Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trying to learn to Draw

I've had some ab/dl comic ideas bouncing around my head for a few years, but unfortunately can't draw particularly well, and don't want to do the stories the disservice of shortening them to the length which would be affordable for commission.

Thus I've been trying to learn to draw every now and again, and am slowly getting there. These are very rough sketches, partially traced as well, but are hopefully almost to the point where they could make for a decent commercial fetish comic. Let me know what you think, if you have any opinions. ^_^

edit: And another, slowly figuring out a system which works, now just need to learn how to shade...


  1. Great site you have hear pics are grade A really good keep up the good work thankyou.

  2. I really like your drawings, i'm sure with practice you could be really good

  3. That is incredibly impressive as it looks like you might have a good talent! There are so many possibilities the mind conjures up that cannot be found on line...

  4. I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing/painting, so it doesn't feel right to critique them. I'll admit that there aren't the same quality as ones in other comics I've purchased; however, I love your story telling enough that I'd buy a comic from you for the combination of a good story with illustrations.

    1. I agree that they're still not up to scratch, and I need to get them a bit better still yet. ^_^

  5. You are doing quite well as an artist...don't downplay your talent. I especially love the second image above: the emotions range from helpless, to accepting her situation, and also a "huh?" feel.

    Greetings to you form the SK community.

    You friend and fan,