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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Vacation Changes - A Diaper Dimension Story

Author's Note - this is set in Princess Pottypants' Diaper Dimension Universe, based lightly on elements I introduced in my commercial story 'Field Research', including an isolated country of 'Littles', whose travellers are somewhat naive of the rest of the world.

Part 1

"God Mom. I'm twenty, not two!"

Lorraine couldn't help but smirk, but wasn't going to be deterred.

"I think that the kid's juice box which the airline hostesses gave you suggests that everybody thinks otherwise," she retorted with a laugh, continuing her impromptu wiping of the corner of the twenty year old woman's mouth with a handkerchief. "And really, orange juice all over the side of your face? It's clear that you actually needed that sippy cup to drink from, goodness knows how you would have handled an actual cup on this plane."

Rhiannon folded her arms and sunk back into her economy airline chair with a pout, hating how her mother was invading her personal space. There had seemingly been a little mix-up as they went overseas for the first time, with the airline crew for some reason seeming to think that she was a junior flyer, going by how they'd given her a juice box labelled as specifically for kids for her in-flight drink, and a set of colouring books on her seat which she'd quickly buried underneath.

"There," her mother declared smugly, withdrawing her washcloth and smiling coldly at her daughter. "So much for you being soooo superior like you've been claiming lately, what with your, let me quote, being in the final year of a political science and journalism degree."

Rhiannon rolled her eyes and turned away with a sigh, wondering how quickly she could ditch her mom once they arrived overseas. Travelling was a bit of a rarity for people where she was from, but her Mom had won two vacation tickets for family members only, and so off they'd gone, being the only family that each other had, even if they didn't much get along. Rhiannon had decided that she would endure it if it meant going to see the bigger mainland continental cities over the suburbia and small towns which she'd grown up in, but she would be ditching her mother as soon as possible to go do some overseas shopping, so long as the overbearing woman wasn't pushy about her being the perfect daughter once there...

"Now when we get there-" Lorraine began, only to pause as an airline hostess appeared beside them.

"Your drink miss," the blonde hostess declared, placing something down on the tray in front of Lorraine.

There was a moment of silence, before Rhiannon glanced over, then couldn't help but obviously fail to stifle a laugh as she saw that a matching colourful sippy cup had been put down in front of the oh so mature snippy woman beside her. Even the cheerful packaging on the side was the same, clearly labelled as for "For Ages 2 - 7."

Lorraine sat in silence staring at it, her face turning pink.

"I, uh, think that there's been some kind of-" she began, then fell silent as the tall airline hostess raised a curious and somewhat warning brow.

Being Littles, or 'Dwarves' as they were often derogatively known, was something that Rhiannon had never had cause to consider. After all, everybody was where she came from, it was just the norm. Yet now they sat in the gaze of a tall busty betweener woman, almost twice their height, and both gulped as she looked down at them with stern eyes, feeling almost like they were considered to be children to supervise rather than travellers to entertain.

"Er, it's nothing..." Lorraine stammered awkwardly, quickly reaching out to take her junior drink with both hands.

The blonde hostess waited a moment, ensuring that the guest actually brought the sippy cup to her lips, then nodded and left.

Rhiannon smirked and sunk back into her seat, staring ahead with a smug smile and thinking that this trip might not be so bad after all if it put her snooty mother in her place. Why, once they got to the continental mainland, there'd even be actual amazon giantesses, even taller than the betweener hostesses. In truth, the thought made her just a little woozy, since the larger people had always only been a far off consideration in distant lands, yet as they approached their destination on the map screen in front of them, Rhiannon felt a nervous pang and wondered why her ancestors had felt the need to separate themselves from the larger folk in the first place. Oh it wouldn't matter, there would still be many areas of the country where people her size still congregated, if it got too overwhelming, not all 'dwarves' had left the mainland after all, and she'd just stick to where they went.

But it would still be a challenge to adjust at first, no doubt about it, considering that the amazons were, what, three times her size? Or more? She wondered at that, it already felt weird sitting in a betweener sized chair with her legs dangling off the end, leaving her feeling more like a young child sitting in an adult seat than somebody starting a mature and amazing holiday. They didn't actually have any dwarf sized chairs on their plane, and so had given straps designed for betweener kids and sat the two dwarves near the back, on a rather empty morning flight. At least her mother was no better off either, so any weirdness caused by encountering potential amazon sized furniture would be shared for her as well, and by the time they got back home, her mother's snooty attitude might have even been mollified a bit, or so Rhiannon could only hope.

There was a small grunt of annoyance beside her, and Rhiannon glanced over to see that her mother had suffered the same fate she had when the pressure seal inside of the juicebox popped and came to match the cabin pressure, resulting in orange juice trickling down the fuming woman's cheek.

"Do you need some help with that?" the twenty year old asked with quick dripping sarcasm and irony, snatching up the cloth and lifting it to her mother's face, only to have her hand slapped away a moment later - hard too.

"Owe!" she squealed, dropping the cloth in shock, thinking that it had been far from a playful slap, more like something which might actually bruise, and she glanced up to lock furious matching glares with her mother.

"You can't do that!" she hissed, reaching across and tugging at her mother's expensive jacket in a moment of unplanned raw violence. "I could sue you for assault!"

"You little brat!" her mother hissed back, pushing her daughter back but finding that her hands were clawed well into her jacket, before grabbing Rhiannon's own loose tank top in a silent retaliating struggle. "I could have you struck off from the family fortune, I could-"

"Is there a problem here?" a cold woman's voice asked suddenly, and both Littles went immediately still.

Their hands still gripped onto each other's tops, they looked up sheepishly to find a cross-looking flight attendant hovering over them.

"I was just-"

"She was just-"

"Let go of each other, right now." the hostess snapped, before reaching down to undo Lorraine's buckles.

"You two will be sitting apart for the rest of the flight. I will not have two unattended Littles going out of control, only proving that your kind shouldn't be allowed to travel on flights like this."

Rhiannon found herself rather baffled by the large woman's statements, but was pleased as she saw her speechless mother forcibly helped down from the seat, then across the aisle into the empty middle row beside them, where the tall woman began buckling the Little  back up and even forced the sippy cup back into her hands.

A moment later, the hostess was crouching down beside the seat, asking questions in murmured tones. She seemed to want to know where they were staying, apparently intending to check in ahead of them and ensure that the hotel knew what they were dealing with, much to Lorraine's embarrassment, even as she seemed to finally relent.

Rhiannon smirked, and popped her earphones back in, glad that her mother was suffering this humiliation. It had been her who had started the fight after all, and she could suffer the embarrassment of having the hotel called ahead of them and warned that two rowdy tourists were approaching. It wasn't like the hotel accommodation was in Rhiannon's name anyway.

Turning up her music, closing her eyes, and leaning back in the seat, she was content that this holiday might just have some positive outcomes after all.


"We've landed," a voice said, and Rhiannon groaned, realising that a hand was shaking her, as she groggily opened her eyes. A moment later, she stifled a small squeak at the sight of a large betweener hostess leaning over her, before quickly silencing herself. It had only been a few hours since she'd met a person of that size for the first time, and waking to the sight of the tall blonde was something which she still wasn't used to.

"Wher-" she began, yawning and taking the ear phones from her ears.

"We're here," the attendant repeated, sounding a little stern. "So make sure you have all your things and don't leave a mess. I know how you Littles can be when flying."

Rhiannon nodded slowly, then blinked the sleep out of her eyes and glanced about, seeing the backpack she'd brought with her, and the colouring books provided by the airline which she'd kicked under her seat when they'd boarded.

Unbuckling herself from the awkward harness, she grabbed her own possessions and quickly rushed out into the aisle, seeing her mother waiting, though thankfully seeming a little preoccupied and unconcerned about their little spat earlier.

"Come on, we have to catch the shuttle bus before it leaves the airport," Lorraine ushered. "Maybe if you spent less time with that music in your ears-"

"I could spend more time listening to your bitching," Rhiannon snapped, hoisting her backpack over her shoulder.

"Young lady..." her mother began in a warning tone.

"Oh stop" Rhiannon interjected with a laugh, "I saw how that betweener woman talked you down before. You think I'm scared of you here? You can't even dare do anything, you know they'll lecture you or whatever."

Lorraine's eyes narrowed, and she folded her arms. "I can do plenty. Do you want me to disown you and leave you for adoption here? Because I can."

"Oh please," Rhiannon replied, rolling her eyes and edging past her mother. "I'm twenty. I can't be put into the foster system."

With that she stormed off the plane in renewed annoyance, guessing that her mother was following not far behind. Their state of warfare had been present ever since she'd entered junior high school, but had seemed at least a little bit better the past few years while she was at college. Now the trip had only caused it to explode, and Rhiannon suspected that she might truly need to arrange her own flight home, nervously worrying that her mother might just live up to that part of the threat. Still, the country wouldn't just keep her around if her mother bailed on her with the tickets, they'd deport her back home wouldn't they? After all, where else would a Little like her live?

Deep in her concerned thoughts, she glanced up at the bottom of the boarding ramp only to realise that she was facing an absolute sea of giant legs in the airport causeway. Amazons and Betweeners were everywhere, and she squeaked in shock as she realised that she would be knee-height at best on most of them. Suddenly panicking, she stumbled back and found herself at the end of the boarding ramp, glancing behind to see her mother stomping down, looking furious, less close than Rhiannon had imagined.

"Dammit, we can't get through this," Lorraine growled as she approached, seeming to be distracted from her feud with her adult daughter companion now. "Let's edge around by the wall, and get to the shuttle bus that way, and-"

"Are you two sweeties lost?" a chirpy voice asked, and both women jumped as they looked up at a giantess beaming down at them, a young woman - maybe even a teen - leaning forward with her hands clasped between her bare thighs below tiny shorts.

"Er, no, we-" Lorraine began in a fluster. It was the first time that either of the Littles had even met an Amazon Giantess, and the rather diminutive and immature view which she seemed to have of them was a little disconcerting.

"Did I hear that you need to get to the shuttle bus?" the chirpy giantess asked, "Because I can take you there. I saw you both looking so worried, there's so many big people here isn't there! Why don't you both take one of my hands and I'll lead you through the crowd?"

It was Rhiannon's turn to fidget uncomfortably at the suggestion, as she began shifting to her other foot while trying to look like she was considering and rejecting the offer.

"Oh, well... No, we..." Rhiannon began, "Well we can probably find-"

"Oh don't be fussy," the tall teen smirked, holding out a hand, "Here, each of you take one of my hands, and try not to make any drama here in the middle of the airport."

Each of the Littles balked, glancing nervously at the hand in front of them, before mother and daughter each reached out to take one with nervous reluctance.

"There!" the blonde said with a beaming smile, straightening back up. "Being pleasant wasn't so bad, was it! Now do we need to pick up any luggage?"

"It's, uh, getting delivered," Lorraine said in a quiet confused murmur, shifting from foot to foot.

"Alright then!" the amazon teen beamed, "Now off we go. Hold onto my hands tightly dears!"

And with that they were off, a little terrified as they tried to keep pace while being rushed through a sea of giant legs. Rhiannon found herself repeatedly pulling closer to the teen's bare legs, like some sort of protector, feeling more like a lost child visiting some adult centre than the stylish tourist that she had expected. If she wasn't entirely pissed off at her mother, she suspected that she could glance over and see the same reaction there.

"Here we are! Right through the crowd!" the amazon beamed, bringing them out of the throng of airport activity, and towards the sliding doors out of the building.

Rhiannon was feeling increasingly apprehensive. She was about to arrive in another country for real, and it was feeling far more off-putting than she had ever imagined.

"Now there's the shuttle bus," the teen remarked with a little playful urgency, "Hurry now! It looks like they've got nobody else queued up."

Moaning a little, the two dwarves increased their pace, trying to keep up with the longer legged beauty, struggling to not look idiotic as they did so. For her it was just a quick stride, but for them it was an awkward jogging run under the weight of their carried luggage.

"Hold the bus!" the amazon called, rushing them to the door of the white van, where a driver turned down to look at them with a slight bit of surprise on his face, as if there'd been no danger of leaving just yet. "You have two more little passengers, direct from overseas."

"Oh," the man began, reaching up to stroke at his large moustache while the two Littles stood nervously at the door still holding the teen's hands. "Well we don't have any seats for people their size, this is generally an amazon or betweener sized bus, and-"

"What about booster seats?" the teen amazon asked with wide-eyed innocence, trying to be helpful. "They're both so lost and confused, they'll definitely need some help to get to their destination."

The driver seemed to think for a moment, then nodded. "Come on, we have some in the top storage up the back."

Both Littles balked in confusion at the suggestion, beginning to increase their minor squirming.

"Now-" began Lorraine, "I don't-

"Excellent!" the teen overruled, and began marching the tourists up into the van, easily hoisting them up stair by stair with small helpful tugs.

Clambering in after the giantess, feeling a little overwhelmed, the two tourists quickly scurried down the aisle in the grip of the strong giantess, getting a few curious glances from larger people on the bus, but otherwise being ignored as nothing unusual or special.

"Here we go," the driver stated, pulling down two brown booster seats with black leg straps dangling from them. "So long as they sit in these it should pass any standard safety requirements, the specification is by size and not age after all.

"Here, let me help you," the giantess was saying, and suddenly Rhiannon found herself being lifted by two large hands, before being sat in a seat. It was all a bit baffling, as buckles were brought up between her legs, being handled like she was some sort of child. She blushed terribly and looked away as the woman casually and disinterestedly worked the buckle into place over Rhiannon's crotch with her exploring fingers, before finally pulling the whole contraption tight.

A moment later her mother was being sat beside her and given the same treatment. Unfortunately for Lorraine, she'd worn a smart dress skirt today, and the larger folk gave no heed to her modesty as the strap yanked up her hemline and exposed her black panties, securing the buckle tightly against her crotch all the same to ensure her safety.

The pair were too baffled to give anything more than a few quiet squeaks and gasps of disbelief at the sudden unexpected juvenile treatment, and a moment later they were off, sitting in the back of the white van with straps riding up tightly between their legs, racing out onto the freeway. Neither said a word, simply looking about with dumb wide eyes at the dazzling new  scenery going past, thinking very little in their overwhelmed and embarrassed state. Visiting a foreign country was always going to be weird, it came with its share of difficulties, but things had quickly surpassed their more cynical expectations.

Finally they pulled in front of the resort hotel which the driver had somehow teased out of Lorraine before they'd left, and, relieved, the two Littles found themselves being unstrapped and helped down the van's stairs.

"Now, can you two check in from here?" the driver asked in obvious concern, "Or maybe I should come in with you and make sure..."

"No, no, we're fine," Lorraine insisted in a mild fluster, straightening out her jacket and still a bit stunned after her mode of travel for the past half hour, flashing her panties right down the length of the shuttle bus aisle. The plane seats had been bad enough, but the booster seats and crotch straps had left her a bit dazed.

"Well, you better be," the large driver huffed, sounding a bit concerned, but finally twiddled his moustache and strode back up into the van again. Sitting heavily, he seemed to be waiting patiently to see if they actually moved to go inside.

"This place is... different than I expected..." Lorraine grumbled, grabbing at the wheeled suitcase she'd brought with her, and turning towards the hotel. "Let's just go in and get settled, we can sort out how the hell dwarves get by here later."

In a rare moment of agreement, more out of pragmatic utility than anything else, Rhiannon nodded silently and joined her mother in going towards the building's entrance. Unfortunately they came to their next problem as they stood before several giant glass doors with no way of reaching the handles.

"Shit..." Rhiannon groaned silently, glancing back and seeing that the express shuttle bus had at least gone.

Their problems were answered however, as a moment later the door swung open and an enormous middle aged giantess began walking out. Rhiannon almost felt a need to dive for cover, except for that the giantess glanced down out of cautious habit and scowled at the two dwarf women at her knees.

"Stay out of the way of grownups you little ones," she scolded, edging to the side of Lorraine and towards Rhiannon.

"I was here first!" Lorraine spat back angrily, surprisingly standing her ground against the local several times her size. Raw impertinence had never been a trait that her mother lacked, Rhiannon thought with a snort.

"Excuse me?!" the amazon giantess replied in an apparent outrage, but was quickly sidestepped by Lorraine who had seen the opportunity to get inside, probably not even hearing the woman.

Rhiannon saw the opening and quickly followed her mother's lead, rushing around the other side of the giant woman's dress for the doorway. She almost ran straight into an amazon-sized toddler however, who was standing quietly behind the amazon in a well secured safety harness and leash, about as big as Rhiannon herself, the visiting Little realised with an instant blush. She edged around the pacified and frilly-dress-wearing toddler with an embarrassed mumbled sorry, moving forward with eyes cast at the ground, and caught the closing doorway at the last moment.

Something strange ticked in her mind then, and she glanced back to get another look at the toddler. From her current angle however she could only make out the rear of the two, staring in momentary awe at the intricate blue and white teddy bear harness straps running around the toddler's back, up between her legs, lifting her dress slightly, and revealing... Oh my, how embarrassing, to still be in diapers at that age. Rhiannon smirked, though had to admit that the situation actually looked rather... cute.

Curious, she stared after them for a moment, seeing the scowling giantess walk up to one of the staff standing outside the hotel, the toddler waddling awkwardly along after her on the leash harness. The giantess began gesturing back towards the doorway, and at the dwarves who had just gone inside... Seeming to be asking about them... With a blush, Rhiannon quickly rushed in, letting the door swing closed behind her. Perhaps her mother had been ruder than she imagined in that little exchange, and while Rhiannon would love to see the woman embarrassed by a talking down from the bigger woman, right now she just wanted to get her accommodation sorted out and herself checked in before risking any upsets to that.

Coming to the front desk, she found her mother on her tippy toes doing her best to get the attention of the concierge sitting behind, and with a blush, stared at the floor, thinking that this country was going to be an awkward stay...


Part 2

Half an hour of arriving at the hotel, both tourists sat exhausted on their oversized beds. They had been given a double room which was hardly suitable for their small size, though Rhiannon supposed that it was at least a relief that they'd been treated respectfully by the hotel staff on their arrival. She had been beginning to think that the locals saw dwarves as something damn near children or worse...

Following the polite concierge to the elevator, they had been guided professionally up to their hotel room, though the man eventually took over from Lorraine reaching for the lift buttons on tiptoes while an embarrassed Rhiannon tried to glance away. Unfortunately they didn't have any Littles-sized accommodation, resulting in the door swipe card being well above their reach. The staff had to offer an embarrassed Lorraine a plastic kid's stepping stool which now sat permanently in the hallway beside their door, which they could move into position as they needed, as well as more stools inside the room to get onto the beds, as well as presumably access the bathroom and tables. All in all it was an embarrassing sight to see the bright plastic children-themed stools throughout the hotel apartment, and neither tourist would be uttering a word to describe it once they got home.

Rhiannon flopped back further on her huge oversized bed and spread her arms out wide. It had been an incredibly exhausting morning just travelling overseas for the first time, but maybe now that she was here she could unwind and begin to relax. She had several year's worth of hard studying at college to work out of her system after all... Well, maybe more like a few weeks in all of those years, and a whole lot of partying and watching TV... Still, a vacation would be good, she wasn't quite ready to give up on her carefree youth yet, and wasn't particularly looking forward to the years of adulthood which lay ahead after college.

"Well..." she began, "I'm going out..."

Her mother grunted in response, instead staring silently at her left high heel raised in the air, seeming to be considering getting something taller.

"You better not cause any trouble," Lorraine snapped a moment later, as always managing to find something critical to say. "We are in a foreign country and have to put on our best display, it's still rare for our people to come over here since tourism opened back up after all. And have a shower before you go out, you've been travelling in that all morning."

Rhiannon rolled her eyes, before sliding down from the bed and finding it just a bit terrifying as she built up a bit of momentum before hitting the floor.

"Mom, there's like a million dwarves in this city alone. Nobody is going to think we're representing our country. Now where's the local cash for the stores?"

She turned towards her mother's suitcase, looking greedily, as she suddenly became excited by the thought of imagined shopping.

"I said after a shower," her mother commanded scathingly, causing the young woman to turn red with embarrassment as she faced the fact that her mother could still ultimately control her. The bitch probably didn't even care about the shower, but was rather just trying to continue their fight and exert her domination over the twenty year old adult daughter.

"Fine!" Rhiannon snapped, grabbing her own backpack and heading towards the bathroom.

Getting into the bathroom was easy, but pulling the stool over to lock the door felt incredibly ridiculous. Still, she had her privacy now, and she sighed, letting the stress ease off her, glancing in wonder at the oversized bathroom facing her as she began to strip, leaving her clothes in a messy bundle on the floor.

"Tells me to have a shower will she," she growled, reaching into her backpack to fetch her headphones, which were at least waterproof. A delicious plan was forming in her mind as an evil smile crept across her face. She was told to have a shower? Well, she'd just have an hour-long shower with her headphones turned right up and see how her mother liked that. The woman better hope that she didn't need to use the bathroom any time soon, especially since they'd been travelling from before sunrise. She probably couldn't even activate the lift to go down to find another bathroom, and would have to knock on another door on the same level with her kid's stepping stool in tow.

Turning the volume to max, she pushed the plastic stool under the water nozzles and carefully turned them on, cautiously stepping under the water and sighing in relaxation as the warm stream hit her and thudded distantly against the music blaring in her ears. They definitely did showers right on the mainland, the heavy stream of water was positively luxurious. She was beginning to sense that the vacation might just be fine once she got out and could do things on her terms, it would just take a little while to adjust to this other country - which was almost like another reality in many ways - and then she could go home and wow all her friends with her casually smug overseas travelling expertise.

By the time that she turned the shower off, she'd gone through her entire playlist twice, every bit of stress having melted away in the hot water, her fingers a little wrinkled. Wrapping herself in a towel, she emerged out into the hotel room and was bemused as a billowing cloud of steam followed her, hitting the opposite wall of the small entry hallway and rolling towards their open bed area.

She marched into their bedroom area smugly, expecting to be berated by her mother for spending so long in the shower, smiling in preparation, when it dawned on her that, annoyingly, the woman wasn't there.

Had she gone to use a bathroom elsewhere? That would be an amusingly successful outcome of Rhiannon's little plan. Or, Rhiannon thought, her optimism dropping, maybe her mother had just gone out and abandoned Rhiannon there for the afternoon, shopping on her own terms and leaving her adult daughter trapped away in the hotel room without any money... Oh that would be a terrible backfiring of her long showering bitchiness.

Feeling more annoyed than smug now, Rhiannon strode through the apartment and noticed that it had an odd scent of... something. Maybe talcum. Whatever it was, she felt sure that it wasn't there earlier. Frowning at her mother's absence, striding forward, she stepped on something clothlike, and glanced down to see that the woman's black panties were strewn carelessly across the floor, as if they had been tossed aside. Weirdly, the rest of her mother's clothes from the skirt-suit combo were messily strewn about everywhere too, some even thrown up over the high shelves and wall lights, like she'd just been tossing them aside carelessly, never intending to use them again. The messiness was fairly uncharacteristic of her clean-freak of a mother, and it only furthered Rhiannon's suspicion that the woman had rushed out of the hotel as soon as Rhiannon had gotten into the shower, not even staying to notice that Rhiannon had been in there for a full hour, having been the one playing Rhiannon in fact from the very start.

"Dammit," the twenty year old hissed, feeling frustratingly outmaneuvered, beginning to pace. Calming herself, she decided not to presume the worst just yet, even from her mother. Who knew, maybe the woman had left some cash up on her bed, since Rhiannon had taken her bags with her into the bathroom, and there didn't seem to be anywhere else that they could both reach...

Pushing a plastic stool across the floor, ignoring the messy clothes and embarrassing underwear strewn about the room, she clambered up still wrapped in her white towel, looking around hopefully, but saw no money. Strangely, it smelled even more of the weird talcum powder up there, like her mother had coated her clothes in it before leaving or something. Glancing about her own bed, Rhiannon realised in annoyance that there was a coating of the stuff on her own bed, outlining an opaque rectangular shape with wings atop her blanket, like her mother had laid a long piece of clothing there and dusted around it.

"Weird," she said in annoyed bafflement, reaching out to run a hand across it and mess up the perfect outline it had created. She racked her memories to recall whether it was there before, feeling sure that it wasn't. Was the hotel room just dirty? Her frown deepened as she considered that maybe her mother had just made the mess on purpose, a passive-aggressive dusting of some clothes or something on Rhiannon's bed as an apparently-innocent accident which was anything but. But then, Rhiannon thought sheepishly, she was the one who had stayed in the shower for an hour with her music on full-blast, giving her an opportunity to play passive-aggressively innocent if there had been a knock... Maybe she was just projecting...

Looking across at her mother's bed, she saw that, oddly, there was also a giant wooden hairbrush atop of it, set aside carelessly on one corner. Where in the world had her mother even gotten that? Was it part of the room's amenities? It looked heavier than a suitcase, how did she even get it up there?

Frustrated and confused, she began lowering herself back down from the kid's stepping stool, deciding that she'd simply been outplayed that afternoon. Striding crankily over to the large glass doors which led out onto the balcony, she peaked around the thin semi-translucent curtains to see that she at least had a good touristy view over the city. It was a damn big place, much larger than the cities of her own home, in both breadth and height, and she felt a rush of sudden rush of holiday excitement and shopping greed again. However it only reminded her of how much she was missing out on, trapped away in the hotel room until her bitch of a mother returned. It was still midday out, but there wasn't anything that she could do without money, especially as an uninitiated Little in another land for the first time. She needed cab fares, shopping money, and hell, probably some really tall heels. A friend back home had suggested that she buy some, if only she'd listened... Right now she wasn't even sure if she could reach the elevator's buttons, which made it all the more perplexing for how her mother had left there.

Glancing down beyond the balcony's edge, she noted that she could at least see the far half of the hotel's parking lot, and began scanning about in lazy boredom, wondering what else she might be able to at least spot from her vantage point to entertain herself. It was after all an entirely new country with some very baffling features, so she decided to set herself up in the window for awhile and see if she might not be able to spot an actual amazon giantess, preferably at a safe distance without having to deal with their perplexing attitudes this time.

One appeared within the parking lot within minutes, walking away from the hotel, and Rhiannon leaned in to get a better look. She was pushing a stroller, and had another kid in tow in a safety harness leash... Come to think of it, Rhiannon realised in bafflement, that was the same giantess who they'd encountered at the front door, the one who she was worried was going to complain about them. The woman has seemed to be leaving before, yet had stayed until at least now. Feeling a bit panicky, she had a gut feeling that the woman had indeed stayed to complain about them. But would the hotel staff given them their room number? Surely she would have been turned away and was leaving now in frustration.

It dawned on her then that even though the woman still had her toddling kid in a harness leash behind her, she was also pushing a stroller now, with an occupant clearly visible by the leg sticking out on the side that Rhiannon could see. Perhaps she had just been picking up her other kid, or a friend of her kid, or it didn't really matter, Rhiannon was just relieved as she started to feel fairly sure that the woman didn't have the stroller before, and likely hadn't stayed for them after all.

The group reached a car parked at the far end of the lot, where the woman opened the back door and then crouched to seemingly lecture her kid in the harness. Wagging a finger in the girl's face, she seemed to be crossly warning about something, gesturing once to the other occupant in the stroller, maybe suggesting that they'd have to get along. Finally she spun the girl around by the shoulders and delivered an almighty hard smack on her posterior, causing Rhiannon to flinch as she imagined the fact that she herself could easily fit into that positi... No, it was a silly concern, there was no danger of the giants doing something like smacking her just because she was the same size as their kids, it didn't mean they'd ever consider treating her like one in that regard - she was in college for crying out loud.

Still, she watched with a somewhat mesmerized curiosity now as the giantess lifted the toddler up and sat her in a babies carseat, strapping her in. She turned her attention then to the unseen occupant of the stroller, seeming to think for a moment, before walking around to the trunk of the car. She returned a moment later with another carseat in her hands, and began strapping it into the back of the car.

She really must have just picked that kid up unexpectedly, Rhiannon thought with a frown, given that the carseat wasn't even installed before. There were a few angry kicks from the occupant of the stroller, which began to bemuse Rhiannon as she thought derisively that the obviously more immature of the two should not be tantruming over a carseat, when even the harness-wearing girl had to sit in one.

Finally the amazon began unstrapping and lifting the occupant of the stroller, allowing Rhiannon to see that it was a girl clearly evidenced by the two big bushy giant pigtails bouncing on either side of her head. She wore a short little toddler dress, and Rhiannon audibly smirked as she realised that she could see the girl's full white disposable diaper from behind, even at that distance. To think, somebody the same size as her, but completely undeserving of things like mature panties, how bemusingly embarrassing it must be for her.

The tot kept thrashing and kicking, and Rhiannon's jaw dropped as she realised that the woman was lifting a foot into the car to raise her thigh and lay her toddler down over her knee. The woman was going to deliver a spanking, right there in the parking lot, and not a minor one it seemed, given how high she raised her hand behind the diapered bottom. It was a very traditionalist approach, Rhiannon thought in numb surprise, but she supposed that she felt that it was deserving, since the stroller-baby shouldn't be so uppity when even the walking toddler had to go into a carseat. Kids shouldn't get snooty and cause tantrums after all, half of the problems in the world were caused by adults taking a soft weak stance with little ones, regardless of country.

A moment later, sure enough, the blows started raining down on the padded backside of the naughty child, whose kicks and thrashing balled fists were helpless in the great space of air around the giantess's outstretched knee. Rhiannon looked on at the distant silent sight in strange approval, feeling a little malice to that girl for some reason - perhaps because she had been audacious and Rhiannon reserved the right to act that way solely for herself, or maybe simply because the diapered kid had the same coloured hair as her mother, and Rhiannon was a little biased against her.

Increased thrashing from the naughty child only resulted in an increased intensity of the spankings raining down on her backside, and sometimes between her widely spread legs, the utilitarian thick disposable seeming to prevent the kicking brat from closing them. Finally the kid seemed to be relenting a little, and the mother paused to reach for something on her belt, only to seemingly find that it wasn't there. Suddenly she turned, and seemed to look directly up at Rhiannon, who gasped and quickly stepped sideways from the window, knowing that she had probably been behind the curtain anyway and likely not visible, but feeling as though the giant's gaze has been right on her. Surely the giantess hadn't been looking at their window directly, it was just a coincidence, maybe she'd left something inside in one of the surrounding rooms.

When Rhiannon finally found the courage to peak out of the curtain again, she found that the spanking had resumed, though seemed to be winding down now as the woman's second child displayed increasing obedience. Eventually the giantess seemed to be satisfied, stopping her spanking to begin lecturing the child, still laying helplessly over her knee, who seemed to be utterly defeated in her naughtiness.

Eventually the lecture wound down, and the woman grabbed her daughter under her arms on both sides, lifting her up to give a gentle big kiss on her cheek, and showing that what she was doing was out of love while punctuating the end of their spanking. Rhiannon found herself slowly nodding in approval, agreeing that the mother just wanted to show what was for the daughter's good, and was helping her learn to behave and not put on a tantrum over a simple children's carseat, which was frankly suitable for anybody in those sorts of thick diapers.

A car pulled up close to them in the parking lot then as the gentler post-spanking lecture continued, and a Betweener - or perhaps a small Giantess - woman stepped out. Rhiannon was surprised all over again to see that the new arrival was wearing what looked like the uniform of the attendants from their morning flight. Or on second thought, it might have even been the attendant who had broken up their little argument that morning.

The new arrival walked briskly over to the amazon and gave her a very quick but intimate peck on the lips, before gesturing happily to the diapered tot in her arms and saying something ecstatic. Rhiannon was more baffled at the woman's arrival than anything else, such as her apparent relationship between her and the hotel woman, and how large she looked. The flight attendant had been tall compared to the others, and may have perhaps been a smaller giantess, Rhiannon thought in retrospect, if not an otherwise very large Betweener. Either way, they were all huge to dwarves...

As they finished talking, the woman holding the kid stuck two fingers between the girl's legs to check her diaper, seeming to cluck and shake her head as she found it deserving for its unhappy occupant in the first place, and then began depositing the girl into the carseat and strapping her in.

Rhiannon continued to just stare in dumb confusion, wondering why the attendant had shown up, if she had come to check on them as she'd been promising, or perhaps had sent a friend. It might just be a coincidence that they knew each other, the woman did work in flight after all, and it was a hotel...

The newly arrived woman bent down to glance into the car then, looking past the just-deposited kid, and stood back up looking confused. She began gesturing to the other giant and asking a series of questions, to which the larger woman began shrugging and pointing right up at... Rhiannon dived behind the wall again with a gasp, feeling stupid, but again seeming so sure that they were looking at her window. But no, maybe they were just discussing some random feature of the hotel. Or maybe the woman really had stayed to complain, on behalf of the flight attendant who was being a bit more involved in their stay than Rhiannon had expected, and maybe she'd even gotten their room number, pointing up with a shrug to say that nobody was home when she knocked - Lorraine having rushed out and Rhiannon being in the shower blocking out all noise.

She shivered, trying to imagine answering the door to that giant, and was glad that she  had been wearing the headphones. Why, what if the woman had tried to spank her? She had the size and predilection to do it. No, Rhiannon thought angrily, shaking her head, she had to stop thinking about the giants spanking her, they may have strapped her into the booster seat on the shuttle bus that morning, but they would understand the difference between her and a kid. Hell, if anybody needed reminding it was herself, since she seemed to be putting herself more on par with the two kids than the enormous giantesses who stood over them, purely out of size similarity. But she was a college girl, she told herself, and wouldn't be thought of that way by the giantesses, and had to make sure that she didn't ever think it of herself.

Finally, carefully, Rhiannon poked her nose back around the edge of the glass doorframe, glancing down into the parking lot. The two women were hugging and returning to their cars, the big car pulling out first, followed by the slightly smaller car of the flight attendant. Finally as they disappeared, Rhiannon let out a breath of relief. So maybe the attendant had tried to dramatize their stay, and maybe the woman had stayed to complain, but it all seemed to thankfully be over now, and Rhiannon was sure that she was free from having to worry about their spanking craziness ever somehow impacting her life.

Feeling smugly relieved, the tourist dwarf padded back to her bed, climbed up, and reached for the heavy remote to flick on the TV, deciding that she'd get used to a bit of the local culture that way. At least until her Mom got back.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Comic Release: The Reform Academy for Adult Women

Hi all,

Today marks the release of my 2nd full forced diapering comic. It's by far my longest comic yet, at over half a thousand images, and makes for quite a large file size so does take some time to download from Lulu (make sure you save it rather than open it in the browser). It was originally going to be multiple comics, but I decided to unite it all into one super long comic for a cheaper price, so I think it turns out much more fun this way.

It's also my dirtiest comic yet, being much more explicit with certain topics such as lesbian training and diaper usage. 

It draws heavily on themes from my Shipped Away story from several years back, bringing a lot of ideas from there to visual form. So any fans of that may be interested in checking this out...


The Reform Academy for Adult Women

When a prissy young business woman is indicted for embezzlement, she opts to go to a secret spa facility instead of prison, being promised that it is a fast-track out of the legal system. Unfortunately for her, it quickly becomes run more like a boarding school, leaving her rather stuck, as a rising number of unexpected developments are in store for the cocky beauty which will risk changing her life forever.

Contains themes such as forced diaper wearing and reliance, school spankings, lesbian training for straight girls, ageplay, upskirts, desperation, anal games, some light hypnosis elements, etc.

 [Purchase Link for $33 on Lulu]

(It is a very big pdf, and will take a few minutes to download, so it's probably a good idea to save the file to your computer and opening it from there).

As always it's just a silly amateur comic, definitely not going to win any awards for artistic talent. At over half a thousand images for what most artists charge for a single commissioned drawing, I hope that people still see this as pretty good value however. It definitely gets to tell a larger and darker diaper story with the quantity, without delving into other fetishes for the sake of wider appeal, so I hope that the appeal of a 'pure' diaper comic works for some people.

This comic is my most 'premium' item developed so far, intended to be on par with the longer adultbabysource/flbabygirls type movies, and should be bought by those who at some level feel that many women - perhaps even some they know, or themselves - need to be turned into giant, thickly diapered babies, with their adult rights stripped from them, and a firm authority figure brought in to oversee their life. This shows the realistically better outcomes which are possible for those sorts of girls, no longer having to make decisions for themselves, but now at the complete stern whims of their 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Comic Update

I've had a surprising number of messages on DeviantArt, comments here, etc, asking about the new comic release date, so just thought I'd let people know that it's probably about a day or two away, hopefully the best Christmas present to yourself that you could get. ;)

It accidentally got unfathomably huge, since it was originally going to be split into 3 to 4 volumes and I decided to do it all at once as a cheaper complete single product. There's around 600 images and it's taken over a thousand hours of work now, so I hope that it appeals to somebody out there, heh.

For now, I'll just leave this WIP of an involuntary gothic lolita doll.

Friday, 21 November 2014

A little giantess animation by joenubio

Hi all, I'm currently working on my second full feature comic which I hope to release in the next few days, but in the meantime, one of my favourite abdl/giantess themed artists (who coincidentally works in silhouettes, but to great effect) has put together this fun little animation about the facts of life in a world of giantesses and adult babies. You can find the rest of his work on his deviantart page.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Self-Made caps from Little Sophie

Hi all. Little Sophie has made a series of self-starring adult baby captions, and I thought that they were so well done that I asked permission to put them in a blog post here. While mental AR isn't exactly my thing, Sophie did a fantastic job with these, even doing a magic mirror movie plot that I've always wanted to make myself one day if I ever become a crazy AB/DL porn producer. I think that her actual store page has these in video format for anybody curious.


The Magic Mirror -

edit: and The Diaper Fairy -