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Pets - Lola's Story

Please note: This is a fan-fiction set in the excellent 'Pets' universe created by Darla Phelps. I highly recommend checking out Pets: Bach's Story, if you haven't. The character 'Lola' draws a bit of visual inspiration from 'Lolette' from AbDreams, but feel free to imagine her whichever way you want.


"Thanks for seeing me," Jin said with a smile, shaking Tari's hand. "I know it's a bit unusual, but I figure a word of mouth endorsement from another client will be easiest, and they're at the picnic in the park today."

Tari smiled pleasantly at the teenager. "Oh it's no problem, really. I think I prefer to find somebody this way, much better than trawling through resumes. Now just one moment and I'll fetch Lola, she's in the next room."

The two grey-skinned women walked into the adjacent lounge, where a little human woman was sitting amidst an array of stuffed toys and playthings, reading a kid's spelling book. The pink-skinned beauty looked up with startled eyes beneath her midnight coloured hair, looking surprised behind the pink pacifier bobbing in her mouth.

"Oh she's a little shy around strangers," Tari smirked, though was obviously filled with loving affection for her pet. "But she's shy around everybody including me really, and I've been her mother for months now!"

Jin nodded and admired the little alien woman from the doorway. She was wearing a toddler's denim dress which gave way to thick white tights, and beneath those tights was the bulge of an obvious diaper. She was, in a word, cute.

"You're teaching her to read?" Jin asked with mild-curiosity, stepping into the room. "I've heard that some of them can be pretty smart - I think it's why the government banned most importations of them in fact - though reading would be something else entirely."

"Oh heavens no," Tari laughed, "It just came in a pack with some of her toys, and she's already tried and failed a few times. Just not able to stay focused on all those complex symbols like a more adult mind, you know? They're definitely clever, and remarkably people-like, but she's not able to exceed childhood levels of education."

Jin nodded, agreeing, she'd had a pretty good range of experience with humans, and knew roughly of their true capabilities. They were definitely more than just pets, anybody who owned one would say so, but it was pushing it to suggest that they deserved more than a childhood role in society.

"Fortunately I got her from the exotic pet store right before most official lines of importation ceased," Tari explained, walking towards her pet, "I sometimes wonder what it must be like on their home world - 'Earth' I think it's called - a whole planet of wild humans, just imagine."

Jin smiled and shook her head. She'd spanked enough naughty human bottoms to know that such a place would be chaos. No, even a fully grown human like little Lola there was better off with a spanked bottom and sitting obediently in white tights and a diaper, trained into submission. How could one imagine that civilization was even possible with their kind? She'd heard some reports - but no, they had been quickly proven false, the pet importers explaining that newly acquired humans en route were shown footage of their new destination during a more primitive time, and that this was how some of them were able to draw combustible automobiles, and even flying machines. Of course the little tykes couldn't manage anything like that on their own, they couldn't even manage an early bedtime suitable to their smaller size and stamina if not for the larger race to tuck them in.

She looked over to see that Tari was checking Lola's diaper, who was blushing and seemingly trying to look everywhere except at her Mommy, which was quite an accomplishment given how Tari was towering over her.

"Oh she's a little wet," Tari remarked in surprise, "I better get her changed before we head out. It won't be a jiffy, I can do it right in here."

Jin glanced at the changing table set up right between the kitchen and lounge, seeing a lidded diaper-pail beside it and a set of wipes on its top.

"You know," she remarked off hand, "A lot of them can be potty trained, with a little persistence."

"Oh I know," Tari smiled, having hefted up Lola and carrying the human woman over now in her arms, "But she's much cuter this way, and that's her number one goal in life now being my daughter. It also seems to work better for their submissiveness, and allows me to work on her needs on my schedule too. And, largely, I always wanted to be a mother, you know? I think a lot of people who get humans do. And most humans are still kept in diapers much of the time anyway."

Jin nodded and smiled. It was all probably true, and didn't bother her in the slightest - made sense in fact. Lola was absolutely adorable in her short denim dress and puffed white tights, a full time toddler who would never progress to the terrible-twos, never grow to the less adorable stages. But then, most humans redefined the terrible-twos with their impressive rebelliousness and mischief, and had to be spanked and regressed into their place over and over on a recurring basis.

Still, Jin didn't fail to understand the appeal. She'd probably even get her own human one day in fact, though wanted one from the wild like pretty little Lola here, and would have to go through the less official importation channels now, though everybody knew that there was no shortage of availability there. The government's edict had been to satisfy some academic group in a technical sense, and society rolled on serving its needs for the real world, importing wild humans by the tens of thousands each year. The world over, there were spankings, diaperings, scoldings, and fittings for a new toddler wardrobe going on, every day.

Tari laid her Lola down on the table, who was casting nervous looks at Jin standing in the doorway.

"Oh she's extra shy about her diaper changes," Tari remarked, "Especially around strangers. Who would have thought? A human with a sense of modesty."

Jin nodded and cast appraising eyes at the nervous looking pet squirming on her back on the changing table.

"Oh it's quite common really. Why I remember one human woman, a regal looking little demanding thing, who just could not tinkle on her ceramic potty if anybody was looking at her."

"See," Tari said, smiling as she took a fresh diaper from the stack at one side of the table, "This is why diapers are easier, less complications. Though I don't suppose you could maybe give us a little privacy for a moment? Maybe look out the window. It would help make things easier if I can keep her calmed down."

"Of course," Tari replied with raised eyebrows, not minding at all, understanding what it could be like looking after a human quite fully in fact.

The teen stepped past them and went to look out through the large loungeroom window, standing with her back to them, and Tari glanced down at her bub to see that she had calmed, if just a little, though was still stealing nervous glances at the visitor in their loungeroom who would be present for her diaper change. Well, it would have to do.

Reaching for the waistband of the white tights, Tari tickled Lola's cute little tummy under her short denim dress for a moment, loving the way it pudged out ever so slightly there, despite that the girl was otherwise nearly lithe all over. Lola squirmed and refused to smile - she never did during a diaper change - and Tari wondered if there might not be a spanking in store for the girl's pale peach-like bottom today.

She shook her head and gave Lola another silly smile, then began to work the white tights down to the girl's ankle, exposing the somewhat damp disposable diaper.

Reaching up to tap Lola's pink pacifier on the bulb, she gave her human daughter a look to remind her to keep her dummy in while Mommy worked, wanting no incoherent yelling or shrieking today.

Lola was being quite good however, and only risked nervous little glances at the guest as if to ensure that she was still standing with their back to them. Pleased, Tari reached for the tapes of the disposable, and began to tear them one by one, listening to the loud rips echoing through the quiet room of the house.

"I suppose she can't know that one day soon I might be doing that," Jin remarked, back still turned to them.

"Yes, well," Tari replied with bemusement in her voice, "She's never had a set babysitter, but she'll just have to adjust to the idea of other people changing her diaper in time."

With that, the proud mother peeled back the front of the smeared white disposable, revealing a smooth little slit which was Lola's adult crotch. Her eyes were drawn to the little external pleasure button there, a curious oddity, and she shook her head at how she'd had to teach Lola not to play with it, even when in the privacy of her own crib. No, there were nanny-cams watching, and she would be found out. Only Mommy decided when Lola got special pleasure rewards, and it was usually for good behavior, rarely more frequently than once a week. If she was good at the park today, well, then Mommy would see.

"You know," Tari began, "One of the easiest ways for her to adjust to nudity would probably be to have baths with her. It's what I did, making sure that she gets properly washed down, and having her understand that in many ways, Mommy is just like her."

Jin nodded from her vantage point looking out the window. "I don't mind that, she's just a little human after all. I think it could be fun to have her sit in the tub with me."

Tari smiled, thinking that it could indeed be fun, especially the feeling of dominance over one so tiny. It was also a great place to give her her rewards, when not rubbing the front of her diaper or putting her in her anal chair. Mommy could lay back in the bath and cradle Lola in the same position atop of her, the girl's legs between her thighs and her black-matted head resting in Mommy's boobs. It was easy then to reach down and teach the girl how to use her button properly, and Tari was beginning to understand why many also took their humans as lovers, or at least glorified fucktoys.

She began cleaning Lola with a wet wipe, and watched how the girl shivered with closed eyes. Yes, she would be needing a reward soon, and if she could be the sweetest cutest thing at the park today..."

Pulling out the used diaper, she quickly replaced it with the clean one, then began thickly powdering the girl's crotch to ensure that she would remain as comfortable as could be. Taking rubber jelly on her fingers, she worked it into every crevice as she always did, even as Lola stifled little moans and gasps, glancing with nervous wide eyes at their visitor again.

Finally, taking a heavy suppository that was perhaps a bit big for her daughter, she worked it gently up Lola's ass, even as the girl's pink face turned white with shock and she gasped so hard that her pacifier fell out. Well, it was a shame that she'd be in a packed diaper while they were out today, especially being in the stroller so much, but Tari had to get her cleaned out before their much-needed bath that afternoon, and the odour-neutralizing tights over the diaper would ensure that there was nothing unpleasant for anybody else.

"All done!" Tari declared, working the tights back up over the fresh diaper, seeing Jin turn in relief.

"Who's Mommy's special girl?" Tari asked in babytalk as she redressed her beloved Lola, but paused as she noted the denim dress, and supposed that something nicer might be called for with the park today.

"Jin darling," Tari began, taking a comb and starting on the knots in Lola's dark hair, "Could you be a dear and run up to her nursery and find me something a little more froufy for Lola to wear? There's a pink dress with white petticoats and puffed sleeves, just long enough to cover most of her diaper but allow me to inspect her from behind, could you get that?"

Jin smiled and bounded away, glad to be proving her abilities as a babysitter. Mommy worked on bubby's black buckled shoes, and by the time that Jin had returned, Lola was sitting naked from the waist up, arms crossed in outraged blushing over her silly little boobs. Oh the expectations that humans picked up from watching grown ups.

"Here," Jin said cheerfully, holding over the pink dress, "Would you like me to leave?"

"Oh no," Tari said, shaking her head, "I think that little Lola can have some practice with her likely new babysitter in getting changed. Would you like to do the honor?"

Jin smiled and stepped forward, approaching the shocked raven-haired human, and Tari watched in delight as Jin expertly tickled the pet into submission, blowing kisses on the dear's cheek and then noisily blowing on her stomach, even getting a few involuntary laughs from the wildly but aimlessly kicking Lola.

Tari couldn't help but laugh herself at that, finding it wonderful to see how her usually-impertinent little pet's walls were so quickly overcome. Stopping all of a sudden, Jin held out the dress prepared over Lola's head, hands on each side holding it wide open, and Lola took one shocked look at it, before, after the briefest pause, she peeled her arms away from her chest, and held them up to allow Jin to pull the dress down.

"Wonderful!" Tari remarked, impressed to see that Jin even returned Lola's pink pacifier to the human's mouth, matching the dress perfectly. "I do believe you're hired," the mother said with an enormous grin, stepping forward to clasp the teen on the shoulder.

"Oh I'd still love to go to the park too," Jin smiled, "The other family has a human a lot like Lola, I'd love for you to meet them, the two would possibly make good playmates. It would be fantastic if I could babysit them both at once, alternating here and there, Lola wouldn't have to go to the daycare so much with you returning to work either."

Tari nodded and grinned enthusiastically, walking to the side of the room to fetch Lola's stroller. Having two... Now that could be fun. And the things that she could potentially make them do with each other.. It intrigued her. She'd never imagined herself attracted to women, nor did she suspect that Lola herself was given the way that the human would sometimes stare stupidly at naked male pets on the TV. But all those intimate bathtimes had awoken something in Tari, and she was having sudden visions of training Lola and another human woman to... put on a show, and learn to enjoy each other in a way that it seemed that only two women could, understanding each other. She wouldn't even mind if the two of them were rubbing their fun-buttons together through their thick diapees for hours on end. And heck, there'd be nothing risky to it like there would be if Lola ever connected with a male. No, retraining Lola to find only pleasure in females should be a top priority, and if she had to put lesbian porn on all day and sit Lola in her lap, masturbating her silly through her diaper, then so be it.

"Sure sure, that would be great," she replied with a grin, folding out the stroller and walking back to collect Lola, who looked absolutely adorable now dressed in her puffed pink dress - its waistline just below her breasts - her white tights, white petticoats, and the faintest visible bulge of an obvious diaper between them. Yes, Tari was a happy woman indeed, and Lola was going to enjoy having Jin as a recurring babysiter, she could already tell. Well, it was time to go meet Lola's new friend, and Tari wondered how long it would be until the two learned to enjoy each other's company in the crib, for days and nights on end.

Quick Caption - The March

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Island of the Giants #1 - Re-release

Hi all, About a year ago I released a quick & cheap illustrated story as a trial, just to test the idea of a fun plot and dozen images for a couple of dollars. Recently I went back to look at it and felt that I could do better, so have created a remastered version of the story. It is now fully coloured and the character designs have been somewhat reworked also.

The good news is, I've intended for it to be free for everybody who bought the original version, and have created an application for people with the old version to upgrade on their Lulu account, which you should be able to see below (if not, there is a direct link here). It may only work in modern browsers sorry (post 2010), and if you have any problems please let me know.

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The Happy Family (A Diaper Dimension Tale)

Mommy spotted an unoccupied park bench beside the narrow walking track, and, deciding that it was perfect, she primped out her 1950s-style housewife dress and walked over to sit down. The park wasn't particularly busy right now - it was only mid-morning on a Wednesday after all - but the current little corner was particularly quiet, and was the perfect place to do her reading.

Snapping open her large purse, she slid out the heavy parenting manual within, then pushed the stroller to one side - facing it away so that she could still hold one handle - and began to rock it gently, pushing it back and forth ever so slowly.

From within her purse, a few spare disposable diapers threatened to spill out alongside the book, and Mommy swiftly caught them and pushed the whole mess back down, scowling and thinking that she'd have to get a proper diaper bag soon. The giantess noted with a frown that there were some adult clothes in her purse too - albeit of dwarf size - and she realized that she could really get rid of those now, they wouldn't be needed anymore, especially those black panties.

A sudden kick came from the front of the stroller, the side facing away, and Mommy scowled at the back of the seat.

"What did I tell you about behaving?" she warned, "Do we need to have more spankings already?"

The struggling ceased, and Mommy waited in a warning silence for a moment longer, before finally resuming her gentle rocking of the stroller, pushing it back and forth, a motion which should calm down even the most disagreeable of young ladies. Perhaps it had just been about testing whether she was actually still there.

Flicking open her newly purchased parenting manual, the stern giantess began browsing through the table of contents, nodding in approval at what she saw. Much of it was obvious, but some parts were already standing out. There was a chapter on nutritional balance in meals, another on inducing lactation, and another on the benefits of cloth & plastic pants versus disposables. Well, she'd already bought  both, and right now the nice people from the Happy Family Store would be delivering them and setting things up in her home. Still, there was more, a chapter on how all dwarves regardless of station or age were realistically little better than babies, and comments on how nobody would question if somebody were to treat one as such, deciding that they inherently needed it. Part of being a good parent, the guide said, was knowing what was best for little ones, even when they disagreed.

Patting footsteps approached, and Mommy looked up to see a jogger approaching, an athletic-looking betweener-sized college girl, wearing a midriff-baring jogging suit comprised of a spandex tank-top and mid-thigh tight black pants. Mommy wondered if the girl was aware of how translucent her pants had become from her sweat, and whether she knew that the pink princess pullup was nearly entirely visible. Mommy suspected not, given the confident swagger which the girl moved with.

The young jogger stopped in front of the stroller, grinning, and crouched down to make silly faces and cooing baby noises on the other side, rhetorically asking who was just the cutest, and reaching in to pinch cheeks. Mommy couldn't help but smile, though also found herself fighting a desire to walk over there and check the college woman's pullup. No matter, there was probably a dorm matron waiting for the girl back at campus, who would point out just how visible her pink princess-themed pullups had been the entire time when she returned.

Finally the jogger stood and moved back onto the path to resume her run, only for Mommy to reach out and grab hold of her wrist. Not even bothering to explain herself, the giantess simply reached over to yank the girl's black pants down, lifting a hand between the student's legs, and hearing a faint telltale squelch as she pushed.

"Here," she snorted, thrusting one of the larger disposables from her purse forward, "You may need this."

The young girl yanked up her pants in a frenzy and glanced down, her eyes growing wide as she realized how transparent the pants were, her face turning every shade of pink. In the inescapable amazon's grip, she had no choice but to reach over and accept the white diaper, rushing off a moment later with the disposable clutched to her stomach, unable to even drop it in the park with a lack of trash cans around - not unless she wanted to risk a misdemeanor notice for littering, and the likely boarding school sentence which would follow.

Mommy sighed and shook her head, glancing back down at her parenting manual. The betweener sized folk sometimes stood a chance, but the dwarves were near useless. The book was stating that exact same thing, and Mommy nodded in firm agreement.

Why, just that morning she'd been shopping at the Happy Family Store, and had overheard a dwarf family arguing - a mother and teen daughter - over clothing of all things. The nineteen year old wanted to expand her goth look, but the mother was berating her, pointing towards something more formal like what she wore to work.

Well, Mommy hadn't listened to their whining and arguing for long, marching into that little corner and taking true control. They'd both gone over her knee at once, each in squealing confusion and outrage, and Mommy had bared their bottoms to introduce them to how a real parent took charge. The little mother had obviously not been capable of handling her own daughter, little better than an overdressed child herself, and now the two sat strapped and gagged in the front of the double seated stroller, wriggling but finding their situation helpless.

Mommy had set down the law of how they should be properly dressed in no time, getting each into nice thick disposables and denim overall dresses in a life-changing transformative flash. After hearing all that mutual arguing and whining in the store, she'd known straight away that neither was ready for anything more than the very basics - how could a baby mother raise anything but a baby daughter after all? No, she'd gotten them frilly trimmed denim dresses which rode up on the back, giving a clear view of the disposables when they waddled, and Mommy already knew that these two would need such a window for frequent checking, given their apparent lack of maturity displayed in the store.

Musing over how nice the workers at the Happy Family Store had been, offering to deliver two cribs, highchairs, a playpen, wardrobes, stacks of diapers, and a changing table, Mommy was suddenly interrupted in her thinking by a loud reluctant fart from the front of the stroller. The giantess slowed her rocking slightly, hearing a horrified moan against a strapped-on pacifier gag, and gave a cold nod of approval.

"Yes, that's right dear," she cooed, thinking that it didn't matter which she was talking to, "The enemas are coming through, and are going to teach both of you what it means to be starting over from basics."

The panting moaning and loud wet farting increased, and the giantess continued her gentle pushing of the stroller, realizing that that was going to be one very full diaper.

"It's okay," she cooed, "Mommy will change your diapers later today, probably before bed tonight. At least, if you're both well behaved angels until then. This is for your own good sweethearts, and in time you'll both come to understand that. Why, in a few years, we may even be able to enroll you at a local daycare school, while Mommy helps you grow up all over again - properly this time. Won't that be fun!"

As if in answer, another loud series of desperate farts began, and Mommy smiled, resuming her gentle rocking of the stroller, back and forth. She knew then that they were going to be a happy family indeed, just as the title of the store had promised when she went shopping there, finding dwarves lured into the rather private dwarf clothing section for just that, conveniently arranged into size, gender, and lifestyle, and she wondered how many other happy families the chain store had made.

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Diaper Dimension Cap - The Vacation

I used a photo from Bambino Girl for this one, since she always asked people to do so with her exhibitionism fetish, which conveniently leaves the window open for more fun caps with this idea. ;)

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The Stairwell (Diaper Dimension Short)

This little short story was based on this picture over at tumblr (warning: messy), and is set in Princess Pottypants' fantastic Diaper Dimension universe.


Anna stood frozen with one foot on the first step, looking up and steeling herself.

"Okay, I can do this," she scowled, taking a deep breath, and then moved to the second.

An uncomfortable shift of her underwear caused Anna to wince, grabbing the halfway-high-handrail designed for dwarves and amazon kids, and she paused immediately, staring up at the 4 stories of zigzagging steps which she still had left to go. Dammit, why had she bought an expensive penthouse on the top floor?

Her chest pounding, she slowly tried to piece together exactly what had happened, just what had resulted in her - quite literally - crappy situation.

It had surely been Kirsten, that mid-sized bitch at work. It must have been. She'd been after the same client contract who Anna needed to give the presentation to this afternoon, and if Anna was somehow out of the picture, to say, not return to the office after her long lunch break, well, Kirsten would just have to take over, wouldn't she? The higher ups would commend her for it, and simultaneously be displeased with the shorter woman in the process. The dwarf scowled, and realised now that she should have known better than to accept a morning cup of coffee from her rival. If it wasn't laxatives, it was something close, something which resulted in a thick but entirely sudden and uncontrollable mess entering her panties, six blocks from home too. It was just lucky that she'd been checking in on her dry-cleaning.

Didn't the mid-sized Kirsten know what messed pants could result in for a dwarf in their world? Well, perhaps she did, and had been intending it in fact.

Well, Anna thought desperately, she just had to get back to her apartment, get changed, and get back to the office like nothing had ever happened. Kirsten would never count on that, and would be left rather baffled by the inexplicable perfection of Anna's appearance after work.

Anna moved another foot forward, and the third step squeaked ominously. It was going to be a hell of a climb, she realised with a sigh, her panties drooping heavily. Every step would pull the already tight panties even tighter, lifting her thighs each time, and she'd worn a damn short skirt today in the hope of impressing the potential client.

"Just go," she growled.

Another step, another damn squish of her underwear.

"Anna!" a voice suddenly called from ahead, and the dwarf looked up in nervous surprise. It was Mrs Paddon, the amazon giantess who lived on the first floor, and she was standing in front of her wide open doorway sorting through mail.

"What are you doing home at this hour?" the giantess asked with concern, giving an almost knowing look which made Anna tremble. "Is something wrong?"

Anna smiled sweetly, presenting a facade of false bravado in an attempt to not give the giantess any suspicions.

"Nothing at all Mrs P, I just have to pick some things up for work."

Anna's gaze travelled past Mrs Paddon and settled on the playpen inside the apartment, before quickly travelling back at the giantess's face and again giving her most confident smile.

Inside, Mrs P's first grade daughter was playing loudly, calling out some fact about animals to her mother, and the playpen sitting in the living room there had once been hers. Had being the operative word. Anna knew full well that a dwarf woman now resided within Mrs Paddon's apartment, heavily diapered and likely sitting in that playpen right now. As a busy career woman, Anna didn't much stick her nose in it, nor question it. She'd often seen the woman in passing through Mrs P's open door was all. Sometimes in a stroller out on the street, or sitting in the giantess's arms on the stairwell. The woman was usually dressed immaculately as a frilly dolly most of the time, albeit with a disposable diaper drooping between her legs when often not wearing the frilled diaper panties. Hell, Anna had even seen the huge overflowing bags of messy disposable diapers in Mrs P's bin outside, but knew not to question it. She'd sometimes heard the lectures and spankings when walking past after all, even sometimes from her own penthouse on the fourth floor, and just tried to ignore it, knowing that the woman had been living with Mrs Paddon for nearly 6 months now, and that Anna didn't need to know why. She liked to presume that somehow the woman had deserved it, and left it at that.

Still, she gulped and smiled at Mrs Paddon now, knowing full well how her messy panties would be received, and resolved to waiting until the woman went back inside, no longer being in a position to get a good view of Anna from behind as she ascended the stairs. Thankfully, the woman seemingly got bored of the dwarf in the hall, focusing on her mail and walking inside, closing the door behind her. The coast clear, the messy dwarf pressed on.

"Anna!" a voice called up ahead, and she glanced up in growing frustration to see Luke, guiding delivery men into his second story apart. He was one of the gay giant couple who lived there, and his husband Gary, it turned out, was just inside guiding the two delivery men with the large flat carboard boxes. Anna paused, knowing that she couldn't very well pass further up while they were there - not in her short skirt with the state of her underpants being as they were...

"H-Hey Luke," she managed weakly, leaning against the handrail and trying to act casual, unable to help noticing the giant's rippling gym-sculpted physique through his stylish casual shirt. "W-What are you guys getting delivered?"

He beamed. "Oh it's just wonderful. It's a crib, and baby furniture - we've decided to adopt! A baby girl in fact. We were babysitting a little one for a woman below you see, and, let's just say that Gary and I realised that we'd make excellent daddies! We have the most wonderful eye for fashion - already have a whole closet picked out for her in fact, when we find her - and learned the other night that going to the gym makes for an excellent spanking arm, enough to put a child in her place almost right away with even just a glance."

He suddenly chuckled. "Hey, you're about the right size in fact, if you ever wanted to model her fashionable parade of... Say, are you alright? You look a little ill..."

Anna stood, pale, feeling cold. "N-No, I'm perfectly okay," she lied, edging towards the next stair.

"Are you sure?" he asked, "You look a little sick. Maybe you should come inside and sit down for a moment. We could do a little check up on you. Gary is a doctor you know?"

She smiled and shook her head, feeling cold sweat prickling her back. If they found out... Well, she was sure that they'd decide that they'd found their baby girl... She could already see herself getting dropped off at daycare by the pair, sitting in their stroller while they went to the park together... Her two daddies pushing... Laying trapped in her crib while hearing them making love...

"I-I'm late for work," she lied badly, "Just have to pick something up."

And with that she began edging towards the next flight of stairs, walking up backwards and smiling down awkwardly at him, while he looked up at her with concern painted on his face.

She was almost at the third floor when she heard a digital camera shutter from behind her.

She whirled, finding herself looking at two giant teen schoolgirls sitting in the hall, who looked on the verge of laughing. What had probably just been a momentary private teen conversation while browsing phones in the hall had just turned into a sudden perfect camera opportunity.

"Well would you look at that," the large resident teen smirked, the one who Anna knew lived below her, though for the life of her never knew the girl's name.

"I think I saw a little surprise," remarked the other, shaking her head in apparent disappointment.

Anna watched with a sudden chill as the teen yawned and stretched out her long legs across the hall, effectively blocking the rest of the way.

"You know," the resident teen began, "I've always wanted to live in the penthouse upstairs."

Her friend nodded, seemingly intent on listening to whatever fascinating story the local teen had to offer.

"My Mom did too. Put in an application there in fact, but was somehow outbid, by a dwarf of all things, if you'd believe it. It's a big-sized penthouse, and this little one is up there with ladders and stools, clomping about all night long, clomp clomp clomp. Living in somewhere clearly not suitable to her size, all so she can imagine what it's like to live as an adult, I suspect."

The friend shook her head sadly.

"But you're not an adult, are you?" the teen suddenly asked with a chilling jeer, eyeing Anna sternly, a look which sent her cold.

Anna stood on the verge of trembling, the heavy weight in her panties feeling ever more present with each quiet embarrassing moment.

"I don't-..." she began, not knowing what to say. "I am an ad-"

The teen suddenly perked up with a smile. "Fortunately, you don't have to answer!"

"I don't?" Anna asked hopefully.

"No, of course not," the teen replied happily, "I know just who we can ask to decide!"

Suddenly the teen was up, gripping Anna's wrist, and with her friend not far behind, the dwarf found herself being marched into the third floor apartment.

"MOM!" the teen bellowed, marching in at a pace that Anna found herself barely able to keep up with.

"MOM!" the teen called again, "The little dwarf from upstairs needs your opinion on something, we need a grownup opinion. She messed herself!"

"She did WHAT?" a voice suddenly shrieked, and a moment later loud footsteps thundered their way through the apartment.

Anna stood trembling, her wrist held inescapably tight in the giant teenager's hand.

A huge curvy middle-aged woman stormed into the room a moment later, her face a harsh scowl, which quickly settled on Anna in the schoolgirl's grip.

"She didn't know if she was a grownup," the daughter explained with a sighing shrug. "Perhaps another grownup could check and decide."

Suddenly the giant mother was crouching down and whirling Anna about with two hands on her shoulders, one immediately going to the skirt and giving a hard tug.

"Oh my GOODNESS!" the woman nearly shrieked, delivering a hard smack to Anna's rear above the lower mess of her panties, getting a sudden shriek out of the small working woman, who already knew that her working days were over.

"Jessica, you were babysitting tonight, don't you? Go to your room and get me one of those diapers, we need to get this little brat into some protection immediately. For the apartment if nothing else."

"Sure thing Mom," the teen grinned, stepping into a door down the hall and returning a flash later with a big disposable diaper in her hands. It was a real kid's diaper, giant sized, and Anna could only stare at it while a growing numb realization inside.

"You two get this one diapered up immediately," the mother barked, "Over her panties, I don't want to deal with those right now while we don't have a method of binning them yet. And get the phone," she added, "I need to call the building's corporation to discuss cleanliness codes, and those broken by the little one who lives upstairs. Though not for much longer, I should think, at least not as the official owner of the apartment."

The daughter nodded, and with that the triumphant smiling teen handed the diaper to her friend, and went to fetch the phone. Anna stood stunned, realising that she was never going to make it up the stairs in the first place, it just wasn't the nature of their world.

"And bring me something to spank her with," the mother barked, "I'm going to teach her not to buy adult-sized upstairs apartments where she clumps around all night."


Anna awoke to the sound of morning traffic, and stretched out in a stretching yawn until she hit the familiar bars of her crib.

Blinking, she sucked hard at her ever-present pacifier, and brought a mittened hand up to her eyes to wipe the sleepiness away. The thick pink sleeper onesie unfortunately didn't give her much to work with, only a clumsy padded fist, but she rubbed until her vision came into focus, and then sat to the sound of a squish. Well, she was very wet, as usual, but at least her diaper wasn't messy. Those mornings were the worst, Mommy sometimes didn't change her till after breakfast, until Jessica had gone to school in fact.

It had been hard getting used to the concept of having a big sister who still went to school, especially one who was nearly ten years younger than she herself was. But over the past six months, sitting in her highchair, Anna had learned to obediently give her sister a goodbye kiss on the cheek each morning before the teen left, and was beginning to thoroughly understand her new place in her family. The teenager and her friends had changed her enough times to remove any sense of modesty or superiority anyway, and Anna found herself sitting in her highchair after breakfast staring at her big sister in awe, already finding it hard to believe that she herself had ever had that much freedom, finding teenagehood a rapidly blurring accomplishment.

Well, at least from her highchair, she still got her penthouse views from the squat apartment building, she thought with a smirk.

Mommy entered, swiping on the kid's music box as she went. Anna looked over in surprise as the nursery tunes started playing, realising that she'd been daydreaming and hadn't even noticed the woman come in. Two huge hands came down to lift her up, raising her until she saw a triumphant middle-aged face smiling at her - a face which had never stopped looking that way once in the last six months.

"Hello babykins," the huge woman cooed, moving a hand under Anna's sopping wet diaper to hold her. "Are you ready for your numnums?"

Anna just nodded numbly and didn't know why she bothered to respond, it was a rhetorical question as with how most people talked to her now days. Women at the park asking if she was the cutest, shop assistants in the toy stores cooing and asking if she was the happiest as she held her new Mrs Molly doll. She just leaned passively against the woman's giant well-endowed chest, and waited as they went over to the regular chair where Mommy began the mornings, watching as the giant began to pull up her top.

Hot and salty gushing breastmilk was the first order on today's menu, as always, and Anna only stared in momentary bewilderment at the giant nipple and even larger breast appeared before her, before taking to sucking obediently. It was remarkable, she thought in sudden surprise, just how many women's nipples she'd suckled from over the past half year. There was her Mommy, then Mrs Paddon downstairs, when she visited her new playmate Rosemary on the first floor, the one who she used to ignore, to barely glance at the stacked dirty diapers of. Then there were the daycare workers, and there was even the visiting wetnurse when she visited the three dwarf women who Mr & Mr Stevenson downstairs had adopted. Hell, even a few of her own babysitters would pull up their top and...

"Other side!" Mommy instructed, and Anna shifted about in her squishing wet diaper, realising that a messing had started without her even noticing it. Well, she wasn't likely going to last until after breakfast anyway, she thought in resignation, as the expanding soft warmth filled the back of her diaper. Hell, she couldn't even make it up the stairs that time, when she had first pooped herself. Oh she'd tried to insist that it had been a laxative, they'd even gone to the family court over it to hand over her apartment ownership, but the grownups were having none of it, and they had spanked the naughty lies and excuses right out of her. They'd at least investigated Kirsten, and found her reportedly suspicious and with a bad attitude, sending her off to a strict diapered boarding school last Anna had heard. But the messing, that was none of Kirsten's doing, they'd determined. No, while she still had her doubts, she mostly knew for a fact now that she'd messed all by herself that day, and that it had, in the end, just been a sign that she'd needed to be in diapers all along.