any more really. Weren't the changing slips just for... um... soiled diapers though?"

"I don't know" said Clara worriedly, "But you better go now."

"And what? Find a nanny to give me one of those changing slips? Honestly, I don't know if I can..."

"It'll be better this way then the alternative" Clara said, unsure if it was actually true, but it seemed right.

Danni sighed and nodded, shifted herself to her feet in a squat, blushed in silence for a minute, before the slow trickle of pee could be heard, building into a loud stream. Clara realised that she still had her hand on Danni as an act of support, and blushed, realising that she had the terrible secret of also getting off on seeing Danni doing this, and had just encouraged the girl to put on this display. She hoped that her babydoll top wouldn't show her nipples growing hard, but was frozen until Danni finished her humiliating act, not wanting to remove her hand mid-moment in this nightmare.

Finally Danni gasped, letting out one final stream, and collapsed onto her butt. Clara heard a distinct squish.

"It's all... everywhere" Danni sighed, frowning. "I hate this."

"Me too.." Clara said - meaning it, and yet knowing that she was loving it at the same time. She covered her chest just in case her arousal was evident.

"You should probably get a changing slip..." Clara encouraged, looking out into the now quiet nursery.

"Now...?" asked Danni trepidatiously, clearly not very keen.

"Better to do it earlier..." Clara reminded her, suspecting that it was already too late, and that Danni was in that diaper for the night.

The redhead's face turned into one of determination, and she pulled herself onto all fours, making for the doorway and squeezing past Clara.

"You're not coming?" she asked as she was about to crawl outside.

Clara shook her head, "I already had to get a slip once and am honestly just too exhausted sorry. But I'll be here when you're done though."

Danni nodded, steeled herself once more, and crawled out into the nursery, with the noisy diaper crinkling and squishing as she went.

Clara peaked out after a long moment, made sure that she was gone and that nobody else was around, and threw herself onto her back. She began rubbing the front of her diaper furiously, like she had gone mad, suddenly masturbating away weeks of pent up frustration. It was difficult at first, she wasn't as horny now as she had been earlier in the day, but then it all came back to her, and she kicked her legs stupidly in the air playing at being a baby while she rubbed and rubbed her diaper. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, she orgasmed into her diaper, in a half satisfied event which was robbed by the fear and nervousness which she felt.

She sat on her diaper and went again, rubbing her crotch back and forth along the ground, soon taking a toy block from just outside the playhouse and holding that in front of her and humping that too. She orgasmed again, and finally gave up, lying back and feeling somewhat satisfied.

She lay panting, and Clara knew then and there that this would be her life now, stealing moments of privacy to masturbate wherever she could, and hoped that the playhouse would often be this empty. She lay there and began one more time, slowly stroking the front of her diaper, smiling ever so slightly for the first time in a month, as she sank into her own filth, and began bucking her hips against her hand.

"Young lady!" a woman's voice suddenly bellowed from the door, and she froze.

To be continued.

Clara's masturbation style.

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